FAQ/Walkthrough by WalkerRiley

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   .,,.                                                                .,,.
 .,.              MMMZZZ?=                                                .,.   
 ,.                .+DMMMDZI++~~     ,,                                    .,  
,                         ,?NMMMMD?    ,MNM+$M+=I$ZD8NMMO                    , 
,                             .$MMMMMMMMNMMMM7         .=                    , 
,                                      ?MM8M=7ODMMMMM8$D                     , 
,                                       +MOO~     ,+IDMO                     , 
,                                        I$ .                                , 
,                                        :. .                                , 
,                                        ,, ..                               , 
,                                        .,  Z                               , 
,                                         +  Z                               , 
,                                         M  $                               , 
,                       :NDD8.            8 .M                               , 
,                     ,MMMMMMMD           ++:M                               , 
,                    +MM+    MM         8: $M?                               , 
,                    7MM$?DNNMM        O.  NM    			     ,
,                    ?MD.,  .DM      .8   NM=     			     ,
,                     ?MM=OMZDM.     8Z   M=      			     ,
,                     ,MMD$+?M?    +,.  =DZ       			     ,
,                       ZMNMMN.,.+O   ~MMM        			     ,
,                       ,MMMMMMMMM=~NMMM.         			     ,
,                       :$MMMMMMNM8MMMM=          			     ,
,                    :M+  . MM$. ZMMOD$           			     ,
,                  .8MMMD..8M,  ,DM$,?=           			     ,
,                 ZMMMMMMMZND   ,DM  ZN           			     ,
,                8MMMMMMMMMM .OO=MMMMMM           			     ,
,                MMMMMMMMMMM+$, ZMMMMMMD          			     ,
,               .MMMMMMMMMMMMD= ?MMMMMO           			     ,
,               ~MMMMMMMMMMMMMMIDMMMMMM         			     ,
,               7MMMMMMMMMM$   ~MMMMMMM.          EVIL DEAD: 		     ,
,              ,NMMMMMMMMMMM~,..MMNMMMMI         REGENERATION		     ,
,              :NMMMMMMMMMMOM7ZNMMOMMMDN.         			     ,
,              .$MMMMMMMMMMMO..MMMMM=              			     ,
,              .DMMMMMMMMMMZM~I=MMMMZ           FAQ/Walkthrough		     ,
,              ?MMMMMMMMMMMM?$DM8MM$.             			     ,
,              OMMMMMMMMMMMMMOMM8DM=                  by		     ,
,              DMMMMMMMMMD88?DMMMMMM=             			     ,
,              DMMMMDMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMN          Brenton Dinsmore		     ,
,              DMMMMZMMMMMMNMMMMMMMMMM+              AKA		     ,
,              8MMMI,MMMMMMMNMMMMMMMMMM:         Walker Riley		     ,
,              MMZM?~MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM         			     ,
,          +: ,MM8M$$MMMMMM7MMMMMMMMM:         				     ,
,         ,I .MMMMMMOMMMMMN,IMMMMMMMM$           			     ,
,         I?IMMMMMMMMMMMMMM~,MMMMMMMMMZ          			     ,
,        =I.MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM:MMMMMMMMMMZ          			     ,
,        ,::MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMZ           			     ,
,        +~$MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMD           			     ,
,         +MMMMMMMMDMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMN           			     ,
,          ~MMMMD:  MMMMMMMMM?MMMMMMMMM          			     ,
,         .ZMMM.    ZMMMMMMMM ?MMMMMMMM.           			     ,
,         =MMMM     ,MMMMMMMM  MMMMMMMM+         			     ,
,         ZMMMM     .MMMMMMMN  8MMMMMMMZ                 		     ,
,         MMMMO      MMMMMMMD  .MMMMMMMM          			     ,
,        ,MMMMI      DMMMMMM8   8MMMMMMM      				     ,
,        =MMMM+      NMMMMMM8   :MMMMMMN        			     ,
,        OMMMN.      NMMMMMM.    7MMMMMM.       			     ,
,        MMMMD       8MMMMMMI    :MMMMMMZ       			     ,
,        MMM8Z       ?MMMMMM7     MMMMMMMZ      			     ,
,       ,MMMD?       :NMMMMMN     8MMMMMMM      			     ,
,       7MMM$.       .OMMMMMM     IMMMMMMM7     			     ,
,      .OMMM+         $MMMMMM     =MMMMMMM8     			     ,
,      :NMMM.         ~MMMMMM     :MMMMMMMM~    			     ,
,      7MMM7           MMMMMM.    ,MMMMMMMM8.   			     ,
,      ~MMI            MMMMMM.    .MMMMMMMMO.   			     ,
,                     7MMMMMM      NMMMMMMMZ    			     ,
,                    =MMMMMMO      $MMMMMMMM7   			     ,
,                    IMMMMMMM       +MMMMMMMM8  			     ,
,                    ,DMMMMMM       :MMMMMMMM?  			     ,
,                    ONMMMMMM  .:  ,.ZMMMMM7   				     ,
,                MMNMMMMMMMMM7,77OMZII8MMDMD,               		     ,
,               =D8MMMMMMMMMMI    =MMMMMMMMM$                                ,
,                ~==~~=.             =MMMMMMD                                ,
,                                    ,OMMMM8=                                ,
.,.                                                                        .,.
 .,                                                                        ,.
   .,.                                                                  .,.


