FAQ/Walkthrough by TheWetRat

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King's Quest II VGA: Romancing The Stones

Table of Contents
A. What is this game?
B. How is it different from the original?
C. Control Runthrough
D. Walkthrough
a. The Quest for the Stones
b. The Birth Gem of Water
c. The Growth Gem of Air
d. The Death Gem of Earth
e. Finding the Damsel in Distress
E. Special Thanks To...
F. Copyright Information
G. Closing Speech

A. What is this game?

King's Quest II VGA is, as it sounds, the VGA sequel to King's Quest I VGA.
This game takes place in a completely new realm in the game world: Kolyma.
Kolyma is a HUGE place, over three times as large as Daventry. Besides this,
there are many more characters, as well as much more dialogue than in KQI. The
events of this game take place a few years after the events of KQI. To back up
the gigantic size of the game, you now must get a stunning 185 points, a task
which I hope this guide will help you take and achieve. As with the first game,
this can be downloaded from Tierra/ADG Interactive's website (just Google it).
All in all, KQII is a huge sequal, sporting longer gameplay, a bigger story,
more dialogue, more puzzles, and more adventure. I know you will agree.

B. How is it different from the original?

Besides the title of the game having been changed, most of the puzzles in the
game have been altered ever so slightly. Many of the otherwise generic
characters from the original game have been spiced up and given backstories and
personalities. Of course, the graphics have been completely overhauled from the
original version released by Sierra, sporting the same pre-rendered backgrounds
of the first game as well as even more detailed sprite designs. A completely
new section of the game (the Sharkee Realm) has been added. Another part of the
game that has been changed is the story, which has also been given a complete
overhaul. More backstories, characters, and cutscenes have been changed from
the original game. All in all, anybody who has played the original should enjoy
this one and still find it fairly challenging.

C. Control Runthrough

When you move the cursor to the top of the screen, a toolbar will come down
which allows you to change what you are having the character (Sir Graham) do.
Clicking on a cursor will change the cursor, and the function of clicking on
items with it.

The cursor that looks like Graham is what you use to walk.
The cursor of an eye allows you to closer inspect items you click on.
The cursor of a hand allows you to pick up and interact with items.
The cursor of a speech bubble allows you to talk with things you click.

Now, about the inventory menus.

The item box (it will either show an item you have, or will be blank at the
start of the game) shows what item you are about to use. To use the item,
select the item in that box and click on something to use it on. You know you
have an item in the box when your cursor looks like the item you wish to use.

The inventory box (that looks like a satchel) shows what items you have with
you. To put an item in the item box, select it and click "OK". You can also
pick up and inspect items through this box.

The box with a tab on it allows you to change different aspects about the game
(ex. sound/music volume) as well as save and load games.

The box with the question mark repeats everything above concerning controls.
Congratulations on wasting a minute or two of your life.

D. Walkthrough

The story thus far:

You are King Graham, a former knight in the service of Daventry. In your
previous adventure, you found three lost treasures of Daventry and thus
restored the kingdom to its glory of old. In the process, you became king, and
the people of Daventry have lived happily and prospered ever since. As of
recently, you've come to reexamine your life and what you are doing as king.
One day, your minister comes to you to talk about the day's plans and you find
yourself constantly losing your train of thought. Your minister recommends that
you may be lonely, and should take a wife. He recommends that you "reflect" on
your life. Suddenly, the Magic Mirror, one of Daventry's three treasures,
begins to glow. You walk up to it, and gaze into it. You see a vision of the
land called Kolyma, and suddenly, a vision of an alternate reality: an island
with purple trees, with a tower in the middle of it. At the top of this tower,
you see a stunning maiden, who is obviously held in the tower against her will.
Your minister snaps you out of the vision, and you tell him to prepare a ship
for Kolyma. If you come back safely, you plan to have a bride with you. And so
you brandish your king's sword, remove your crown, and place atop your head
your old blue cap. Thus begins the start of another King's Quest.
Meanwhile...In some cave deep in Kolyma, a warty, green, ugly witch looks into
a crystal ball, speaking to an unknown voice. Soon, it is revealed that you are
coming to Kolyma to stick your neck out to find a bride. The figure asks the
witch, Hagatha, to do only one thing. Sever it.

Throughout the game, you'll be accumulating points for what you do. These don't
affect the game outright, but it's a common goal to try and get all 185
possible. This walkthrough will show you how to beat the game AND get all 185

Be careful. At random moments in certain areas, a creature or person may attack
you. Refer to section E to deal with these people.

