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  • San Francisco Rush 2049 Cheat Menu

    At the main menu of the game before you select a player count, press the previous menu button(BACKSPACE by default) to open a typing area at the bottom of the screen. Enter one of the following and press enter. Not all enabled cheats appear to work on the PC port.

    ICANTWINWITHOUTCHEATINGEnable cheat menu and unlock all cheat options

    Contributed By: zabb65.

Hydro Thunder Cheats


  • Hidden Boats

    Enter the following codes at the Boat Select screen:

    Highlight the Thresher and quickly press the Pilot button three timesArmed Response
    Highlight the Hazard and quickly press the Pilot button three timesBlowfish
    Highlight the Razor Back and quickly press the Pilot button three timesChumdinger
    Highlight the Tidal Blade and quickly press the Pilot button three timesTinytanic

    Contributed By: Eric42.

  • Hidden Track

    At the Choose Track screen, highlight the Lake Powell track and quickly press the Pilot button three timesHydro Speedway Track

    Contributed By: Eric42.

  • Time Trial Mode

    Enter this code at the boat selection screen. You must enter it before you select your boat.

    Hold the Low + Pilot view buttons and pull the throttle to the Reverse position until you hear a confirmation chime.You will now be playing in a Time Trial mode without computer opponents.

    Contributed By: BolerosCloud.


  • Unlockables

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Banshee (Boat)Complete All Easy Tracks By Place 3rd Or Better
    Castle Von Dandy (Track)Complete Hydro Speedway By Place 1st
    Cutthroat (Boat)Complete All Medium Tracks By Place 2nd Or Better
    Greek Isles (Track)Complete All Easy Tracks By Place 3rd Or Better
    Hydro Speedway (Track)Complete All Hard Tracks By Place 1st
    Lake Powell (Track)Complete All Easy Tracks By Place 3rd Or Better
    New York Disaster (Track)Complete All Medium Tracks By Place 2nd Or Better
    Nile Adventure (Track)Complete Castle Von Dandy By Place 1st
    Rad Hazard (Boat)Complete All Medium Tracks By Place 2nd Or Better
    Razorback (Boat)Complete All Medium Tracks By Place 2nd Or Better
    Ship Graveyard (Track)Complete All Medium Tracks By Place 2nd Or Better
    The Far East (Track)Complete All Easy Tracks By Place 3rd Or Better
    Thresher (Boat)Complete All Easy Tracks By Place 3rd Or Better
    Tidal Blade (Boat)Complete All Easy Tracks By Place 3rd Or Better
    Venice Canals (Track)Complete All Medium Tracks By Place 2nd Or Better

    Contributed By: emh465, MarvThem, xkyo2153x, and golbatx33.


  • Hydro Jumps

    The key to mastering Hydro Thunder is learning to use Hydro Jumps effectively. To perform one of these jumps, pull the Throttle into the Reverse position, then press the Boost button while holding the Throttle in Reverse. You must have Boost fuel in order to perform a Hydro Jump, and the amount of time you hold down the Boost button determines how high you will go. Hydro Jumps are effective for clearing obstacles, grabbing boosts, and reaching certain shortcuts.

    Contributed By: Eric42.

  • Super Starts

    To start a race with a burst of speed, hold the Throttle in the neutral position between Full and Back during the countdown. When the number ''1'' starts to disappear, quickly move the Throttle into the Forward position.

    Contributed By: Eric42.

Offroad Thunder Cheats


  • Unlock Codes

    Before picking a truck or a track, press the Yellow Button. This will bring up the Cheat Screen. Use the camera view buttons to enter the codes. NOTE: the Truck Codes can only be entered at the Truck Selection Screen.

    Red, Red, RedChieftan Truck
    Yellow, Orange, RedCliffhanger Track
    Red, Orange, YellowDust Devil Car
    Yellow, Yellow, YellowHyena Truck
    Yellow, Red, YellowNo Catch-Ups
    Red, Orange, RedNo Drones
    Orange, Red, OrangeNo Nitros
    Orange, Orange, OrangeWild Car Truck

    Contributed By: Darkness138.

San Francisco Rush 2049 Cheats


  • All Tracks

    Must be entered at track Select Screen.
    This is very useful if you would like to race Track 4: The Rock and Track 5: Night if you dont have enough miles

    Hold the Music buttonallows for Track 4 and 5 to be selectable

    Contributed By: Smithy Jones.


  • A few tricks

    Solo Race numerical codes

    911#911 - CopCar (gets you all cars and tracks. Each car has a police car paint job complete with flashing lights)
    8675309#end game, works in two player mode also
    60#hanges frame rate from fast to slow, works in two player mode also
    66664728#make car light as feathers and basically changes the gravity to that on the moon
    327837#makes your car go about 30 miles per hour faster
    8265968#makes your car weigh as much as a tank
    666#Mirrors the race while you are racing, works in two player mode also
    75477379#your car losses all tracktion

    Contributed By: DyingSoul and Bowzack.


  • Secret car and paint jobs

    You can unlock a bonus car and different paint schemes for it by simply having a Team Rush account with enough mileage accumulated on it.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Black paint job (for secret car)Mileage = 1000
    Black/fire/white paint job (for secret car)Mileage = 1500
    Blue paint job (for secret car)Mileage = 200
    Cop Car PaintMileage = 10000
    Orange paint job (for secret car)Mileage = 5000
    Red paint job (for secret car)Mileage = 2049
    Secret car with yellow paint jobMileage = 100
    Yellow-green paint job (for secret car)Mileage = 400

    Contributed By: ToiletDuck64 and Va_Victus.


  • Taunt your opponents

    Pressing the view buttons causes you to issue verbal taunts to the people near you on the track (like other human opponents). There are 7 taunts total. One for each view if you are changing to that view, one each if you are already in that view, and one that you will get if your car is on fire.
    Changing to v1: Ye-haw!
    Staying in v1: Yeeee-ow!
    Changing to v2: It's dangerous!
    Staying in v2: Outta my way!
    Changing to v3: No-no, no! No! Don't do it!
    Staying in v3: AAAAhhhhhh!
    While on fire: Oww!

    Contributed By: Lollybomb.

San Francisco Rush: The Rock (Alcatraz Edition) Cheats


  • Cheats

    Press Music and View 3 at the car selection screen (can be done multiple times for different effects)Different Wheel Settings
    Press View 1 once at the track selection screenFirst set of secret cars
    Press Music and View 2 when selecting carsNo CPU cars
    Press View 1 twice at the track selection screenSecond set of secret cars
    Press View 1 at the track selection screenSecret Mirrored Tracks

    Contributed By: XCommander.

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