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How to get battlefront 1 pc maps on battlefront 2 pc?

I only have battlefront 2 and i DO NOT want any other maps, like made up maps of other people(my computer has limited space)

billions911 provided additional details:

It just means i want tatooine sand dune and some other maps like bespin platforms.

billions911 provided additional details:

...From battlefron 1 only of course


BrendanFace000 answered:

Sorry, But this is just not possible. Believe me, EVERYBODY wants those maps on BF2, They were some of the best maps. But the maps are in completly different format: What you ask is impossible, and I have experience to prove it. However... I don't know if GameFaqs allows me to say this... But go to "". Just search "Starwars battlefront filefront" in Google, that should bring it up. From there you can download maps that people have made, and play them. Some people MAY have recreated those maps you are looking for, from stratch: Be sure to check it out. Most maps file that you download will come with a "ReadMe" file, so read that and it will tell you how to put the maps into the game. If placed correctly, any AddOn maps (Downloads) will appear on the "Instant Action" Menu in red text.
It's worth a look, I use them all the time myself.

If your still having trouble, or need help finding or working the site, email me:

Hope that helps.
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lil_literalist answered:

Filefront has most of the maps and mods that you'll ever need. Here is the most up-to-date pack with its patch.;116597;70249
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