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Are there any other games like this ?

I want to know if there any other games like this or just a fighting with weapon thats a mmo

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No, pretty original game

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Yes. There is a game that came with the original Microsoft game packs (or sometimes even with the operating system itself) that is exactly like this, but older and not online.

For an online game "with weapons" there's Rappelz online.

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try lunia, its different from shooting but if you want a weapon mmo game then lunia is the type. Its kinda like dynasty warriors turned into an online game with combined rpg system and features of using "skills" basically magic and combinees with combos.

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S4 league its really like gunz except not as good in my opinion as it is like a much simpler version of gunz but you get more weapons that does different things and other techniques (like a bat that you can swing around where other melee weps cannot)

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there's S4 League

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