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Item Help status answers
Are there any secret items that can be unlocked via achievments? Answered 5
Badges and Such? Answered 1
Badges and Tools that are ? Answered 6
Can I distribute some items to another save game? Answered 2
Can you get more ammo for the staff of life? Answered 2
Can't get home?!! Answered 1
Creature Creator, not symmetrical? Answered 2
Creature Creator? Answered 1
Graspers? Answered 1
Hologram Scout??? Answered 3
How can I become an omnivore? Answered 14
How can I get the Planet Buster? Answered 1
How can you make fireworks actually work and what do they do? Answered 1
How come the unlockSuperWeapons cheat deoesn't work? Answered 2
How do get spice in space stage? Answered 7
How do i exactly use the graincirkels in space mode? Answered 2
How Do I Further My Flying Distance? Answered 1
How do I get A theme? Answered 2
How do I get more body parts during the Space Stage? Answered 1
How do i make my vehicles have guns and such? Answered 1
How do i use cash infusion? Answered 1
How does the Creature Tweaker work? Answered 7
Is it true there are T5 oases? Answered 1
Is there an item that lets you land on gas giants and\or stars??? Answered 3
Is there any way to get more than 42 staff of lifes? Answered 6
List of Badges? Answered 3
Multiple archetype items? Answered 3
Tips on getting the Probiscus at Cell stage? Answered 3
Using the social item in tribal stage? Answered 2
Wepons that are not there? Answered 1
What do i do with rare artifacts? Answered 4
What exactly does the Staff of Life do? Answered 1
What is the ? terraforming item? Answered 4
What is the use of the Crop Circles? Answered 4
What is the use of the flying fish? Answered 1
Where can I find a wormhole key? Answered 3
Where can I find an item that autopilots the ship based on coordinates??? Answered 2
Where can I find more adventures? Answered 2
Where can I find the flora editor? Answered 1
Where did the exoskeleton limbs come from? Answered 3
Where i can find this grox? Answered 2
Strategy Help status answers
Are there any disadvantages to playing as a quadruped? Answered 1
Can the Grox be dealt with once and for all? Answered 5
Can you "duplicate" a city? Answered 2
Center of the goddamn galaxy? Answered 1
Does the Symmitry mod stay active until you delete it? Answered 1
Easiest way to sell spice at a high price? Answered 4
Fastest way to Sol? Answered 3
How bad is it to ally with the Grox? Answered 1
how can I start the best in the space fase? Answered 2
How do i ally with other tribes in the tribal phase? Answered 6
How do I Change my "Personality"? Answered 2
How do I find the Needs of a Planet? Answered 5
How do i get my allies to help me in tribal stage? Answered 5
How do I make my city and vehicles economic? Answered 4
How do i play as a creature i downloaded from the sporepedia? Answered 1
How do I stop confilcts between my allies? Answered 5
How do you befriend the Grox? Answered 3
How do you peacefully convert a city in Civ stage? Answered 1
I am looking for a Chart of how to build a new cell into all the various ARchitypes for Space? Answered 1
I want to have a zealot creature? Answered 1
If I run through the grox will they hate me and start a war? Answered 11
Is it possible to eliminate the symmetry? Answered 3
Is there an easy way to find planets? Answered 3
More dna wont work? Answered 2
Other empires their parces range? Answered 3
Play the Space Stage with Hard Difficulty can have spices price penalty? Answered 1
Spaceship Crew? Answered 2
Spaceship problems( easy anwsers from veterans)(?) Answered 4
T0 to T1? Answered 4
Were is earth!? Answered 4
What determines your spaceship starting health? Answered 2
What exactly are archetypes? Answered 1
What happens if your home planet is destroyed? Answered 1
What is required to get the Zealot trait in the space stage? Answered 1
What is the best strategy for destroying the grox? Answered 16
What is the best weapon for ship to ship combat? Answered 1
What is the closest black hole to the center of the galaxy and which other black hole is it conncted to? Answered 4
What's better? T3 - Homeworlds or 3 colonies Answered 5
What's in the center of the universe? Answered 2
Yellow or Blue? Pink or Green? Answered 5
Technical Help status answers
3 Installations? Answered 1
A better grafics card and other stuff can justify a kinda slow processor?Which of these two grafics cards should i use? Answered 1
Can I jump my game? Answered 4
