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Beating the game? *SPOILERS*

I know beating the game requires to reaching the middle of the galaxy. But my problem is that: THERES TOO MANY GROX! So, basicly I get mugged. Any sort of strategy, tips, etc. would be great!


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I've tryed eventally they pretty much hold me into submission and my ship goes into to a screeching hault.

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Ok, so the best thing to do is just try to run?

voglerdude provided additional details:

Well, I've decided I'm just gonna go on death march and kill all the Grox in my path!!! See you soon Steve!

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dante8900 answered:

If you want to get to the center get the strongest auto turret you can get get the space drive 5, full health, full energy, lots of colonizations, and health and energy packs and go straight through ignoring the groxs using health and energy when you need to colonize a plant and rest there and if you want run through and use the refill motives cheat instead i did both and got to the center.
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Black_Fatalis answered:

only one thing to do: RUN!
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Black_Fatalis answered:

Well, that's the only thing to do unless you wish to:
A: Destroy them
B: Ally with them (will NOT work if you have done anything bad to them)
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da_dude001 answered:

I suggest you run instead, it is incredibly slow to destroy your path towards the center as you may be just making a way to a dead end...
Allying with grox is a bad idea, dont even bother trying.
Destroying them, good luck, youll waste about 10 years of your life trying.
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justintime11 answered:

So thats how you beat the game.
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