  Yea sorry bout that obscenely large ASCII art...but I needed something to 
set this apart from other Evil Dead faqs.  Being as I have yet to see an FAQ 
for the newest game in the ED series, I felt it my duty to start one.  It's 
not gonna be the best, mostly cause I myself have never written a full length 
FAQ/walkthrough before.  So...here goes.


1.  	Introduction to the game/series
2.  	Controls
3.  	Characters
4.  	Weapons
5.  	Items
6.  	Enemies
7.  	Special Moves
8.  	Walkthrough
9.  	Necronomicon pages
10. 	Ending notes
11.	Updates

1.  Introduction to the game/series

  The whole thing started when Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell, and a few of their 
friends went out and filmed the short film Into the Woods.  From there, Sam 
rewrote his original story, got a small budget using the first film, and made
Evil Dead.  A group of guys made an Evil Dead game for the Commodore 64
system soon after.  Evil Dead 2 remade the ending scenes of ED (licensing 
issues) and continued the story further.  ED3, more widely known as Army of 
Darkness, or Bruce Campbell vs. The Army of Darkness, once again slightly 
rewrote the ending to ED2 (not by much though, and it really isn't much of 
a difference) and continued the story more (I will get to the individual 
stories...hold on).  Then came the 3 evil dead games, 2 that continued the 
story further, and the last, this one, which takes the end of ED2 and moves 
in a different direction.  I'll try to sum it up without too many spoilers...

        Evil Dead

  Ashley "Ash" Williams and his friends take a vacation to a remote cabin far
 out in the countryside.  There they find the Necronomicon Ex Mortis, the 
book of the dead.  Along with it they find a tape recording containing the last
words of the professor who was researching the book, and the incantations that 
bring the Evil Dead to the world of the living.  One by one each of Ash's 
friends are possessed.  The gruesome discovery Ash makes is that the only way 
to fully kill one of the Evil Dead is by complete dismemberment.  The Evil Dead
contains some of the best effects for its time, along with some of the most 
blood and gore any movie has ever had.

	Evil Dead 2:  Dead by Dawn

  The plot had to be rewritten slightly here.  Instead of it being Ash and his
friends, it's just Ash and his girlfriend. She's possessed, he's forced to kill
her.  Then it gets into his hand and turns it bad.  So he lops it off at the 
wrist.  Then Knowby's daughter shows up with the missing pages of the 
Necronomicon that will help them defeat it (she just wanted the book).  Along 
with a few others, who quickly turn into deadites, Ash must once again fight 
his way through the Evil Dead.  Only to be caught in a vortex that sends him 
back to the past.  This movie started the spiral away from total horror into 
humorous horror.

	Evil Dead 3:  Army of Darkness

  The least horrific and largest budget of all three films.  This one combines
horror elements with slapstick humor.  Ash has gone from being the scared 
little twerp he was to a smart mouthed, chainsaw wielding, shotgun toting 
maniac.  Ash is sent back through time to the medieval ages where he's mistaken
for the enemy of the kingdom he fell into.  After a quick fight with a Pit 
Witch deadite, Ash takes control of the situation.  He's told the only thing 
that can send him back to his own time is the Necronomicon (imagine that).  So,
what does our hero do?  Attempt the gain the book while fending off evil 
versions of himself, screwing up incantations that prevent disaster from
occurring once he gets the book, and then raising an army to fix his own 
mistakes, of course!

	Evil Dead

  The first Evil Dead game ever made is based directly off the first movie.  
It was made for the Commodore 64 home computer.  It had all the basics....go 
around collecting weapons and the pages of the necronomicon while avoiding the
deadites.  But it wasn't that great, even considering the system it was on.  
Still, it was an Evil Dead game.

