FAQ/Walkthrough by PhoenixBlade

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The Walkthrough by PhoenixBlade (thrall878@hotmail.com)

Much thanks to The Adventure Company, and, most importantly, Jules 

For use in GameFAQS *ONLY*

Okay, my very first walkthrough... Lesse how this goes...

Ok, so you wake up... Somewhere... And with an amnesia cliche, no less! 
However, fortunately, you remember your name! Not all is lost. Now, 
let's take a step forward. Michel recognizes the man sleeping on the 
left! And just by looking at his back too... Might as well look over to 
the guy sleeping on the right as well... It all seems to be coming back... 
But what an odd troupe to be mixed with in his claustrophobic room! 
Mayhap the newspaper clipping will clear things up...

AHA! So that's it! Erm... Right...Am I the only one who's a bit worried 
that we're inside a giant shell? Anyway, next to the newspaper 
clipping is a strap you should take and don't forget the wrench that 
has just fallen to the floor. Now, to make things ahead easier, do a 
180, grab the tank of potassium hydroxide and the funnel on the other 
tank you cannot take. Feel free to mess with the flame, but don't 
expect it to do much... For now.

It is also a good time to right click to open your inventory and 
arrange the objects on the upper right corner as you wish, either by 
dragging them to the spaces on the middle or by clicking the 'auto' 
button beneath them, which will, surprisingly, automatically arrange 
them on the available spaces. Also, combine the tank with the funnel 
and don't forget to place it inside your inventory proper.

Now things get interesting... Grab the wrench (left click it in the 
inventory then either right click anywhere, or press the 'X' in the 
inventory screen) and go for the windows... They seem to be blocked... But 
the wrench is great at that... So aim at the bolts and unscrew them. Try 
the wall windows first; then go for the ground window.

Oh... Oh my... Not good. Now it's claustrophobia and vertigo...

When the cutscene ends, go forward... The situation does not look good. 
Actually, it looks downright bad. Grab the key that fell and open the 
cupboard above the poor guy. Hmm... Choices, choices... Take the book on 
the left side of the middle shelf and the bag of potassium chloride 
behind it. Get back to the flame. You may not have noticed it, but the 
oxygen inside the shell is running low. Move the small receptacle on 
top of the flame, fill it with the potassium and move it back. There, 
feels better, don't it?

Time to examine the body better. Look at the note Barbicane is 
graspingand his jacket pocket, take his hat and then take a look at 
the other body. Take the rifle and look at the jacket pocket, then 
check his breath. Pretty obvious what happened here, methinks, but 
don't jump to any conclusions! Go back to the cupboard and make sure 
you analyse the cyanide bottle.

Go back to the flame, look at the rooster and take the burnt paper. 
The investigation starts to make sense. And you reach the halfway 
point! This can be a bit frustrating because of the shifting viewpoint 
and it's not recommended for laptops due to the somewhat imprecise 
touchpad. Just select the tank with funnel (remember that?) and drag 
the point around the screen to collect all the floating potassium 

And that's the end of the demo.

If you start it again, however, you'll find there's still plenty to 
do, like placing the landing rockets (the blue one needs powder from 
either the barrel - use the rifle on it - or the cartridges - use the 
knife on them). You can also use the raffia on the bodies and throw 
them into space. Sad yet fitting.

There may be more to do... Just have fun. I, for one, can't wait for the 
final product! Jules Verne forever!