Gunz the Duel for the PC
By: Ratix0
Email: squeaky0@gmail.com
Version: 0.1
Copyright 2005 Ratix0

Beta Release Date:
2nd June 2005
Official Release Date:
November 2005

Official Release Date:
9th September 2005

Official Release Date:
by (c) Maiet

This document Copyright 2005 Ratix0, AKA Damien Cher If you want to use this
document on your web site, please contact me at my email for my permission and
DO NOT sell it for profit or something or else you will be violating the
international law....

Gunz the Duel, Gunz Online, its characters and everything are (c) Maiet and
their respective owners.

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Table Of Contents:
     - Revision History
     - Special Thanks
     - Contact Me
     - Copyright Agreements
     - Gunz Etiquette
     - Story of Gunz

     - Controls
     - Advanced Techniques
     - Advanced Movements

     - Multiple Wall Flipping
     - Multiple Wall Running
     - Light Step
     - Flash Step
     - Slash Shot
     - Half Step / Half Half Step
     - Butterfly
     - Quick Slash
     - Quick Slash VS Butterfly

     - Jump Shoot Dash(JSD)
     - Silent Dash
     - Gun Dash
     - Super Dash
     - Propel
     - Miscellaneous Sword Techniques

     - Character Creation
     - Interface
     - "/" Commands
     - Game Types
     - Replays
     - Options Menu

     - Battle Arena
     - Factory
     - Garden
     - Island
     - Mansion
     - Prison
     - Prison II
     - Station
     - Town
     - Ruin
     - Port
     - Castle
     - Dungeon

     - Armor: Head
     - Armor: Body
     - Armor: Hands
     - Armor: Legs
     - Armor: Feet
     - Weapon: Melee
     - Weapon: Ranged
     - Accessary: M-R Kits/Grenades
     - Items: Ring
     - Items: Quest

     - Ping Explained
     - How games Operate
     - 999 Ping and Agent Servers
     - Lag and its effects

     - Miscellaneous information
     - Glitches
     - Terminology
     - Frequently Asked Questions

  Gunz the Duel, a great Third Person Shooter game. At first, it may look pretty
simple, however, such simplicity is not there to stay. One of the fastest paced
shooter, it is not meant to mimic reality. Instead, your character can do all
sorts of moves, like wall run, wall flipping, and can move at really fast speeds
as compared to other shooters. Its like Unreal Tournament on crack.

  A huge number of the players acctually do not play the game the way it should,
because they either did not discover the technique called Canceling, or are
scrubs who refuse to cancel, calling the core gameplay cheap, cheat, ect.

  Canceling isn't a really common sight amoung new players. Such a technique,
even though being the core of Gunz, is hard to discover by themselves for new
players. The most common way people learned about canceling is through forums,
basically the word of mouth. Its not included in the website either, strangely.
As such, many reviewers, player reviews, or even professional reviewers, don't
play the real game. They're playing the "noob" game. Especially professional
reviewers, they don't spend much time on the game, nor do they bother reading
up about the game. As such, the "noob" part of the gameplay gets reviewed, which
seems compelling at first, but gets boring over a very short period of time.
This FAQ would bring you through, the real Gunz.

  Information about myself,  I am a decent Gunz Player, who go by the screen
name of Ratix0, or RatixAlvein. I am 17 years old as of this year, 2005, and is
living in Singapore currently, or might I say, for my whole life. I am both a
student in a Junior College in Singapore, as well as a moderator of the Official
Forums for Gunz The Duel.

  This FAQ's purpose is to serve as a guide to several tactics, techniques as
well as how to improve on them.

Revision History

VERSION 0.1 (Early November 2005 - Mid December 2005)
- Started to write this FAQ
- Completed skeleton and large part of FAQ.

Special Thanks

This FAQ would like to thank the following people. Without their help, this FAQ
would have not been possible:

Maiet <http://www.gunzonline.com>, <http://www.maietgames.com/>
- Of course, for making this wonderful online game.

GameFAQs <http://www.gamefaqs.com>
- For hosting this FAQ
- Gunz The Duel Message Board, nice people around =).

FlyHigh <http://www.flyhigh.cjb.net/>
- My clan in Gunz The Duel. A bunch of good people ^_^.