Can I use 2 different accounts from 1 copy? Answered 3
Can't log in after reinstalling? Answered 2
Can't register? Answered 2
Cheat screen not popping up? Answered 2
CPU Speed? Answered 2
Creator Glitch? Answered 4
Creature creator querie? Answered 1
How come I can't get start up Spore after the 2nd patch? Answered 2
How do I download creations from the site? Answered 1
How do i make a sporecast? Answered 3
How does one download your own content to a custom Spore page? Answered 2
I can't get the Spore to start? Answered 1
I Can't Log In to my EA accont!!!?? Answered 1
I can't register even though i have the internet? Answered 2
I don't have an internet connection? Answered 5
I have DirectX 10 but i cant install the creature creator? Answered 1
I keep getting a run time error after I installed the patch for Galactic Adventure, help? Answered 1
If i uninstall spore, I will lose all the creatures? Answered 1
Main Galaxy Screen Quasar Glitch? Answered 2
Need High speed? or Will dial-up surfice? Answered 1
Password? Answered 1
Problem installing update? Answered 1
Says I dont have internet but I do? Answered 1
Should I download the patch? Answered 3
Should i get a better video card? Answered 1
Space Tutorial Glitch? Answered 1
What is the original spore target code? Answered 1
What's wrong with my game? Answered 2
Why am I having trouble installing the patches? Answered 1
Why can I not advance to tribal? Answered 3
Why can't I get into my spore game? Answered 3
Why can't I install? Answered 1
Why can't i open spore? Answered 1
Why does all tribe members, cities,star systems and planets names came up as BAD_DATA? Answered 1
Why does my copy of Spore keep coming up the blue wall of death? Answered 3
Why does the game keep telling me "Spore has stoped working"? Answered 1
Why does the game keep telling me BAD_DATA when I randomize names? Answered 1
Why does the game keep telling me E:\ Application not found? Answered 1
Why does the game keep telling me login failed you do not have the proper privilages from Answered 1
Why does the game randomly and frequently freeze in the space phase? Answered 1
Why does the patch never install? Answered 4
Why dosent the cheat box come up? Answered 3
Why won't it let me make an account? Answered 1
Why won't my game start up? Answered 1
Other Help status answers
"Fourty two"? Answered 2
After i get my space gauge full can i go back to earlier stages??? Answered 5
Ally the grox? Answered 1
Am i stuck? Answered 2
Any one Know a cHeat? Answered 3
Any way to unlock all the stages? Answered 4
Anyway to skip cell stage? Answered 10
Are the non machine grox a plot twist for the machine grox ? Answered 4
Asymmetrical body parts? Answered 1
Asymmetry? Answered 1
At war with the others? Answered 1
Big Grox Empire? Answered 5
Can i get a detailed answer on how to change the archetype? Answered 1
Can I get my EA account suspended for cheating? Answered 4
Can we colonize giant gas? Answered 3
Can you "Unlock" multiple Super Weapons with Galactic Adventures Expansion (GAE)? Answered 1
Can you add ships from your empire? Answered 11
Can you use the grox ship? Answered 1
Center of the universe? Answered 1
Change archetype missions? Answered 2
Change Archetype? and can I change to Grox Archetype? Answered 5
Cheating? Answered 1
Complexity cheat? Answered 2
Deleting saved game worlds? Answered 1
Deleting? When i delete a game the planet explodes,what happens when i get rid of them all??? Answered 4
Do Cheats make Achievements not work? Answered 1
Do planets go away permanently when deleted? Answered 1
Does cheat remove the achievment we get before? Answered 1
Does cheating in creator give you *no achievments for you*? Answered 1
Does using the "Evoadvantage" cheat block achievments after use? Answered 1
Does your spore need hands? Answered 2
Easy way? Answered 1
Evoadvantage cheat wont work!? Answered 7
Exoskeleton limbs? Answered 1
Filled up? Answered 2
Flora Editor? Answered 2
Friendly epic creatures? (space stage) Answered 5
Galactic code? Answered 1
Game Complete? Answered 1
Grox help? Answered 1
Grox Relasionship? Answered 1
Grox? Answered 3
help with Grox? Answered 1
How can I abduct and relocate a sentient species? Answered 5
How can I ally the grox? Answered 6
How can my content become featured, and what does it even mean? Answered 3
How do i change my specialty? im a scientist, i want knight Answered 3
How do i get "brain surgon" in space stage?? Answered 1
How do i improve the "T-Score"? Answered 1
