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"It's like heroin. Gets you hooked!"

FATE is a single player, action RPG that will have you playing for hours on end. I kid you not. The best part about it, is that it only costs a mere $20. Small price for a very, very big fun game.


Now the most addicting factor is the gameplay of course. Gameplay style is similar to games like Diablo, and Diablo II. Basically an action-RPG dungeon crawler.

You start off as an inexperienced, "unpopular" adventurer, with little gold to start your journey. Your "main" quest is given to you when you create your character. Other quests can be achieved from the townsfolk, and upon completion, you will be rewarded with experience, gold, and FAME. To help you along your quest is your trusty sidekick pet! Either a dog or a cat, it has its own set of stats where it will grow stronger with you. Feeding your pet certain types of fish will transform it into a whole new creature with boosted stats for a limited time, or even permanently! It can always change back if fed a Dogfish, so no worries.

Your main area of play and conquest is the DUNGEON. That is were you will complete quests, gain experience, find gold, defeat enemies and so much more. All quests you receive are randomized, as well as the items, and monsters found on each level of the dungeon, making the possibilities endless. As you delve deeper into the dungeon, monsters will become much stronger, but the profits from defeating them and accomplishing quests will be much, much greater.

FATE is a game where you can create your character into whatever role you want him/her to be.

As you level up, you can strategically put crucial stat and skill points into various areas of your character, molding him/her into, lets say for example, a total war machine. All out offensive, no holds barred, dual wielding psychopath of destruction.

Or maybe even a pure magic user, casting defensive buffs to reduce damage and maintain health from a distance while summoning monsters to do the attacking for you.

While being stronger and leveling up your character is important in this game, as well as any other game you would have to level up... what's really the do or die factor in this game is the EQUIPMENT. I cannot stress it
enough. The EQUIPMENT you have on, will make you or break you. The points they give you to boost stats and skills are limited once you hit the maximum lvl cap.

Having great equipment can easily multiply the effects of your strength, defense, vitality, and magic by 5000%. So having an armor worth 150 defense, can be boosted to an armor having 7500-8000 defense. And that's just and example.

Because you can basically keep playing this game, and go further and further into the dungeon, even after you've completed the "main quest". The numbers are practically ENDLESS. Main quests usually ends on lvl 45-50 of the dungeon, but when you see and realize what items lay on the 100,000s... (50,000% boost in attack, defense, magic, etc.)... oh boy, will you be power hungry for more and more.

Trust me, you will have plenty of fun just messing with the equipment, making your character look cool, enchanting them with bonuses, or finding ones that contain the best stats and rarities.


Graphics in this game are quite nice. Town is vibrant, colorful. Dungeon is dark, musty. It has a more kiddy feel to it though, but that shouldn't shy you away. The monster designs are cool though, lots of armor, weapons, and accessories can be seen. Maybe the only thing that needs a bit of work would be the spells. Not exactly outstanding, but still decent. Once you play you won't even mind the graphics that much anymore.


As for the sound, hmm. Nothing remarkable, I don't remember many choices either. But the background music fits well with the atmosphere. You've got the basic sound effects of swords clashing, spells, etc. All sound effects are good. I think they could've added a bit more music for variety, but overall it's fine.


Not much of a story as stated earlier. You've got one "main" quest to accomplish and you're done. But I think the beauty and fun factor of the game is being able to play beyond that. Don't you want to hit the 500,000 floor and get those insane equipments? Yeah, I think you do.

Another neat thing they added is for your adventurer to retire and create a new descendant. Doing this basically starts a new character from scratch, but with added bonuses to his/her experience lvl and FAME lvl. For every descendant created after completing the main quest of his/her game, his/her descendant will be boosted by one level. So that makes things easier when you start again.

Also when you create your descendant, you can leave a heirloom behind for him/her to use it. Leaving a heirloom behind is basically leaving an article of equipment, whether it be a ring, armor, or weapon, so you're newly created descendant character can use it. Doing so, will increase the magic potency of all its enchantments by I think about 25%. You will get crazy stats from this. And I mean crazy, once you get through a decade of generations.

There is also a big active modding community for the game, creating more armor, dungeon lvls, and just neat extras to fool around with. Big plus in my book, once you've exhausted the general game.

The only thing about this type of gameplay might be repetitiveness. Doing same fetch quests and leveling up. But trust me, it will take you AWHILE before you ever get that feeling from this game.

OVERALL: 8.5 > 9

Great, great game. Has all elements of a great action-RPG dungeon crawl type of game. Addictive gameplay, nice sound and graphics, and plenty of play time and replayability. This is a definite buy, and with $20 at the price, you can't go wrong. This is your quick fix for an action RPG, but might leave you wanting more, and more, and more.

Reviewer's Score: 9/10 | Originally Posted: 07/26/07

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