	Evil Dead:  Hail to the King

  The only game I haven't played.  I don't know much about it because there 
isn't much info about it floating around anymore.  It was an obvious 
improvement over the c64 game, and I guess it continued the story line after 
Army of Darkness.  The character models were horrendous, though, as well as the
game play.  Camera angles made it difficult to play, as well as the controls.  
It did revisit the cabin once more, though.

	Evil Dead:  Fistful of Boomstick

  Another improvement.  FoB sports a whole new engine, along with the ability 
to dual wield weapons.  Upgrades, spells, etc make FoB far superior to its 
predecessors.  Better graphics too.  There's also several different ways to 
play the game.  Once you complete a level, you can play minigames in that area.
I enjoy this game even better than Regeneration.

	Evil Dead: Regeneration

  This game.  Regen sports better graphics, but fewer in-game extras.  What it 
does have are short video clips of Bruce and Ted enjoying themselves while 
voicing the game, or short interviews with Bruce.  As with the previous two, 
Bruce does all of Ash's voice work.  And Ted joins him as Ash's half-deadite 
sidekick, Sam.  It's rumored Bruce and Ted got the developers to name Sam after
Mr. Raimi himself.

2.  Controls

Evil Dead Regeneration makes extensive use of the ps2 controller, using every 
button save L3 and the right and left directional buttons.

Left Analog	-	Move Ash or Sam in the desired direction
Right Analog	-	Move the camera.
X		-	Jump
Circle		-	Use right weapon (Chainsaw, etc) or Punch when 
			  controlling Sam
Square 		-	Use left weapon (Shotgun, etc) or use Sam's Spirit Stun
			  (hold down to charge)
Triangle	-	Perform action (when appropriate) or use finishing move
			  on a stunned deadite
L1		-	Block
R1		-	Press and hold to target manually.  Right analog 
			  switches targets
L2		-	Changes firearm or stop possession of Sam
R2		-	Changes right weapon
R3	 	-	Centers camera behind Ash
Direction Up	-	Kicks Sam.  Press and hold to charge inner evil into 
			  Sam, making him explode on impact.
Direction Down	-	Turns Ash into Evil Ash and back again.
Start		-	Pause w/ pause menu
Select		-	Pause w/ abilities screen

3.  Characters

Ashley "Ash" Williams

  The quick witted, smart-mouthed, "gonna kick some deadite ass" hero of the 
game.  This time round Ash has to run around closing the portals between the 
land of the dead and land of the living.  Why?  Cause he's the ONLY one who's 
managed to survive against the Evil Dead, that's why.


  The half deadite midget whom Ash "rescues" from the good doctor's clutches.
Sam is useful in many ways.  He can contain spirits to feed to soul eaters, he 
can close the portals, and you can kick him.  Plus if he dies he just 

Dr. Reinhard

  The good doctor, or not.  Reinhard knows about the Necronomicon, has it, and 
is trying to use it for his own fiendish plans.  He uses the book to infuse Sam
with the Evil Dead while keeping his soul free from corruption, then tries to 
do it on himself.  This of course fails miserably, and the Evil Dead is 
unleashed AGAIN.  Why can't mad scientists just stick with science?


  Ash's lawyer and apparently new love interest.  She finds Knowby's diary, a 
log of everything he knew about the Necronomicon.  This of course proves Ash to
be sane (mostly sane).  And of course the diary is needed to complete 
Reinhard's experiments.  So guess who gets kidnapped?


  Spirit of the guy who started the whole mess.  He points Ash in the right 
direction from time to time, as well as giving pointers about different things.

4.  Weapons

  Unlike the previous Evil Dead games, there are only six weapons and no 
upgrades.  That's right...none.  But you don't need em.  Trust me.


- .45 Automatic - Ash gets this from a fallen guard early in the game.  It's 
  rate of fire is fast, and reloads just as fast.  It's really weak though, and
  takes a ton of bullets to take down a deadite.

- Shotgun - Ah...S-mart's top of the line sawed-off 12 gauge double-barreled 
  Remington.  THE boomstick of choice.  This thing was made to get up close and
  personal.  It reloads every time it's fired, but the reload time is not as 
  bad as the manual makes it seem.

- Bomb-Lance - This thing is nuts once you get the hang of it.  Fires off a 
  lance with a time fuse.  Blows apart most weaker deadites no problem.  Its 
  range is very good, but it has a long reload time.  The upside is you can 
  also use it to blast through weak or damaged walls.