- For letting me better understand the reason for the lag in the shots.

- For alerting me that certain message you see in game arn't sent through
  the player-player network form while in game, but rather, through the server.

-86- from Gunz Official Forums
- For giving me input on what happens during play through a network.

Contact Me

Email: squeaky0 (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  Feel free to send me any information regarding this game. If possible, do
include Gunz The Duel FAQ in the subject title so I don't ignore it.

  Any spam/junk mail would be ignored. In severe cases, I would be shifting
your email address to my block list. Spam mails including usual spam emails as
well as questions of anything that is already covered in this FAQ. If you need
clarification on a certain area in my FAQ, feel free to email me. That is
the only exception when you can email me asking about something I already
covered in my FAQ.

  Also, you can feel free to email me anything about the FAQ. Your email is
most welcomed. If you find that I am using a terminology but it is not
explained anywhere, especially in the Terminology area, feel free to email me
about it. I thank all that will email me on the areas I have specified above.
Please do not email me questions on how to get Gunz Running if it is having
problems. I am a FAQ writer, not a technical servant.

  What I need from you:
1) Any errors in this FAQ.
2) Any tricks/tips on maps, techniques, and tactics.

Please Email me if you find any of those above. You will be credited.

  Lastly, you can find me lingering around these forums...
1) http://www.gamefaqs.com's Gunz The Duel Board
2) http://www.gunzonline.com/forum

Copyright Agreements

  This FAQ belongs to me, Ratix0 and no one is allowed to use this for their
websites without my permission. If you wish to get my permission to use this
FAQ, you must email me with the title: "Usage of my (whatever walkthrough) at
(where ever)" and get a reply email from me before putting it up at your
website. Send that to squeaky0@gmail.com

  If permission is given, you are only entitled to use this FAQ as a whole, not
bits and pieces. You are not allowed to use this FAQ in anyway for monetary
purposes. This includes websites which require one to pay in order to view the
guides as well as gaming magazines. You are, however, allowed to save it into
your computer for further reference, as long as you are not going to sell it
or do anything to the FAQ for monetary purposes.

  If you do not follow the above agreements, you are breaking the copyright law
which is violating international law. Not to mention, I will personally haunt
you down to the ends of earth.

  Gunz the Duel, Gunz Online, its characters and everything are (c) Maiet and
their respective owners. They are not yours to use and yours to being with.

Place(s) you will find this FAQ:
Copyright 2005 Ratix0

Gunz Etiquette

  The 10 Commandments of Gunz The Duel

1) Thou shall not whine that other players Lag

  If you fully understood how ping works and lag occurs, this shouldn't be a
problem. Sadly, a high number of noobs complained about "omg u lag",
"omg he lag" and claims that he understands how lag work. If he does, he
wouldn't be complaining about it because...
- You are lagging to the guy too
- Is it the player's fault he lived far from you? You're not the centre of
  the universe.

  Only under situations such as the person getting 400~+ ping to you and
probably most players, is the player's problem. Else, it is a mutual problem
that no player is at fault.

2) Thou shall not complain on how players play

  Be it the guy is a sprayer, or a slash shooter, you have no right to complain
how he plays. If he wants to be a sprayer, so be it. Don't complain "Omg u gay
noob fag blah blah blah". Or a dagger lunger too, those are free kills, so let
them be.

  Besides, Sprayer is a term losers use to describe people who uses auto
weapons, regardless of their aim.

3) Thou shall respect other players

  Disrespectful name calling like "noob" only degrades yourself. If he is bad,
so be it. If he suck, so be it. You are only degrading yourself, as well as the
gunz community by shouting "noob! noob!" all around.

4) Thou shall not chat in the middle of a fight

  If you chat and get caught and killed, you have NO RIGHT to whine "omg chat
killer". It is your fault for chatting in the first place in the middle of
nowhere. Short messages such as "lol" "ok" "yeah" ect shouldn't be a problem.
These are so short, I believe it takes less than a second to type them. If you
really need to chat, at least make an effort to hide. However, if you are
discovered and killed, you still have no right to whine chat killer. Its your
problem for chatting in the first place.

