Dagger FAQ by ParadigmShift89

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Table of Contents

1.) Introduction

2.) Basics
   2a.) The stab
   2b.) The lunge
   2c.) The dash
   2d.) The cling
   2e.) Massive strike
   2f.) Wall Stabbing

3.) Dagger-only techniques
   3a.) Dagger Flash
   3b.) Dagger Machine
   3c.) Void Step
   3d.) Quick Cling
   3e.) One-two Stab
   3f.) Massive Fake
   3g.) Massive Dash
   3h.) Glitch Strike
   3i.) Glitch Evade (the one and only!)
   3j.) Wall Raid
   3k.) "Invisible lunge" theory

4.) Dagger and gun techniques
   4a.) JSD
   4b.) Fade Shooting
   4c.) Yoyo Hop
   4d.) JSF
   4e.) Yoyo Dash
   4f.) Yoyo Half
   4g.) Yoyo Quarter

5.) Conclusion

1.) Introduction

Hey...Some of you may know me as Selryam, or ParadigmShift89...Some of you may
not know me at all. For those of you who don't know me, I'm known among
GameFAQs and many who face me as "a dagger pro." I'm writing this FAQ in
order to teach people the ways of the dagger. Many think the dagger is a weapon
used only by newbies who take advantage of the stun. However, these people fail
to realize that there are two breeds of dagger users; those who don't know
how to use daggers effectively, and those who do. Hopefully, this guide will
teach those who don't know how to use daggers, and will further aid those who
do. I'll include tips after each maneuver, from the simplest to the hardest.

This is my first FAQ, so don't jump down my throat if it's not the greatest...

I'd like to thank FatherPrim for the idea of a dagger FAQ, and for some of his
moves. You can find his dagger guide here:

2.) Basics

Here you'll learn the fundamentals of the dagger.

2a.) The stab.
-Key combination: Left click.
Possibly the most basic of all basics, it's the daggers primary attack.
It's a short stab with little recovery time that can be chained
indefinitely. That's all there is to it.
--Tips: You pretty much want to always stab. Stab after every dash and every
  wall jump. It's your only attack, and there are no major consequences for
  stabbing too much.

2b.) The lunge.
-Key combination: Right click.
Many know and fear this move. If there was a single factor defining between
newbies and pros, this would be it. The newbies use it all the time, while the
pros know when to use it in order to attain maximum effectiveness. The lunge is
the dagger right click attack. After about half a second, it propels you
forward about 2 in-game yards, after which there is a recovery period. Unlike
the sword and kodachi secondary attacks, this one damages the opponent and
pushes him/her back. It also has a shorter safe fall time.
--Tips: Lunge when your opponent won't expect it. This will cause for a higher
  safe fall miss rate. If you decide to use this attack, MAKE SURE YOU DON'T
  MISS. If you miss, the large recovery time on both sides of the attack, as
  well as the predictability of the lunge motion, will almost ensure your

2c.) The dash.
-Key combination: Double tap any direction.
This move is universal between melee weapons. It is quite possibly the most
valuable move at your disposal. The dash allows for a short, rapid motion in
one direction. Since daggers can't block, evasion plays a much larger role.
--Tips: Don't underestimate the dash. It comes in handy. As explained earlier,
  you should stab after almost every dash; it provides for a moving attack and
  a dash that ends more quickly, allowing for more erratic movement.

2d.) The cling.
-Key combination: In the air, hold right click.
This move should be used if you don't know how to multi wall jump, or if you're
trying to maintain a massive strike you have charged while multi wall jumping.
Basically, you dig your dagger forward above your head. If it touches any
solid surface (i.e a wall), you will hang there. To climb up, keep holding
right click, hold forward, and jump. To jump off, simply jump. To drop, release
the right mouse button.
--Tips: Meh...don't use this so much if you can multi-wall jump.

2.e) Massive strike.
-Key combination: Hold left click until charge finishes. Click again to attack.
This is simply a stronger dagger attack that causes your opponent to be
stunned. However, it has more recovery time, and while holding one, you are
unable to stab regularly. This can cause problems when attempting to cancel.
--Tips: Don't do this over a cliff. If you massive in the air, you're stuck in
  that animation, no matter what; doing this over a cliff will kill you. Trust
  me...I speak from experience. It's also a good tactic to switch to a gun and
  shoot your opponent while s/he is stunned, since they can't do anything
  about it.

2.f) Wall Stabbing
-Key combination: Jump off a wall, stab
Normally, when you jump off of a wall, you're unable to do anything besides
switch weapons and shoot. However, when you stab, it frees your character
to dash, tumble, and aim further.
--Tips: Remember to stab after wall jumping. If you're used to using swords,
  it isn't the same. Jump first, then stab, then dash back to the wall. Rinse
  and repeat for best results.

3.) Dagger-only techniques

Here are the dagger-only techs, in no particular order.