Also, many treasures in the game have nothing to do with winning (the golden
egg, the golden walnut, etc.), but I've put them in the walkthrough because A.
They're on the way to where you are going, and B. because you get points for
doing them, and this walkthrough is all about getting all 185 points.

a. The Quest for the Stones

Your ship has dropped you off on a pier outside of the city of Kolyma. It's
time to go exploring! The first thing you should do is go one screen to the
right, then hop into the water and go one screen left. See that net tied up at
the end of the pier? Swim over to it and take it. Go one screen right, and walk
back on land. Go one screen up. You should see a fallen fence picket on this
screen. Pick it up and go two more screens up. A little girl in a red robe
should be wandering around here. If not, walk off and onto the screen until she
shows up. Go ahead and talk to her. Her name is Possum, apparently, and she is
missing her basket with which to pick flowers for her sick grandmother. If you
want to learn more about it, keep talking to her. We'll find that basket later.
For now, go one screen downward and one screen to the right. There is a baby
duckling in the pond, here. Use the net on him to catch him. Now go one screen
to the right.

Here, there is a lemon tree. Pick up a lemon, but do not eat it. Now go one
screen up, two screens right, and one screen up. In this screen, there is a
tree with a hole in it. Grab a mallet out of the hole and go one screen up. In
the next screen, use the hand cursor on the haystack to initiate a very odd
conversation. Then enter the gates of Kolyma.

After the cut scene, talk to the merchant who was digging through the fountain.
Wait a minute. Was that a baby pumpkin that just spoke? Odd...At this point, go
to the door to the right of the library and use the picket on it to get a
letter. Open the letter by using it on yourself. Now enter the library. Use the
membership card that was enclosed in the letter on the librarian. Apparently
you need to sign for the card, but the librarian won't let you use a quill. How
do we get past this? You'll notice that every so often, the librarian looks the
other way, to the left. When this happens, use the membership card on the quill
to sign it. Then show the card to the librarian. Now talk to the librarian and
she'll get a book out. Use the hand cursor on the book to read the book. Now
leave the library.

Just a few minutes ago, that odd merchant had a talking pumpkin next to it.
Let's investigate that. From where you are now, go three screens down, then one
screen left, and then one screen up. Oh! A pumpkin patch! Use the hand cursor
on a pumpkin to initiate another odd conversation. Now, go three screens down.
At the very top right corner of the screen, you should see a rope that comes
down to the base of a tree. Use your sword to cut the rope at the bottom of the
tree, and then pick up the gold coins, which soon reveal themselves to be
nothing more than a decoy. Now go back to Kolyma (you should know the way by
now) and drop the coins in the fountain. Talk to the merchant, and he'll go
running for the fountain. Quickly grab the pumpkin baby and get out of there!
Go back to the pumpkin patch and use the baby pumpkin on the patch to trigger a
conversation. The mother pumpkin will give you a sapphire brooch in return. Now
talk to the mother again.

It looks like you need to get some fresh spring water that's bitter for the
baby pumpkin. To get that, go four screens down and one screen right. You'll
come to a bubbling spring. Use the bowl on the spring. Now you need to embitter
the water somehow. Good thing you have a lemon with you! Go into your inventory
and use the lemon on the water. While we're here, let's look for Possum's
basket. You should start looking near this spring, and a few of the surrounding
screens. If it isn't there, check the uppermost section of the beach, where it
should be. Once you get the basket, take it back to Possum (she's in the same
place as before) and she'll give you a flower in return. Possum will then
wander off.

From here, go back to the pumpkin patch and use the bitter water on the baby
pumpkin. In return for your hard work, the mother will give you...a candle? How
useful. Now, from the pumpkin patch, go one screen left to a pond with several
swans in it. Use the duck on the pond, and a cut scene will trigger. One of the
swans will drop a feather as it flies off. Pick up the feather. From this
screen, go one screen right, one screen down, one screen right, two screens
down, and one more screen right. At this point, you should be at an old wooden
bridge. Cross it, being careful not to fall off, and then continue to the next
screen on the right. There is a big pile of boulders here. Walk up between the
first two boulders and talk to the face that appears, and watch the cut scene.

b. The Birth Gem of Water

If you've been doing everything I've told you to do thus far, you should have
28 points. From where you are now, Go back to the bridge and pick up the flyer
lying on the ground. Go three screens to the left now, and look in the log on
the right side of the screen to get a pair of earrings. Now go one more screen
left. You should be in front of a cottage right now. Remember its location, as
you'll be coming back here shortly. Open the mailbox if you want for an
interesting letter.

