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Asked: 5 years ago

T0 to T1?

How do i get a T0 planet to a status of T1, T2 ect?

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From: russel99 4 years ago

Now this is my favorite part of the game, because it's so realistic. You see a planet with a T0, right? Well, you get out your terraform tools. (Like meteor storm, or something.) Look at the terraform meter on the bottom left. You'll see that a dot is either to all the way at the top, bottom, left, or right of the meter. What you need to do is to make that dot in the middle, or close to the middle. If it is on the right or left, you get the heat terraform tools. If it is to the top or bottom, then you use the atmosphere terraform tools. If it is at the top, you have to suck the atmosphere with the terraform tool that looks like an arrow going in a machine. If it's at the bottom, you have to get MORE atmosphere oxygen. The same with the left and right, except with heat, and it's sideways. If your planet gets to T2, or T3, then you can plant plants and put carnivores and herbivores. Hope that helps.

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Use terraforming tools. You can go to your home planet and there will be a mission that lets you terraform. They will give you a tool you can use (one-use) and you can buy more after that.

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This confused me too at first. the circles you see are all the possible conditions of the planet. (T1 the outer circle, T2 the next circle in, and T3 the smallest cirle in the center). the red dot on the map indicate the planets current condition. if the dot is outside the outer most circle, the planet is uninhabittable. to move the dot into the circle, simply use terraforming tools to move the dot around. but you need to use the right tool to get the dot to move in the right direction. for example if you came to a planet wher the dot was right in between the hot and cold zone (centered horizantally) but under the outer circle (closer to the lack of atmosphere side of the meter) you would use an atmosphere generator to increase the atmosphere level until the red dot was inside the first circle, indicating the planet was now T1. if all else fails just play around with atmosphere tools (atmosphere generator, drought generator, ice storm, meteor shower, ect.) until you figure out where the red dot should be.

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Get terraforming by getting badges first then go to a planet and look at the map and click on the blue icon. then another thing will replace the map with three circles and clouds, thermometers, and a little red dot. focus on the dot and go to the blue section of your tools. things should pop up. highlight each one and an arrow will show up on each of them. again back to the red dot. the dot should get to the circles to terraform. pick the tool that takes the dot to the circles and then when it reches them, you will have terraformed the planet. now you are able to put plants on the planet. when you have all three, you can put herbivores. when you put two you can put a carnivore. when put the carnivore on the planet, you will have an enhanced colony on the planet(if there is a colony)and invaders will not explode your city, just flag it. to make life easy, run through the grox and get the staff of life from the center.

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