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Universe Traders?

Here's hoping people still look up ol' Reunion...

After getting the Extended mod for X3, my original business had to be closed down, since i'm a merchant on there, and restarting has posed me with alot of spare cash, but i have to ask, what's the deal with Universe traders?

I own four freighters including the one i'm in, and for some odd reason i can only hire one Universe trader, can someone explain to me why?


evildude answered:

Universe Traders need:

A level 10 sector trader
Trade Command MKIII (Bought at Teladi EQ docks as well as Terracorp HQ in Home of Light)
At least one 25MJ Shield
Fight Command MK I
Fight Command MK II
Jumpdrive (Optional, they will buy this themselves when they are ready for it)

Otherwise they won't be able to run.
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