From the cottage, go one screen left (a mermaid!?), two screens up, and one
screen right. You'll find a log on this section of the beach. Turn it over and
you'll get a clam. Open the clam to get a pearl. Now go ALL the way back to
Kolyma and talk to the merchant. Apparently the merchant only will trade that
shell comb for one thing. Pearls! Good thing you got one ahead of time. Use the
pearl on the merchant and get the shell comb. At this point, enter the library
and ask the librarian for another book. Read it, and leave the library. Now go
to where you saw the mermaid earlier (from the crossroads that lead to town,
four screens left and two screens down). On this screen, don't move from where
you enter or you'll startle the mermaid. Use the shell comb on her to trigger a
cut scene. You'll receive a necklace in the process.

You are now underwater, with a rather large seahorse in front of you. Mount it
to trigger ANOTHER cut scene. When the cut scene ends, you'll be at the throne
of Neptune. Talk to him until another cut scene is triggered.

When the cut scene ends, you'll be by yourself with your seahorse mount. Move
one screen left and SAVE YOUR GAME! Now go one screen up. There is a small
shipwreck on this screen. Go up to the ship and take the bottle from the
rubble. Use the bottle on yourself to remove the cloth from the bottle. Now go
one screen down, two screens left, and one screen up. DO NOT just go two
screens left! If you want to find out why, by all means save and give it a try.

Now, if you've been following my directions, you'll be in an area with some
grass and glowing fish around it. Go up to the grass and take some of the
grass. Then, in your inventory, put the grass in the bottle. Now use the bottle
on the glowing fish that are hovering around the grass. After a few fish swim
into the bottle, pick the bottle up. Now go three screens down, one screen
left, one screen down, and two more screens left. Now look carefully at the
fish floating around. Notice anything unusual? The fact that the fish is
floating in and out of the cliff isn't a mistake on the part of the developers.
Actually, it's a clue! Use the hand cursor on the cliff wall. Now go one screen
left, through the cliff wall.

You'll be in a dark tunnel now. Keep making your way through the tunnels until
you see a gigantic door in the shape of a shell. To get the door open, use your
sword on it. Now SAVE YOUR GAME and enter through the door. Watch the cut scene
and carefully watch the order in which the Sharkee King taps the shells to
enter his treasury. You need to get into that treasury, but the guards are in
your way...You need a distraction. The seahorse! Get him to run amok and
distract the guards by using the hand cursor on him. Now quickly! Swim up to
the treasury door and use the hand cursor on the door. DO NOT HIT SKIP! If you
don't remember which shells to press, press these in order.

From the very top of the doorway, three to the right.
From the very top of the doorway, one to the right.
From the very top of the doorway, one to the right.
From the very top of the doorway, six to the right.

The door will open. Hurry and grab that trident! Once you leave the treasury,
swim out of the room the way you came in. When you come out of the room, the
seahorse will follow you. SAVE YOUR GAME, and hop on his back and you'll be
treated to a short little arcade game. DO NOT SKIP IT OR YOU WILL LOSE THE

In this game, you can use the arrow keys to move the seahorse (tap them. Don't
hold them down). Left and right move to their respective positions, and up and
down speeds up and slows down respectively. If you want, you can use the mouse
to move left and right, but I don't recommend it. As you go along, rocks will
sprout up. You'll lose a big chunk of speed if you hit one; so avoid them at
all costs. You'll need to maintain a balance between going fast and slow. Too
fast and you'll hit lots of rocks. Too slow, and the Sharkee guards will catch
you. You die if the guards catch you. This sequence isn't too hard, but don't
be surprised if you die a few times.

Great. You've gotten away for a few seconds, but the guards are hot on your
tail. You're outside the tunnel now, with the trident. The trident does have
strong powers, and the voice in your head is almost telling you to use it. In
that case...Hurry and use the trident on the wall before the guards get you!
Hmm...Apparently whatever you did worked! Now we just need to get out of here.
From the screen you are on now, go two screens right, one screen up, one screen
right, two screens up, and then three screens right. You're home free, Graham!
Enjoy the cutscene.

c. The Growth Gem of Air

If you've been doing everything I've told you to do thus far, you should have
64 points.