3a.) The Dagger Flash
-Key combination: Jump, dash, stab, dash, stab.
This is probably my favorite technique. It allows for two dashes in one jump
with minimal recovery time. It's not as fast as continuous dashing, but it's
more erratic, therefore making you harder to hit.
--Tips: This works pretty well against butterfliers, and it's good for dodging
  bullets, too. It's well coupled with what FatherPrim calls "Space Invading."
  This is a *Left > Forward > Right > Forward* motion. You can do one half of
  a space invasion in one dagger flash, so it divides evenly. This is also good
  for circling your opponent.

3b.) Dagger Machine
-Key combination: jump, quick dash, stab.
This is basically the dagger version of a high speed butterfly.
It's a jump that's cancelled on the way up into a dash, which is then cancelled
by a stab. This is one of those techniques that's hard to understand until its
--Tips: This also is good for space invading and circling, and it provides for 
  a different kind of erratic movement than dagger flashing.

3c.) Void step
-Key combination: dash, stab.
FatherPrim calls this "reverse stabbing." I call it by it's sword name, because
It's not much different at all. It's a ground dash cancel.
--Tips: Use this to confuse your opponent. Fake dashing one way, then switch
  off to dashing another. Also, can be used for moving and attacking. More
  useful than it seems.

3d.) Quick cling
-Key combination: (in air) left click, hold right click.
This is one of those not very useful, but nifty moves. Like an easter egg. This
cancels any other animation into a cling animation, providing for a
"quick cling."
--Tips: Since you're not going to be clinging very often, you're not going to
  be quick clinging often, either. Use this if you're just fooling around.

3e.) One-two stab
-Key combination: Left click, right click
This links the regular stab into the lunge. The stab "drawing back" animation
occurs as the same time as the lunge "preparation" animation.
--Tips: It's very useful if you know when to use it, and can use it
  efficiently. Until you can do that, it's a waste, because you're going
  to get yourself shot. This attack suffers from the same problems as the
  lunge, so KNOW WHEN TO USE IT. It's a good stab combo finisher. You can also
  link a void step into it by dashing first, then cancelling the dash with a

3f.) Massive fake
-Key combination: left click (hold), right click.
You start to charge, but then break off into a lunge. This will score a
surprisingly high hit rate.
--Tips: Don't use this too much; your opponent may catch on, rendering it

3g.) Massive dash
-Key combination: (right before the opponent massives) dash
This technique will send you dashing in whichever direction you were massived
until the stun recovery time is over.
--Tips: This is an invaluable maneuver. Many will try to shoot you while
  stunned, seeing how you're a sitting duck. Make them aim for their kills.

3h.) Glitch strike
-Key combination: Turn just before a massive strike.
This will cause the direction of the massive strike to come at your opponent
from a different place than it should. For example, if you turn to the left
(your opponent is now at your right) before you strike, the massive will come
in from their left. This works in all directions.
--Tips: Try to use this whenever you massive strike. It's effective no matter
  how you look at it.

3i.) Glitch evade (Perfected by me :D)
-Key combination: (while stunned) turn horizontally 45 degrees from your
 opponent as s/he strikes.
Ah, yes, the coveted glitch evade, described in all its glory. This has saved
my life many a time, and can turn the tide of battles. This is also a technique
that's hard to understand unless seen. Basically, try to keep your camera 45
degrees away from your opponent at all times while stunned, if you predict a
massive strike is coming. The strike will not affect you in any way whatsoever.
--Tips: A life saver. Use it when you need to every time. It will always work
  if you're stunned while the massive comes. VERY USEFUL, as daggers cannot
  glitch block.

3j.) Wall raid (by FatherPrim)
-Key combination: (while wall running) stab, jump.
Start a wall run, then left click and jump shortly afterwards. Instead of
falling off the wall, the wall run should continue. Make sure the camera stays
at a wall-running angle at all times. FatherPrim can do this many times on the
same wall; I can get one. When I try again, the wall boots me off. He's
explained it to me, but I just can't seem to get it. How does he do it...?
--Tips: It's a neat surprise attack when you're near a wall. If you can link
  it like Prim can, it can do serious damage.

3k.) "Invisible lunge" theory (both Prim and me)
-Key combination: lunge
Prim and I have a theory about the dagger lunge. The attack itself is separate
from the attack animation. So if your lunge is stopped mid-way by an oncoming
attack, or certain walls, the animation will show you getting hit or stopping,
but the attack will connect to an unsuspecting opponent on the receiving end.
See "Dagger gatling" in Prim's FAQ.
--Tips: This works on the walls with holes near the large pillar in Battle
  Arena. If you can find any other places in which this works, tell me.

4.) Dagger and gun techniques

This section contains techniques that are done using both a dagger and guns.

4a.) JSD
-Key combination: Jump, shoot, switch to dagger, dash, switch to gun.
This is probably the most standard dagger and gun technique. It's very similar
to slashshooting...in fact, I've played games where people thought I was SSing,
even though I was JSDing. This move is a little difficult to comprehend unless
seen...It allows for shooting while evading, with emphasis on evading, so it's
harder to land a shot.
--Tips: I'm sorry, but you have to learn this one for yourself. It takes
  experience to know when to JSD. The best I can say is to use it in mid/close
  range encounters.