- Nub - That's right...near the beginning you have no weapons....so Ash'll use
  his nub arm to attack.  Used mostly to knock Deadites back.  By the time you
  need it, you have a gun, so I haven't tested its power.  But I'm quite sure
  it's next to nothing.  It can break furniture though.

- Chainsaw - The best weapon for Deadite slaying.  The chainsaw can slice and 
  dice through most Deadites with ease, and with a host of chainsaw/shotgun 
  combos to use, who wouldn't wanna use it?  Seriously though, close quarter 
  fights are gonna be fought with this thing, so get used to it.

- Harpoon Gun - Fires a spike with a cable attached.  You can use it to grab 
  distant items, and distant enemies.  It'll draw em in for Ash to blast away 
  with the Shotgun.  Easiest way to set up aerial combos.

- Flamethrower - Use this to light fires, light up deadites, and light up Sam.
  Ash will move slowly while using this, and after a short time it'll overheat.
  Careful as deadites on fire can easily light up Ash as well.

5.  Items

- Life Essence (red) - Juggle a deadite, or perform combos on it, and it'll
  drop this sometimes.  It recharges your life meter a bit.  It'll 
  automatically come to you, so don't worry bout hunting it down.  Some objects
  also drop this.  Any box marked "supplies" will have one or more in it.

- Evil Essence (orange) - Obtained the same way Life Essence is.  It fills the
  Inner Evil bar slightly.  It can also be found in boxes and other objects.

- Life Bar Upgrade - Find one of these Sacred Symbols (red skull in a cross)
  to increase Ash's life bar and fill it.

- Inner Evil Upgrade - Find one of these Sacred Symbols (orange demon) to
  increase Ash's Inner Evil Bar and fill it.

- Sam Possession - Find one of these Sacred Symbols (blue skull) to possess
  Sam for awhile.

- Save Game - Find one of these Sacred Symbols (yellow skull) to save your

- Necronomicon Pages - Unlock bonus stuff by finding the missing Necronomicon

6.  Enemies

- Deadites - Your standard run-o-the-mill deadites.  Best weapon to use 
  against them is the chainsaw.  A good plan is to get a bunch in front of Ash,
  then use one of the combo finishers to take them all out at the same time.

- Deadite Rats - That's right.  Deadite rats.  The .45 is more than enough to 
  deal with these things.  However, it takes a few shots to kill them.  The
  shotgun takes one blast.

- Skeletons - Skeletons are much easier to defeat than deadites.  Get up close
  and either blast their heads off with the shotgun, or chop them to pieces
  with the chainsaw.  Some skeletons fire off green blasts.  These blasts can
  and more than likely will knock Ash to the ground.  Try to avoid them.

- Sparky - The first boss.  Electric based deadite.  Can take a beating, but
  fairly easy to take down.

- Armed Deadites - These guys have weapons that they can use to block Ash's
  attacks.  The idea is to punt Sam on them then chop them up so they can't
  block anymore.  Ash can also charge up the chainsaw and knock them down.

- Huge Deadites - The same idea as the Armed Deadites, except they don't move,
  they can throw stuff at Ash, they can smash Ash if he comes too close, and
  they take waaaay more hits to kill.  Punting Sam on top of one and then
  slashing away is the only way to take one down.

- "Peepers" - More of a blockage than an enemy, these guys tend to make their
  homes right in Ash's way.  To get by, Sam has to be possessed by certain
  spirits and then fed to "Peepers".  Three spirits and it'll fall asleep,
  opening the way forward.

- Reaper Deadite - These guys are ANNOYING.  First of all, they can make
  themselves translucent.  Like this, they cannot be damaged.  Second, they
  float up in the air, so getting them with the chainsaw is difficult.  Then
  they have a vast array of attacks.  They can imprison either Ash or Sam in
  a bone cage (Diablo 2 style for those who've played it).  They can make
  random objects float and send them hurling towards either character.  A 
  few other things that at the time of this writing, I can't remember, but will
  replace with later updates.  The easiest way to kill them before Ash finds
  the Harpoon gun is to blast away with the shotgun.  Once Ash has the Harpoon
  gun, harpoon them, then blast them with the shotgun.  If they DO come close
  to the ground, then chainsaw away.  They usually only appear when the 3rd
  spirit for "peepers" is collected, but later on in the game they appear in

7.  Abilities

All combo moves are done with the Chainsaw.  A description of all the moves'll 
  be below the move list.