Alright! You're back on dry land and you have one of the three Gems! Now we
need to go up somewhere...

Start by going two screens right, and then follow the road upward to the Gates
of Kolyma. Whatever was in the haystack is still sneezing. He could sure use a
handkerchief, so it's a good thing you got that cloth! Use the cloth on the
haystack to trigger a short conversation. After the conversation ends, pick up
the needle off the ground (needle in a haystack. Heh.). Now enter Kolyma. The
first thing you need to do is enter the library and ask the librarian for
another book. Read the book she gets you, then ask the librarians for ANOTHER
book. Read it, and leave. See that building with the large "A" in front of it?
We haven't been there yet, so go on in! Hm! This is an odd little shop. Talk to
the shopkeeper, Angelina. OH GREAT! We've got another errand to run, and this
time it involves stealing a bird from a witch!

Exit the shop and leave Kolyma. From the gates, go two screens down, four
screens left, and one screen up. You're now in front of a cave with a bat
symbol over it, and two skulls on each side. Examine each skull with the eye
cursor. One of the skulls has a blue stone in its eye socket. Do the same to
the other skull by using the Birth Gem on it. Now examine the skull again. It
looks like it needs to be pushed in farther. Maybe that mallet we've been
carrying around will help! Use the mallet on the skull. Now use the hand cursor
on each skull to disarm the trap that is set in front of the cave. Now enter
the cave.

Oh dear. Hagatha is in the cave. We'll have to do some QUICK and STEALTHY work
here. Walk quickly up to the black robe and use the hand cursor on it to get a
gold ring and a silver key. Now hurry over to the birdcage with the
nightingale. The cage is chained to the wall, but we have a key. Use the key to
unlock the cage. We don't want it making any noise as we do this; so put the
cloth over the cage. Now take the cage, and read the letter that was attached
to it. Now don't stick around and listen to her chant. GET OUT OF THERE! Now we
need to get our Gem back by any means necessary. Use the mallet on the skull
with the Gem and pick the gem up. Head back to Kolyma and give Angelina her
nightingale back. After a bit of creepy eavesdropping, take the lamp.

Use the lamp. Rather than finding a genie, there will just be a note with a
clue inside. See that suit of armor at the very right side of the room? Use the
hand cursor on it to reveal a trapdoor. Descend down the stairs to a basement.
You should see a piece of paper on a table in the bottom right corner of the
room. Read the paper. In the pile of junk towards the back of the room, you
should see a rolled up carpet. Take it and listen to the extremely creepy cut
scene. Take the youth potion from off the floor. Your work here is done. Leave
the basement and close the trapdoor by using the hand cursor on the suit of
armor again. Now leave the shop.

Leave Kolyma, and from the gates, go two screens down. Now that you are in an
open area, use the carpet on yourself. A carpet flight later, you'll find
yourself on top of a mountain. From where you are, go one screen right. A snake
blocks your path further through the mountain. Time to play snake charmer! Use
the necklace you got from the mermaid on the snake to hypnotize it. Continue
one screen right. Look in the hole in the rock if you want for an Easter egg,
and then enter the cave. You're now in an elegant room in the cave. Quickly use
the hand cursor on the book laying open on the table. It looks like we have to
concoct an emerald. I absolutely HATED this puzzle when I first tried it, and
you probably will too. Here are the steps to making the emerald.

-Use the eye cursor on the workbench.
-Place your earrings or brooch (it doesn't matter which) in the beaker.
-Place the flower from Possum in the beaker.
-Use the mallet or sword (it doesn't matter which) on the stone under the
-Use the feather on the beaker
-In your inventory, use the eye cursor on the sword.
-Use your mallet or picket (it doesn't matter which) to break a crystal off the
sword's hilt.
-Place the crystal in the beaker.
-Talk to the beaker
-Take the emerald

Gah. Tough puzzle. Leave the cave now. Use the emerald on the snake to turn it
back into its original form: a winged horse! Talk to the horse until he asks
for his bridle. If you wish, you can keep talking to the horse for more
information. Then go back into the cave. Back inside the cave, take note of the
writing on the right side of the room on the wall. Don't read it yet. Right
now, stand around until the Enchanter comes back into the cave, then watch the
cut scene. That Enchanter won't be bothering you anymore. Now read the writing
on the wall. I hate this puzzle, too.