5) Thou shall not complain canceling is cheating, noobish, ect

  Since when is canceling is cheating? Are you Maiet? Who are you to determine
it is cheating considering it is _HARDCODED_ into Gunz The Duel. How is that
cheating? Moreover, Maiet has already acknoledge canceling as an integral part
of Gunz, most specifically, through their trailers. Anyone whining "cheater"
when you do canceling is most probably those who can't do them without the sun
crashing towards earth, or self proclaimed "Honorable Competitive gamer" who I
known as Poser Gamers because they just suck at everything except whatever they
do, thus establishing the fact that whatever they do is the best(Which suck).
Saying canceling in Gunz cheating is the equivalent of saying buying Guns in
Counter Strike is cheating.

  Same with saying "Omg Butterfly is noobish! Slashshot is for n00bs!". Its
the same. If you insist on creating your own imaginary barrier on what is
cheap and acceptable _for you_ and what is not, you are only going to brand
yourself as a scrub. As the infamous David Sirlin has said,

"The scrub would take great issue with this statement for he usually believes
that he is playing to win, but he is bound up by an intricate construct of
fictitious rules that prevent him from ever truly competing. These made up
rules vary from game to game, of course, but their character remains constant.
In Street Fighter, for example, the scrub labels a wide variety of tactics
and situations “cheap.” So-called “cheapness” is truly the mantra of the
scrub. Performing a throw on someone often called cheap. A throw is a
special kind of move that grabs an opponent and damages him, even when the
opponent is defending against all other kinds of attacks. The entire purpose
of the throw is to be able to damage an opponent who sits and blocks and
doesn’t attack. As far as the game is concerned, throwing is an integral
part of the design—it’s meant to be there—yet the scrub has constructed his
own set of principles in his mind that state he should be totally impervious
to all attacks while blocking. The scrub thinks of blocking as a kind of
magic shield which will protect him indefinitely. Why? Exploring the
reasoning is futile since the notion is ridiculous from the start."

Source: http://www.sirlin.net/Features/feature_PlayToWinPart1.htm

6) Thou shall not hack or macro
  Hacks are practically pointless in Gunz because you still suck at Gunz and
not accomplish anything other than humiliation, you're too "robot" with a
macro, lacking flexibility(Not to mention the dozens of macros you'll need).

  A relatively interesting quote from .hack//AI Buster, a novel that is part of
the multimedia project, .hack(Pronunced as Dot Hack):

"In an offline game, a player can cheat all he wants and there are no
consequences. It's no big deal because he's only cheating himself out of the
full game experience. However, when someone cheats in an online game, it
affects other players. Not only isn't it fair, but it also destroys game
"When someone cheats, part of The World shifts, and the more cheaters, the more
the shift becomes uneven, until the entire game could be unhinged. Not only
would that drive away players, but that drive away business."

  Not only does it destroy game balance, it also proves how insecure the player
is, having to resort to cheating in order to show his "Superiority" in online
games. This is interpreted that he is such an outcast of the society, a failure
in life, thus resolving to showing his "superiority" through illegit ways in
online games.

7) Thou shall not stack/unbalance team

  Obviously, when the teams are balanced evenly, you should not jump across to
the winning team just because they're winning. The consequences are obvious.
It not only gets people to hate you, you waste other people's time for changing
teams to balance it out, and chances are, you will be kicked.

  Come to think of it, changing to a better team when you suck only lessens the
chance of getting a kill because all your kills gets taken by the good ones.

8) Thou shall not killswap and spam killswap messages in lobby

  Killswap only gives you level without skill, which is pointless because
you are only getting yourself mocked at in play. Kill swapping messages in
lobby is annoying too. In the end, you're shortchanging yourself.

9) Thou shall not ask how to play JGunz, KGunz, and the upcoming PBIGunz

  *Note: PBI Gunz = Philipines/Brazil/India Gunz localised by Level Up Games.*
  These localised version of Gunz are not meant for those not in the location
to play. Moreover, players in those locations are not able to play IGunz
either. There are certain measures to ensure players of another country
do not play in the localised versions.

  Moreover, the original Korean Gunz, KGunz, requires a Korean Social Security
Number to be played. This is an identity number given to every korean. If you
use a generator to generate such numbers, you are not only going to get your
account banned, you're risking yourself of getting a criminal record.
Crime: Identity Theft.