C = Circle
S = Square
X = X
T = Triangle

C, C, C			-	Triple Slash
C (hold to charge)	-	Power Blow
X, C			-	Jump Slash
C, C, X			-	Chainsaw Chop
C, C, S			-	"Tooth & Lead" attack
C, C, short pause,
C, C, C			-	Chainsaw Finisher
C, C, short pause,
C, C, S			-	Boomstick Finisher
C, C, short pause,
C, C, X			-	Overhead Finisher
L1 + C			-	Whirlwind attack
L1 + C
(after enemy attack)	-	Counter attack
R1 + X + left analog,
C			-	Dodge & Launch
C (press and hold), S	-	Hang'em High
C			-	Beat Down
T			-	Finisher

- Triple Slash - Slash with the chainsaw three times.  Easiest combo to master.

- Power Blow - Damage is dependant on how long you hold the button.  Ash can't 
  move while charging.

- Jump Slash - Jump up, slash down.

- Chainsaw Chop - Slash twice, jump and chop down.

- "Tooth & Lead" attack - Slash twice and finish with a blast from Ash's 

- Chainsaw Finisher - My favorite.  Slashes twice, slashes twice more, then 
  chops the deadite's head off.

- Boomstick Finisher - Another good one.  Same deal, two slashes, a pause, two 
  more slashes, then Ash rams his chainsaw into the deadite and fires off a 

- Overhead Finisher - Same as the last two, except at the end Ash jumps into 
  the air and does a heavy chainsaw chop down.  These three finishers will kill
  most deadites.

- Whirlwind attack - Good for crowd control.  Ash whip the chainsaw around him,
  knocking back most deadites that get caught in it.

- Counter attack - Should you block a deadite's attack, use the chainsaw to 
  counter it and deal some damage.

- Dodge & Launch - Ash will side step then dash with an upward chainsaw slash.
  It works well for closing the distance between Ash and a ranged attacker.

- Beat Down - Slash a downed deadite.  Usually if it's on the ground, it can be
  taken out with a finisher...but it's still fun to do.

- Finisher - Once green smoke starts to pour out of a deadite, Ash can execute 
  a finisher on it.  Depending on his position and what weapon he has equipped,
  Ash will do one of several things.  Try out different weapons and positions
  to see.

- Evil Ash (down arrow) - After a certain event, Ash can use his Inner Evil to
  become Evil Ash (or deadite ash...).  Ash grows larger, looks more like a 
  deadite, and his power level and speed increase. The Inner Evil bar empties 
  while in this mode, and once it has drained, Evil Ash will revert back to 
  Good Ash.  Use it when you need to, cause you can fill the bar up relatively 

- Kick Sam (up arrow) - Kicking Sam is half the game.  Target something and 
  kick Sam at it, like an object or a deadite.  Once you have the Inner Evil 
  bar, hold down the up arrow to charge Sam with some Inner Evil and he'll 
  explode on contact, killing most deadites he hits. 

8.  Walkthrough

  The game isn't particularly long.  With a bit of patience it can be beaten 
  in a few hours.

-  1. Cabin
	The Cabin is more of a review of Evil Dead 2 and a tutorial
  for the game.  You start facing off against a deadite, along with 
  instructions on how to use your weapons.  Just slash him till he's green then
  Finish him off.  Two more deadites will appear.  Finish them off in the same
	I'll take this time to mention that at this time in the movie Ash did
  NOT have his chainsaw prosthetic.  For those whom don't know, after this next
  scene, another group of people (Knowby's daughter included) show up, Ash
  accidently shoots one, they throw in him the cellar, people die, THEN Ash
  and Knowby's daughter go to the workshed and convert the chainsaw to fit his
  arm, along with building the harness for his shotgun (and sawing that off).
  It's just one of those tidbits that I wish they had remembered while making
  the game.  Anyways...

	People who have watched ED2 will recognize this scene .  Ash and the 
  house have a good laugh, and then we get to learn how to target.  Use R1 and 
  blast anything that's laughing.  The deer head, lamp, books, clock, and 
  cabinet are your targets.  Although it's "manual" targeting, it'll choose the
  closest thing to you, and switch when that dies.

	A few more deadites will attack, and the tutorial will learn you how to
  block.  I've never used block beyond this point.  Ash can't do anything else 
  while blocking, and more than likely you'll have a few deadites behind you.  
  Dispatch the deadites and the Evil Dead will pick up Ash and knock him into a
  couple of trees, where he falls into a puddle and becomes Evil Ash (deadite 

	Don't worry about the meter running out because it won't.  Enjoy this 
  now because you won't get to for a bit.  Since the normal triple combo will 
  kill just about anything, don't bother with finishers.  Evil Ash can attack 
  far faster and stronger than Good Ash, and the shotgun blasts also do extra 
  damage.  Go to town.  Once you're done, you'll be done with this area and 
  move onto....