Go back to the edge of the cliff and use the carpet on yourself. When you land
back on solid ground, go three screens left.

You're at a large pile of boulders now. From the left, use the emerald on the
fifth stone. Take the bridle and go three screens right, and then use the
carpet on yourself. Upon getting back to the mountain, your carpet will vanish
in a puff of smoke. Go one screen right. Use the bridle on the winged horse,
and then mount the horse (If, once you reach your destination, nothing happens,
talk to the horse to trigger the cut scene). After a long cut scene, you will
be able to pick a choice from a list. Then there will be another cut scene, and
then another choice, etc. Here are the choices you should pick, in order.

The Sacrificial Lamb
Severing The Lifeline
Not To Knight OR Knight Time

After the tests, take the Growth Gem and quickly remount the winged horse.
You'll be brought back to the ground, and the horse will give you a sugar cube
before he leaves you. Congratulations. Two Gems down, one to go!

d. The Death Gem of Earth

If you've been following everything I've told you to do, you should have 101
points. When you land, the Winged Horse will give you a sugar cube.

All right, Graham. It's dark out, there's creepy music playing, there are odd
noises in the bushes, and bells are chiming at the old church. Time to get
cracking! First, we'd better check those bells out. From where you are, go one
screen right. Enter the church. Ignoring how creepy and demonic this church
looks, look at the Bible on the pew, and then take the page that falls out of
it. Now, pray next to the monk by using the hand cursor on the altar. The monk
will turn to face you. Talk to him, and he'll give you a crucifix. If you wish,
talk to the monk for more information, and then leave the church. Go one screen
to the left, and a cut scene will take place. This has got to be the creepiest
one yet.

When the cut scene ends, you'll find yourself back at the crossroads to the
left of the church. Go three screens left and two screens down, to the cottage.
Enter it. Possum's grandmother will automatically talk to you, and you will
automatically leave the cottage. Go two screens right. You should hear the
sound of a sobbing child.

Go one screen down and talk to Possum. Now go two screens up. You'll now be at
a tree house. Knock on the door and run behind the tree. The dwarf will walk
out of his house and then run off. Hurry and enter his house! Upon entering,
climb down the ladder and go one screen right. There's that soup! Grab it, and
then open the chest on the right side of the screen and take the gold coins
from it. If you hear the dwarf coming back, hurry and hide in the chest.
Otherwise, go back outside the same way you came in.

From the tree house, go one screen left, one screen down, and one screen left.
Enter the cottage. After the cut scene, use the soup on the fire to warm it up.
Then use the soup on Possum's grandmother. Talk to the grandmother, and then
take the ring and the cloak from under the bed. Talk to the grandmother again
to trigger an interesting cut scene. The grandmother will fall asleep. Exit the
cottage and watch a cut scene. Put on the ring and cloak.

From the cottage, go three screens upward, one screen left, and one screen up.
Now go one screen to the right. You have now entered the swamp, which nobody
knows how to navigate. However, you have a clue! Remember that Bible page you
picked up? Notice that every word of the page starts with S, N, E, or W. Those
letters stand for which way you should go. S for south, N for north, etc. I
believe you get a different page every game, so I can't tell you exactly where
to go. However, follow the directions on the page from this screen (you will
always start by going south), and eventually you should see a castle in the
distance. From that screen, go one screen up, towards the castle.

A creepy looking ferryman will be waiting for you here. Talk to him and pay him
with the gold coins you have. You'll now be on a thorny walkway to the castle.
Don't even try navigating it. It's impossible. Instead, eat the sugar cube you
have, and then go up the path. At the entrance to the castle, there will be two
ghosts. Walk up to them, and they'll fly off. Use the crucifix on the door to
get inside.

Inside the main hall of the castle, go up the stairs to the left. Pick up the
shovel in this room, and use your candle on the torch to light it. Go back to
the main hall and go up the right flight of stairs. You'll now be in a dining
room. Go one screen right. On the screen you are on now, go down the flight of
stairs, and enter the doorway on the left when you come to the bottom.
Umm...Something tells me this room is no good. Remove your cloak, take a deep
breath and open up the coffin. Whew! There's nothing in there. Look in the
coffin again, and a cut scene will be triggered. Talk to the Count to initiate
another cut scene. The Count will slam you against the wall and begin
strangling you. Quick! Use the ring you have! After a short cut scene, look
inside the coffin. Move the pillow to find...THE DEATH GEM! Grab it, and let's
get out of here! But how...? The Count has taken our crucifix.

