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Open Questions

Item Help status answers
Wait...what my laser tool is gone!!!??? :( Open 5
Level Help status answers
Body Guard Badge? Open 1
How do I get all badge points? Open 3
Technical Help status answers
alert box: "Could not createthe Graphics Device. Direct X is not available. [1002]" can anyone help me? Open 5
Am i able to change my screen name? Open 2
Can anyone help with my sporepedia download problems? Open 2
Can't even install? Open 4
Computer Account types? Open 5
Console? Open 2
Crashing upon starting, can't load patches? Open 2
Creepy and Cute, crashing? Open 2
Does anyone know how to fix a certian glitch? Open 2
Does the patch help a computer without internet run Spore? Open 1
Game doesn't show up in screen? Open 1
Graphics card question? Open 2
how can I fix the glitched mini map? Open 2
How can i put the cute & creepy pact in my existing spore profile? Please help and thank you> Open 1
How do i create a new account? Open 1
How do I filter maxis-made content out? Open 3
How do I fix my glitchy minimap? Open 1
How do I get other creatures into my Sporepedia? Open 2
How do I move the game to a new computer? Open 2
How do I open an outfitted creature in the creature editor? Open 1
how do I run spore/creature creator? Open 2
How do I stop my game from crashing all the time? Open 2
How do you create thicker arms/legs/torso? Open 6
I downloaded the latest patch and now spore dosn't work ? Open 1
I need a verification code? Open 1
I wanted to know if I could run SPORE with my current system? Open 5
I've found a file which cause Spore menu not respond. Did I set something wrong? Open 4
If I wipe out my hard drive, will my creations be spared? Open 3
If I'm downloading the game and my internet connection screws up, do I have to pay again? Open 3
If my computer can run World of Warcraft could it run this game? Open 5
Invalid code? Can't get online. Spore Open 1
Is it possible to diasble random Maxi creatures? Open 3
It won't install? Open 2
More Spore Problems oh joy (?) Open 2
Most of my maxis made and the robot chicken GA missions are missing how can i get them back? Open 1
My game won't run. Help? Open 1
My hystory's screwed up, help? Open 1
No flora on playable planets?? Open 2
No sporecast button?!? Open 2
Patch problems, can anyone help? Open 2
Problems with Sporecast. Can you help? Open 1
So I just bought this game, where's the file? Open 1
System Requirments? Open 2
The asymmetry patch crash my Spore Galactic Adventure? Open 1
Use hidden cell parts? Open 2
What do/don't i need and how much would it cost me? Open 1
What should I do? Open 2
When downloading it said something about an error with Spore/audio2 and bad .cab files? Now it won't Run Open 3
When downloading it said something about an error with Spore/audio2 and bad .cab files?. Open 2
Where are creatures (other than your own) .Png files located and how do u accses them? Open 1
Where is a reliable website where I can download the patches? Open 2
Where is spore on my computer? Open 2
Why can't I get online (Spore Galactic Adventures/C&C installed)? Open 3
Why can't I register? Open 2
Why cant I Register? Open 1
Why do I can't save? Open 1
Why does my game crash when I view a C&C creature? Open 2
Why does the game black out during startup? Open 1
Why does the game crash when I try to view a creature that someone else made? Open 2
Why does the game keep freezing when i was trying to enter the Tribal Stage? Open 7
Why does the game keep telling me (Configuration Script Failed [2000]? Open 1
Why does the game keep telling me error 2001 and how do i fix it? Open 1
Why does the game not show up on my drives or even try to install or download? Open 1
Why does the game shut down and say Spore has stopped working? Open 2
Why won't my game open? Open 1
Why Won't Spore Start Up!!?? Open 2
Will I be able to run it? Open 2
Will my laptop run spore? Open 2
Will the installation be ok? Open 2
will this work to run Spore? Open 2
will this work to run the game Spore? Open 3
Won't connect to Spore server? Open 2
Other Help status answers
Anyone Know Why I can't Open Cheat promt? Open 1
Can someone explain this 5 registration limit thing or is it rumor? Open 2
Can you make more than one creature and they work together when they are a tribe/creature/civ/space? Open 4
Can you select all parts? Open 1
Can you transfer creations to anouther computer? Open 1
Cell Parts? Open 3
Console Command? Open 3
Do mods affect my ability to upload and such? Open 1
Do you create all the creatures or are they pre-made or both? Open 3
Do you have to pay per month to play? Open 6
Does anyone know if this game will work on an acer laptop? Open 4
Gold ring instead of the white one on new planet, why? Open 2
How can i be best freinds with an epic? Open 4
How can i either get rid of epics or be one? Open 2
How can the saved games be copied? Open 1
How do I fly? Open 23
How do I get back to cell stage? Open 1
How do I put a single part on a creature/space captain? Open 1
How do I see my own creature editor content in the creature stage? Open 2
How do you place a Colony with a ship yard in space stage? Open 2
How long do Bans From the Website Last? Open 1
How to See how your creatures doing on other games? Open 3
I cant get the celleditor or evoadvantage cheats to work, help? Open 2
I cant save on the space part of the game? Open 4
I cant seem to get the evoadvantage cheat to work. help please? Open 1
Install screen wont pop up? Open 3
Is there gonna be a spore multiplayer? Open 1
More cheats? Open 1
My creature in the creator and in game are black blotchy, how do i fix? Open 3
My radar doesn't work? Open 5
Renameing planet? Open 4
Should i buy spore or... simcity creator??? Open 5
Socializing wild creatures during the tribal stage? Open 2
Space Stage Creature Control? Open 1
Steve's instructions? Open 2
Storybook Planets? Is Gallifrey included? Open 2
The planets dissapear? Open 2
To get a smiley face on a creation online, couldn't I just keep clicking rate up on my own creation? Open 1
Tried it still doesn't work was there a patch done to fix this??? Open 1
Wanderer? Open 1
What do they mean by "themes"? Open 4
What is the best method for getting to the centre of the galaxy? Open 3
What the? Open 4
What's the cheat to have only adventures be missions? Open 1
Where are the Planet/Save files on Windows Vista located? Open 2
Where is the first wreck? Open 1
Where's the Console key? Open 4
Why evoadvantage won't work? Open 3
Wrong Species? Open 1

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