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Half Life 2 (only episode 1) Crashes, how do I fix this?

It usually gives me an error screen, but today it crashed my com, ive already re-installed, and i got it with the orange box if that helps.
How do I fix this?

The_Admiral asked for clarification:

Need to provide OS and PC specs for anyone to be able to help you. Video card drivers would also help.

Roland1999 asked for clarification:

I also have this problem

let's see

Windows XP Professional Edition Service Pack 3
2 512 MB Ram sticks
Radaeon 2600 HD Pro Sapphire
AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3700+

bestbudy asked for clarification:

I have the same problem on non steam its related file: datacashed.dll sothing like that


cheater132576 answered:

Right-click on it in Steam > Check integrity of game cache. If that doesn't work, ask Steam Support.
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