For now, exit the room and backtrack to the main hall of the castle. Go up the
left set of stairs to the room where you got the shovel. Go up the stairs in
this room. From this room, use the hand cursor on the window to climb out of
castle. You'll be taken to the outside wall of the tower. Start scaling down
until a cut scene triggers. When you finally wake up, don't worry about the
point you lost. That's supposed to happen. Listen to the conversation between
you, the Count, and the Countess. When you regain control of Graham, you'll be
in the Dining Room of the castle. Speak to the Count and Countess further if
you wish, then take the ham from the table, exit the room, and go back into the
main hall of the castle.

Well, it looks like we're on a wild goose chase for a tiara. From here, enter
the library in the back of the main hall. Inside, you'll find a strangely
familiar figure. Talk to her. She will give you a black book. Open it to get a
key, and then use the book on yourself to discover an odd riddle concerning
books. Go up to the bookshelf at the back of the room and use the hand cursor
on it. SAVE YOUR GAME NOW. Now that your game is saved, use the back of the
black book to solve this puzzle. You solve it by clicking on each book
referenced in the riddle in the specific order. If you mess up...well...let's
just say it's a good thing you saved your game, eh? For the solution to the
puzzle, scroll down.
In order, click these books:
The Three Little Pigs
Little Bo Peep
Romeo and Juliet

Upon clicking these, a new book will appear on the third shelf down, entitled
Treasure Island. Take it and use the key on it. Use the book on yourself to
get, oh boy, another riddle. This is getting old fast, but we must press on!
Exit the library, and a cut scene will trigger Possum, aka Anastasia, will give
you a bracelet.

Exit the castle through the front doors, and go one screen left. Oh lovely.
You're in a graveyard and those annoying ghosts that were guarding the castle
are here. Use the bracelet on them to get them to relax. Now use the bracelet
on Anastasia's mother's grave (it's the one right in front of the ghosts).
After a quick conversation with the ghosts, pick up the gold ring they leave
behind. Now, look around the graves until you find a grave with the date "1200"
on it. So THAT'S what the riddle meant. A first (1), a second (2) and a double
of nothing (00). How clever. Anyway, once you find the grave with 1200 on it,
use the shovel to dig it up!

Look inside the dug grave, and you'll find that the body was supposed to be
buried at the church cemetery. We've found the wrong grave. Great. We're going
back to that awful church *shiver*. Leave the graveyard and go back down to
where the ferryman is (you're no longer effected by the thorns). Upon leaving
the ferryman, you'll automatically leave the swamp. Before we go to the church,
however, let's pay a visit to old Grandma's cottage, shall we?

Enter the cottage. It seems like 9 times out of 10 there will be a big bad wolf
sitting in the bed, pretending to sleep. When and if that happens, GET OUT OF
THERE NOW! Reenter the cottage until the wolf is no longer there, and then use
the hand cursor on the pillow to get a bottle of wolfbane. Now get out of the
cottage and go to the church. Enter it.

Oh. Snap. It may just be me, but something about that occult symbol graven into
the floor is a bad omen. The discarded robes and candles aren't helping either.
Before you leave, however, read the pink book on the altar. Now leave this room
by going one screen down. Now that you're in the correct cemetery, find the
grave of Larmon Odnob, and use the shovel there. Look in the chest and...Bingo!
The tiara! We're saved! Of course, those wolf howls in the background may be
keeping us a few steps away from being truly saved...

Exit the church and go one screen left, to the crossroads. OH SNAP. A wolf
darts at you from the bushes. Use the wolfbane on yourself to get the wolf to
run away. Now go back to the swamp and head back for the Count's castle. SAVE
YOUR GAME NOW. Go up to where the ferryman should have been.

AMBUSH! The werewolf monks are fixing to rip you apart. Quickly take a reed
from the right side of the peninsula, then take your needle and use it on the
water behind you. Use the needle on your reed now. It's time for some blow dart
justice! Use the blow dart on the wolves' leader to kill him and scare the
others away. We're safe, at long last!

Back at the castle, the Count will thank you for all you have done, and will
present to you the Death Gem. That's all three. Time to get that damsel in
distress and go home!

e. Finding the Damsel in Distress

If you have been following everything I've said thus far in the walkthrough,
you should have 150 points.