-  2. Sunny Meadows Asylum for the Criminally Insane

	Yea, no one believed Ash about the deadites.  But what's this?  The 
  good doctor has the Necronomicon?  And he's using it for his own evil plans!?
  And who gets to clean it up?

	Ash starts with only his knub as a weapon.  Remember the window next to
  the hallway entrance.  We'll be coming back soon enough.  Run down the hall, 
  stopping to watch the deadites have their fun if you want.  You'll be treated
  with a short scene, then get your .45.  Kill the deadite that's there, then 
  run back to the first room.  Shoot out the window to find your first 
  Necronomicon page.  Open the door and run back down the hallway.
	You've a few options.  You can open the door on the right into the 
  office.  All that's in here is first aid. Target and shoot it to release a 
  Life Essence.  Leave and try to go outside.  Doors enjoy slamming in your 
  face then laughing at you.  Just shoot them to shut them up.
	Continue down the very linear pathway.  Shoot out the glass on the 
  right once you come to the gate, crawl through, and throw the switch to 
  open the gate.  You can look at the monitors, but if you do, be prepared to 
  fight the dead guy next to you.

	Running down the hallway brings you to the cafeteria.  Here you get 
  your first real fight against a bunch of deadites.  Shoot them until they 
  spew green, then use the finisher on them.  Just be patient, real fun starts
  soon. Another deadite will run in.  Kill it.  There's another first aid in 
  here if you need it, if not, run through the door the deadite came in 
  through.  Be careful of the radiator cause it'll blast off.  Use the save 
  point if you want.  From here on I'll mention the save points, but that's it.
  They're kinda noticeable and in easy to reach spots.

	Continue on down the hallway.  You'll be in a waiting room kinda deal.
  Try and use the elevator.  After the scene you get to shoot up some 
  furniture.  Just hold down the targeting and keep firing.  You may need to
  turn to the right once you get done with the left side of the room, and after
  that the doors will fly at you as well.

	The left bathroom has a necronomicon page in the handicap stall, as 
  well as some health if you need it.  The right bathroom has some health and 
  a short scene in one of the stalls.  The middle room is where you wanna go 

	Go upstairs, then try this elevator.  Now we get to fight yet another 
  group of deadites.  Once they have been disposed of, a door opens for Ash to 
  go through.  It's like the Evil Dead is leading him through this place, isn't
  it? Run down the hallway until the event occurs.  Here starts the annoyance.
  Wait until the electrical current in the middle is down, run and jump over 
  the last one.  Now wait until there's an opening, and run through that.  To 
  the left is the door you want to go through.  Wait until the current is out,
  and walk through it.  The next one runs up and down the way a few times, then
  pauses at the top.  That's your chance to get through it.  The last one does 
  the same thing, but stops at the bottom.  You'll need to jump this.  Then just
  flip the switch to turn it all off.  The three bodies in the hall will turn
  into deadites for you to kill.

	Done?  Good.  Continue on the way you were going.  The only way to go 
  is into the elevator.  Once out, follow the hallway, killing the rats as they
  attack you.  You'll come to more electricity, but luckily there's a room
  right next door.  Shoot out the rods generating the power, and continue
  forth.  You'll get to the morgue, with the personal possession storage room
  leading off from it.  Go in to obtain your trusty boomstick and chainsaw.
  And you'll get some deadite friends to have fun with too.

	Now we run all they long way back down the hallway, ripping apart the
  boards that show up with a triple combo from the chainsaw, past the save
  point (which I suggest you use).  If you want, you can detour into the room
  where you killed the electricity to notice Sparky isn't there anymore.  At
  the end, climb up the wall, climb up the ladder, then get as close to the
  right edge as you can until you're able to wall creep.  Go all the way
  across, then into the next room
	Try and go through the doors.  You'll be stopped and every dead body
  in the room will become a deadite.  After you get done, follow the linear
  path to the doc's office.  Push both busts to open up a secret entrance, and
  head through that.

	Watch for the room on the right.  It has health and a Necronomicon
  page.  Keep going down the hallway, breaking open boxes if you need health.
  Finally, you'll reach:

	BOSS #1  Sparky

	Sparky is annoying, but simple once you get the pattern down.  He has
	 a number of attacks that should be noted.