10) Thou shall follow and respect bow and 1v1 rules, as well as many others

  When the room is a gladiator room, if "Bow" is written on the room name, you
should follow bow rules. Bow rules are simply 1v1 rules, where you bow to
signify you are ready to fight, and when the opponent bow back, it means both
sides are ready, and the fight can commence. It is that simple. Gladiator rooms
usually enforces bow rules, and breaking them only result in people disliking
you and kicking you.

  Not only when the room has the name Bow, but if the game is a bow rule
enforced room, you should follow it. This applies to training rooms as well.
It probably is either an
1) Role Play Room
2) Practice Room
3) 1v1 Room

  Following rules ensure that no one hates you and you do not get kicked.

  Bowing shows that you are ready. When theres an interuption during any 1v1s,
when the interuption is over, bowing shows that you are ready to continue to
fight. Both sides bow to continue, this will avoid confusion/"I'm not ready"

  Other rules include Naked Games Rules, where players create a Deathmatch game
with the title "Naked games" or anything with the same meaning. The point of
naked Death Matches are to gain EXP and bounty quick. Without AP, 100 HP can
go off really quickly, hence gaining faster and more kills in a shorter amount
of time. Rules of Naked Deathmatches, are well, be naked. Wear no armor
equipment, meaning AP is 0.

  Similar rules for both Deathmatches and Naked Deathmatches, which is a
welcomed act, is that when one gain roughly 25 kills, nearing the score limit
of 30(Or any other if the room is strange and stupid enough), leave to the room
and rejoin. This resets your kill count and prolong the deathmatch indefinitely.
This is a very welcomed act by everyone, because the main reason why
deathmatches are played is to gain EXP and Bounty. Getting to 30 kills will end
the game, effectively stopping it for a while. During this break, its common
to find around half the players leaving the room. Hence, the room gets broken

OMG) Ratix0's Personal Comment

  When you see someone with a white coat(Relatively rare), it is a forum
moderator only equipment in International Gunz. In Korean Gunz, it was given
as an event item during a period of time to anyone who reports major bugs.
However, there is no way to get a Bug Free Coat now.

  There are only 19 moderators, and out of those 19, only a few of them wear
the white coat called Bug Free Coat. Bug Free Coat weights 5, gives 5 AP, and
has the ability of Max Weight +2. So effectively, the weight is 3.

*Psst: I wear it*

Story of Gunz

-Astra Continent, Age of Adventure-

This is the Astra Continent, the world of fantasy, where a strong push toward
modernization followed Industrial Cataclysm.

50 years on from the end of the war between the Republic and the Empire, the
age of adventure has arrived. Adventurers, treasure hunters and bounty hunters
cross the border between the Empire and the Republic.

It is up to you to face the notorious outlaws and bounty hunters in battle,
spy on your enemies and other adventurers, who wander around the world testing
their strengths and powers. It is up to you whether you decide to compete and
fight against them, or join hands to help them.

You must now set foot on your journey as an adventurer - keep watch for the
secret treasures handed down from generation to generation from the ancient
times, they may aid you in your quest.

However, be warned! This adventure comes not without risk - and you never know
what surreal existances you may encounter on your path!

-Ryswick the Great-

Axium, dubbed the only empire on the continent today, was not that much
different from other small city-states before it was unified by Ryswick the
Great. It wasn't until he was designated as the Master of the Knights that
Axium was in constant conflict with neighboring countries, even though its
military power fell short of the elite Iron Sides (troops) of the military
city, El-Tracass.

However, everything had undergone drastic changes once Ryswick was appointed
to the mastership of the palace knights. The knight troops, led by Ryswick and
Superion, who he recommended, demonstrated strong power in combat and started
to conquer its neighboring countries one after another.

The remaining countries who thought little of it at first were alarmed by the
expansion of Axium. As a result, they formed an alliance with the military
city, El-Tracass, at its center. Though outnumbering Axium, the alliance was
soundly defeated at the battle on Skerna Plain succumbing to Ryswick. This
led all the city-states of the alliance to open their gates to accept
Ryswick. However, even the Ryswick Windsbird, known as the best emperor in
the history of Astra, fell short of completely unifying the continent. The
story is that he lost most of the dauntless knight troops on the deadly
battlefield with El-Tracass and he himself developed some unknown disease.
thus, he had to stop the goal of achieving the unification of the continent.

