Question from Mulpuppy

Asked: 4 years ago

Flora Editor?

Is the flora editor illegal or is it some sort of a cheat?

Additional details - 4 years ago

Or is it a glitch.

Additional details - 4 years ago

How do you save your creation in the flora editor?

Accepted Answer

From: KusagariHero 4 years ago

Its not both. Its more of a uh...hack in a way or glitch. Here's how you do it. First, make a shortcut for spore on your desktop. Then, click on properties for that shortcut and in the Target box, you'll need to do this.
Go to the end of the words (should be right after it says "SporeApp" or something. Then, after that, put in a space and type in -state:FloraEditor Hope this helped!

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Oh, below I meant Its neither...sorry.

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