Go ALL the way back to Kolyma, and head to the library. Ask the librarian for a
book, and she'll direct you to the one on her desk. Read it and leave. Remember
where you found the Door of Destiny? Go there. If you don't remember how to get
there, go one screen down from the crossroads where you were attacked by the
wolf and used the wolfbane. From there, go one screen down and one screen
right. Walk across the bridge and...Oh dear. You've been caught in a trap!

You fall through the planks and the dwarf comes out from nowhere, demanding
your gems. Quickly put all the gems in the cloth you have and throw them to the
other side of the bridge. When you regain control of Graham, talk to the dwarf.
The dwarf will give you his knife. Use it to cut the ropes of the bridge. When
you regain control of Graham, quickly use the hand icon on the fallen bridge to
climb up. Nice escape, there.

At the Door of Destiny, separate your gems and place them in the correct slots
of the Door in the order you got them (Birth, Growth, Death). A cut scene will
follow and you will get to choose which realm you go to. Choose "Tower Realm".

You'll be transported onto a rocky coastline. The sky is orange, and the water
is purple, and the rock is blue. Interesting place, to say the least.
Furthermore, a giant goldfish is flopping about. Throw the net into the water
to catch the goldfish. Use the hand cursor upon catching him and click on the
ocean to let him back in. He'll bring you to another island after thanking you
(click the hand cursor on him to hop on).

From where he leaves you, go two screens right. See that darker bit of sand on
the coast? Use the hand cursor on it after walking onto it. You'll be zapped to
another island. Climb the tallest palm tree on this island and pick a coconut,
then climb back down and take the quartz stone from off the ground. Go into
your inventory now and use your sword on the coconut. Use the chopped-in-two
coconut on the dark sand on the left side of the screen (after walking on it to
show another portal). DON'T GO INTO THIS PORTAL. Just go back onto the previous
portal to go back to the main island. Go one screen left and one screen up.

You're now in front of two stone lions, guarding the tower. Look at the
circular indentation on the door. Insert your large golden ring into the outer
indentation, and the quartz into the inner one. The statues will speak to you.
Speak to each of them, and then go back up to the doorway. Press the cloud,
followed by the sun, followed by the water drop, followed by the mountain.
You'll enter the tower.

Head up the stairway until you come to a lion guarding a door. Use the emerald
on it and watch the quick cut scene. Now that the lion is out of the way, pick
up the hair he left behind and head through the door. You'll have to move the
beam that locks it first. The damsel in distress is in this room, magically
sleeping. To awaken her, use the emerald on her. When that doesn't work, move
the broken mirror in the room over to her and tilt it so the light shines on
her. Now use the emerald on her to trigger a conversation. When the
conversation ends, use the hand cursor to kiss the damsel, who's name we now
know is "Valanice". Cue the appearance of Hagatha.

After the cut scene, Hagatha will be laughing and you'll have a chance to do
some quick potion mixing. Put the lion hair you got in your youth potion and
give it to Hagatha. It looks like Hagatha wasn't so good looking before she
turned green and warty either. Hagatha will desperately begin looking in the
mirror to get a better look. Tilt it so she can see herself. The bright light
will blind her and she'll leap back, and off from the top of the tower. She
won't be bothering you anymore. Finally, talk to Valanice to get out of this

You'll end up back in Hagatha's cavern. Before you leave, take the shining dome
from the table on the right side of the screen. Hey, look at that point total
of yours. We've got all 185 points! Congratulations! Leave the cave to trigger
the final cut scene. Enjoy the incredible ending, which sets us up nicely for
another sequel, I do think.

E. Special Thanks To...

-CjayC, for making this awesome gaming website and providing me with a place to
post this.
-AGD Interactive, for creating King's Quest II VGA in the first place, as well
as putting a map on their website that I could refer to when giving directions
on where to go in the game.

F. Copyright Information

Copyright 2005 David Schultz

This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be distributed publicly without advance written
permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public
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hosted on, under any circumstances, ever. Don't even email me asking if you can
put this on any other site, because you can't. Any violation of the above is a
violation of copyright.

G. Closing Statement

This is my favorite point-and-click game to date, and writing the walkthrough
was a joy. I hope you get at least some use out of this on where to go and how
to get all 185 points in the game. Most importantly, I hope this walkthrough
helps you to enjoy the game as much as I did. Keep on questing, and good luck
to you when Romancing The Stones.

End of document.