How do I put parts on one side of creature? Answered 1
How do I skip stages? Answered 2
How do i socialize with other creatures? Answered 1
How do I use my space stage consequence ability? Answered 1
How do you delete accounts on Answered 1
How do you enter this? Answered 1
How do you find empire tiers of 4 or 5? Answered 2
How do you get more uses of the Staff Of Life? Answered 3
How do you get the 'Oh The Humanity!' badge? Answered 2
How do you give gifts to other tribes?? Answered 4
How do you make your crreature thicker, wider, etc? Answered 1
How do you offer other creatures food? (Creature stage) Answered 2
How does the sporeopedia work? Answered 1
How i can give systems to other empires? Answered 2
How to "terraform" a planet with harsh atmosphere condition? Answered 1
How To Enter Flora Editor? Answered 7
How to get split personality badge? Answered 1
How to uplift a creature to a tribe? Answered 1
I am almost convinced to buy this but can you help me out? Answered 1
I bring up the cheat console in the game but my cheats never work? Answered 1
I can't get the ctrl shift c to bring up console so i can put in cheats,any help? Answered 1
I dont' have a single achievment; even tho i'm in the space stage; WTF? Answered 4
I need help getting the evoadvantage cheat to work. Can anyone help? Answered 1
I was wondering.....? Answered 1
I've seen those big spores on youtube, and is it possible to create and use them in the game? Answered 4
If I use the Staff of Life on Earth will it's landscape change? Answered 3
Is it possible to completely destroy your secies in space mode? Answered 4
Is it true that the Grox DO have a homeworld? Answered 2
Is it worth to buy it???????????????????????? Answered 5
Is Sol in the same place in each game? Answered 2
Is thare a way to bring earth back? Answered 2
Is the only cost of the game buying the game or will there be a mounthly fee or somthing? Answered 2
Is there a cheat for DNA points? Answered 3
Is there a cheat that can unloock all achievements? Answered 1
Is there a cheat to get 999,999,999 spore-bucks? Answered 1
Is there a reward for wiping everyone out in Creature stage? Answered 1
Is there a way to revert back to an omnivore in the Creature phase? Answered 2
Is there an "all items" cheat? Answered 2
Is there any EASY way to EARTH? Answered 1
Is there any way to get the serial number for installation? Answered 1
Is there going to be a patch? Answered 2
Jessica ??? Answered 2
Lack of freedom? Answered 1
Me want know how kill!!!? Answered 1
Meteors? Answered 3
More money cheat help? Answered 8
Moremoney? Answered 1
Nest on the water ? Answered 3
No game cd? Answered 1
Offline / Online Gameplay Question? Answered 1
Pirates Pirates Pirates? Answered 6
Player Created Creatures? Answered 7
Question about your creature? Answered 2
Should i buy this or SimCity Creator??? Answered 2
Should I say yes when other cities want to trade with my city? Answered 2
Skipping stages? Answered 1
Spore Color Change? Answered 4
Spore online? Answered 2
Stuck Planetside? Answered 4
Terraforming Tools? Answered 1
Terraforming your home world? Answered 2
Terraforming? Answered 1
The mysterious White Spice? Answered 4
Trade routes in Space Stage? Answered 3
Turning off themes? Answered 2
Uninstall help? Answered 1
What are all the archtypes...? Answered 1
What are the pros and cons of this game? Answered 2
What do I need to pass the grox for me to go to the middle? Answered 2
What do sea shells do? Answered 5
What does the "levels" cheat code do? Answered 1
What is archetype's ? Answered 2
What is that gigantic monster in the creature stage that has 1000 health? Answered 3
What is the point in finishing the space stage??? Answered 2
What to do ? Answered 1
What will happen when we get into the galaxy edge? Answered 1
What's this Grix i've been hearing about? Answered 2
Whats this sol thing? Answered 1
When you change your archtype does it cahnge your voice??? Answered 1
Where can I use setConsequenceTrait? Answered 2
Where is earth?? Answered 3
Which is smarter? Answered 1
Which one is best? Answered 1
Who is Spode? Answered 3
Why can't I ally with the Cyan Tribe? Answered 1
Why does my mini U die right after getting it out? Answered 1
Why there is no cut scene where the big cell ate the small one? Answered 2
Will my laptop run this game? Answered 1
Will spore run faster if the disk is in? Answered 1
Will this be out for the WII, or will it stay on pc? Answered 6

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