4b.) Fade shooting (by Prim)
-Key combination: Dash one direction (jump), switch to weapon, tumble other
 direction (jump)
The "(jump)"s mean that you can throw a jump in there if you feel it's
necessary. This technique was intended for weapons with low delay, such as
pistols or rifles. It gets a lot of shots off in a short amount of time and
has a fairly high level of evasion. Fade shooting is surprisingly fast, if done
correctly. It allows for better accuracy than JSD while evading; however, the
emphasis is more on accuracy than evasion, and is therefore more likely to get
you hit (but not much more likely).
--Tips: I'd say to use this for mid-range encounters. Use it a few times in a
  row, but any more and the enemy is likely to catch on. Prim says that you can
  "use it to put some large distance between you and an angry butterfly. You'll
  want to tilt the camera so it looks like you're tumbling diagonally, [which]
  gives you a better view of your attacker or target."

4c.) Yoyo hopping (by Prim)
-Key combination: Dash, jump, switch to gun, | dash (that's right, dash with a 
 gun out) and shoot, jump, repeat from |.
Although it's possible to do a dash with a gun out without dash jumping first,
doing so makes the timing much more difficult to find. This technique is just
wow. It's shooting and evading at the same time. Not one then the other, AT THE
SAME TIME. I recommend switching back to a dagger every other jump, because if
you mess up, you'll dash instead of tumble. You have to dash with the gun out
at about the peak of the jump. I did this technique a few times without
realizing it, while I was attempting to fade shoot...I thought I messed up the
tumble... >_> <_<. This maneuver has both accuracy and evasion.
--Tips: It WILL take a while to figure out the timing. Don't give up, it's an
  invaluable technique. This one also comes with experience. You'll learn when
  and where to use it over time.

4d.) JSF
-Key combination: Jump, shoot, switch to dagger, dash, stab, dash.
JSF stands for Jump Shoot Flash. It's a combination of JSD and Dagger Flash.
The first part is the JSD, the extra stab and dash is the Flash. This takes
a JSD and adds an extra element of evasion. Requires semi-quick fingers.
--Tips: Although possible, it's harder to do with with a shotgun because it
  takes longer to switch out. Mix this up with JSD to keep your enemy confused.

4e.) Yoyo Dash
-Key combination: Jump (and switch to weapon), dash at animation change.
So you can yoyo hop, huh? Take it to the next level with the Yoyo Dash. The
weapon switch, although unnecessary, helps a LOT when it comes to timing the
dash, since the jump animation changes at about the same time that the "taking
out weapon" animation. This technique is simply dashing with a gun out, without
taking out your dagger for safety. Think of it like quickswitching and shooting
without being a sitting duck. Excellent technique for those with good aim,
since you fire off a lot of shots in a short amount of time.
--Tips: Once you get good enough, you can yoyo dash from gun to gun. Jump and
  switch to a gun, click and hold, yoyo dash, repeat. Hold the left mouse
  button for as long as you want to keep shooting.

4f.) Yoyo Half
-Key combination: Jump (and switch to weapon), dash at animation change, switch
 to dagger, dash.
You think you're tough with your Yoyo Dash? Try this out for size. After
shooting, switch to a dagger and dash. In my opinion, this is one of the best
looking dagger techniques. An analogy would be JSD:Yoyo Dash::JSF:Yoyo Half.
--Tips: Just like JSF, mix this with Yoyo Dash to keep your opponent guessing.
  Those who can't aim so well (like me
 T_T) can use this to make up for their
  lack of accuracy with evasion.

4g.) Yoyo Quarter
-Key combination: Jump (and switch to weapon), dash at animation change, switch
 to dagger, dash, stab, dash.
Now this one it just plain nuts. You need lightning fast fingers as well as
timing. From a yoyo half, stab and dash again. You have to do each thing right
after the previous thing finishes, or else you won't dash again before reaching
the floor. Although this move is possible, personally...I think it's more
work than it's worth. But it's up to you.
--Tips: Since you fire the least out of all the yoyo techniques with Yoyo
  Quarter, I suggest it for those who don't place so much emphasis on shots,
  and more on evasion. I also suggest this for close encounter fights, since
  you get that unexpected stab in.

5.) Conclusion

No matter how fast you may be, accuracy trumps all. If you can't hit your
opponent, you're not going to kill him/her.

Remember to adapt. If you stick with one technique, or don't use your
surroundings to the fullest, you're not going to reach your potential.

Remember the fundamentals. If you can't do a basic move correctly, the more
advanced techniques based on that move will be flawed as well.

When facing a sword user, aim for the feet. This will give them a massive
strike if they block, but you won't be stunned. If they strike, you can attack
during the recovery time.