	1.  Floor Shock - Sparky will charge up with electricity and send a
	 wave across the floor.  Jump over it.
	2.  Shock Pillars - Sparky will send a number of pillars of electricity
	 that sorta follow Ash.  Move to avoid them.
	3.  Electric Man - Sparky will control a little man of electricity
	 that'll follow Ash around.  Shoot it with the shotgun.  Sometimes
	 he'll send out two.  I've not seen more than two.
	4.  Electric Grab - I've only had this done to me once.  I was at 3/4s
	 health and it was fatal.  Do NOT get too close to Sparky while he's
	 electrified or he'll grab you and perform this move on you.
	At any time Sparky is charged, the water will also be electrically
	 charged, so stay out of it.  Now for the strategy.  STAY AWAY FROM
	 SPARKY WHILE HE'S LIT UP!  Get your pistol or shotgun out, run around
	 and jump from dry spot to dry spot all the while shooting and avoid
	 Sparky.  The ONLY time you want to go melee is when he's no longer
	 charged.  Then run in and start slashing with the chainsaw.  After
	 about 10 seconds, or two combos with the chainsaw, run away again.
	 You'll make short work of Sparky in no time.

	Congrats.  You made it past this level and now you get a midget
	 sidekick!  (I mean no offense in this comment towards the little
	 people of the world, by the way.  I think you guys are great.)

-  3. Cemetary

	Have some fun kicking Sam into random stuff, then go and chainsaw the
  boxes in front of the door by the basketball hoop.  I have to date flipped
  the switch to throw the corpse into the furnace.  I don't know what happens
  if you don't. Kick Sam into the furnace to open the way forward, the run down
  into the cemetery.

	Skeletons!  Skeletons are MUCH easier to kill than deadites.  Do beware
  the ones that throw...whatever that is at you.  Slice and dice, but don't go
  through the opening just yet.  Head over to the left side of the cemetery,
  find the opening to the river, and run up to find the next Necronomicon page.

	From here continue through the gate.  There'll be a save point.  Keep
  going down the path.  There will be some stomping noise and then a blocked
  gate will get in your way.  Before tearing through, turn around and follow
  the stream again for another Necronomicon page.

	Use the chainsaw to cut through the branches blocking the gate.  Now
  you get to deal with deadites that can block your attacks.  To counter this,
  punt same at one, then either cut its limbs off or kill it outright.
  Chances are Sam is gonna be shook off before you can kill it, but at least
  now it can't block you.  Once you're done, approach the gate for a cutscene
  with Knowby's spirit.

	Stand on the blue symbol and possess Sam.  Unlike the previous game
  you can possess Sam for as long as you want, so long as he doesn't die.
  Unfortunatly the times you can possess Sam are few and far between, plus it
  only lasts as long as you need him.

	Once you control Sam, get used to his abilities, then head towards the
  water on the right.  There's a small hole that Sam can go through.  See that
  red symbol on the left?  Remember that.  We'll be heading there later.  
  Continue onward.  Two options now.  Stay and kill the rats or just crawl 
  through the hole on the left.  If you kill the rats...guess what, you go
  through the hole anyways.  Here's some fun.  Jump on the deadite.

	You can run around killing skeletons, or just go up to the gate and
  powersmash it.  This serves two purposes:  Opens the way forward and puts
  a big powerful deadite RIGHT IN YOUR WAY.  The only way to kill it is by
  punting Sam on it and then slashing the hell out of it.  Once Sam is
  knocked off, you can't damage it.  Here's some good news...it stays
  stationary.  Here's some bad news...it throws stuff at you and when you
  get to close (without Sam distracting it) it'll smash you into the ground.
	Like I said, punt Sam on him and then run up and slash him.  After the
  first punt, it'll start summoning skeletons to help it.  Easy enough...dodge
  the thrown attacks and keep the strategy.  It'll fall eventually.

	Go through the gates, killing deadites on your way to the fountain
  square.  To kill the deadites up on the roof, punt Sam at them.  Also, if you
  use the chainsaw a lot like me, you'll find yourself in deadlock with some of
  the deadites that carry shovels, axes, etc.  Hit X rapidly and you'll knock
  them to the ground.  Anyways, once you're done, run down to the place where
  Sam jumped on the deadite and go into the cave.  On the left will be some
  jars with health and farther down on the right is the first Health increase.

	Run back, chainsaw the branches in front of the next gate, then go
  through the doorway you find after that.

	This is unfair and annoying.  "Peepers", as Ash calls it, shows up
  EVERYWHERE.  IN just about every level after this.  To get by, Sam has to be
  possessed by certain spirits and then fed to "Peepers".  Three spirits and 
  it'll fall asleep, opening the way forward.  So continuing forward...

	Go through the right doorway, down the stairs, and through the gate.
  Slash the first egg, get the spirit to possess Sam, then follow him.  The
  object is to protect Sam as he runs back to Peepers.  My suggestion is to
  let all the Deadites follow him until he decides to just run in circles,
  then kill them all at the same time.  You can't punt him to Peepers until
  all Deadites are destroyed, so this kinda works out in the long run.

	A new gate will open, this one on the left, so go through that.  This
  would probably be a good time to mention that there's a save point through
  the doorway left of Peepers.  Linear path, remember.  Grab the 2nd spirit,
  same story.  I might add that Sam does NOT take the shortest path back.

	Protect Sam, blah blah.  The middle doorway now is open, so go back
  through.  Still a linear path but now the added bonus of Deadites on our
  way to the egg as well.  And they're of the rooftop variety so you're going
  to have to punt Sam at the one at a time.  Make sure you get them all before
  going to the next area.  After you're done, go down the steps, and you'll
  get blocked in.

	First wave...five skeletons.  Second wave...four deadites.  Third 
  wave...two rooftop deadites and two armed deadites.  I forgot to mention that
  you can also knock the armed deadites down by charging the chainsaw.  This
  just takes awhile and isn't the best way to do it.  The gate will open and 
  you can go claim your spirit.

	Okay this time you have a problem.  The third spirit is guarded by
  what I call a Reaper Deadite (for good reasons).  It only can be killed when
  it's visable, and it can teleport.  I use my shotgun for this guy.  Not
  only that, but you still gotta follow Sam and protect him.  This time I
  recommend at least knocking down any deadites that go near him until you
  get rid of the Reaper.  Then follow the same strategy as before, staying
  as close to Sam as possible.  He will, once again, choose the longest path
  back to Peepers.

	Once you feed him the third spirit, Peepers will fall asleep.  Go into
  his mouth.  Congrats...you made it past the cemetary.

	------ I will continue this walkthrough later.  The reason being is I
  accidentally saved over my file, so I can't blaze a trail through like I
  normally would.  Anyways...look to the future for updates!  I'll tell you
  this much, the basic path throughout the levels is pretty linear.
  Anyways...until later.

9.  Necronomicon Pages

  The pages unlock special clips and artwork that can be viewed from the
   beginning menu.  Listed is location, as well as what each page unlocks.

-  1.  Sunny Meadows - Past the window in the starting room. - Unlocks Bruce 
	talking about the game series.
-  2.  Sunny Meadows - In one of the bathrooms after the flying furniture.  You
	need to open the toilet stalls. - Unlocks Bruce screaming for the
-  3.  Sunny Meadows - In the basement just before the fight with
	Sparky. - Unlocks artwork.
-  4.  Cemetary - Up the river that's next to the area with the first skeleton
	encounters. - Unlocks Bruce introducing Sam.
-  5.  Cemetary - Up the river after the stomping noises. - Unlocks Bruce
	describing how Sam can be helpful.

10.   Ending Notes

This faq/walkthrough was written by Brenton Dinsmore AKA Walker Riley.  Don't 
  copy it.  Use of any text written  here without permission and proper credit 
  is a violation of several copyright laws and whatnot.  Trust me, I'm an ass 
  about stuff like that.  This faq/walkthrough was written for sole use on
  Gamefaqs.com.  It can be distributed, but do not host it on other sites
  without gamefaqs.com permission.

	I thank Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell for crediting such an awesome 
  series.  And I thank THQ, Havok, and Crankypants games for making the game.  
  Cool.  I'm done for now.
11.  Updates

	I've been annoyed with faqs/walkthroughs that have all the updates
  at the beginning of the file, forcing me to scroll through pages upon pages
  of stuff just to find the TOC.  So I decided to put all my update at the
  end of the file.

  09/15/05  v.1
	First version.  Wrote up the initial faq/walkthrough.  All that's left
  is the rest of the walkthrough itself, different creatures, and the 
  Necronomicon page locations.

  09/29/05  v.2
	In my stupidity, I forgot to keep line length to 79 characters and
  my faq/walkthrough was rejected.  SO....v.02 is just the rewrite of all the
  lines and a resubmission.

  09/30/05  v.3
	Forgot some info under the combo section, added skeletons to the
  enemies.  Ran the whole thing through spellchecker.  Next update will have
  more updates to the walkthrough, I promise.

  10/11/05  v.35
	Finished up the cemetary walkthrough.  Added some more to the enemies
  list and the necronomicon page locations.