It is not exactly known why most the knight troops of Ryswick with the
superior military power were killed at the fierce battlefield of El-Tracass.

Following the El-Tracass battle, Ryswick took the princess of Axium as his
wife. He then took the throne of Axium under the name of Ryswick I after the
king passed away. This is the start of Axium, which was formed more than 150
years ago. This story is about its hero.

-Industrial Cataclysm and the Start of a Republic-

Time passed by and then a strong wind of change started to blow toward Astra.
Around 100 years ago, a machinery civilization called industrial cataclysm
started to be introduced to the region. This eye-popping change sparked by
the invention of a steam engine brought drastic changes not only in
agriculture and industry but also in every other corner of the society.

Transportation went through great revolutionary development and those who
entered into the transportation business grew to accumulate huge capital
and wealth. Citizens of Axium who had a long belief that being loyal to power
and the authority of king was everything started to realize that capital
represents another power or authority. Now appeared those kinds of people who
adopted different ideologies that could undermine the safety of society.
Meanwhile, gangsters looted the steam engine trains and outlaws that enjoyed
gun sightings. All these drove the Empire into an unprecedented chaos.

As the group of bankers, merchants, lawyers grew to have the power equivalent
to that of the nobles consisting of the royal families, nobles and the priests,
the brains of Axium were divided into two group: 1) a conservative one that
branded the nouveau rich as the force posing a threat to the society and looked
down on them as slaves and the machinery civilization; and 2) the reformers
who insisted the capital and the development of the civilization should be
accepted with modesty.

Then, about 60 years ago, the Crown Prince of Baron, an extreme conservative
and strong believer of the divine rights of kings succeeded to the throne.
This led his younger brother and reformist, James, to take his followers to
the south of the continent called Ilys to establish a republic under the name
of Travia, for which he was selected as the first President.

The emergence of a republic fascinated the rich of different regions, greatly
undermining the foundation of the Empire. In the end, Baron delivered an
order to arrest James and other leading forces behind the Republic branding
them as traitors. This led to inevitable war between the Empire and the
Republic. Everybody predicted a victory for the Empire as it outnumbered the
Republic. But it did not easily fall into the hands of the Empire as it was
armed with capital and a science-oriented civilization.

It was about 60 years ago when the Empire suspended its attack on the Republic
after a huge amount of blood was shed, and the two parties signed an armistice.
This allowed the people to enjoy a moment of peace.

-Age of Adventure-

Even though the war was halted, each country kept on building their own
military on a psychological warfare.

Amidst this confusing situation, there came a group of anarchists centered
around the regions with low populations. Though they called themselves
anarchist, both the Empire and the Republic called them outlaws. With no
distinguishing leader at its center, the number of anarchists who lived with
looting and surprise attacks kept growing in the midst of the confusion of
the society.

There emerged a hero in the Empire, whose power sagged with time. The master
magician, Ramitz, started to pay attention to the power of magic, which had
been forgotten by the people after the advent of industrial cataclysm.
Dreaming of the reconstruction of the Empire that declined after Ryswick, he
accelerated his research on the magic with strong support from Baron and
strengthened the army of the Empire. With the support of the stronger military
force, he started to suppress the anarchists in the country. The emergence of
Ramitz and subsequent appearance of a strong force irritated the Republic. They
belatedly launched on the research of the magic in secret and developed its own

It is against the backdrop of the continent that there emerged a number of
people who were willing to test their own power, becoming quite renowned in the
continent as brave adventurers.

Default Controls
Move Forward - W
Move Backwards - S
Move Left - A
Move Right - D
weapon Switch Left - Q / Mouse Wheel
Weapon Switch Right - E / Mouse Wheel
Melee Weapon - 1
Weapon 1 - 2
Weapon 2 - 3
Item 1 - 4
Item 2 - 5
Reload - R
Defence - Shift
Jump - Space Bar / LC+RC
Status Window - Tab
Attack - Ctrl / LC
Special Attack - RC
Record/Save Replay - F11
Screenshot - F12
Chat - Return
Team Chat - '
Command - /
Main Menu - Esc

` - Taunt Emoticon (/taunt)
6 - Bow Emoticon (/bow)
7 - Wave Emoticon (/wave)
8 - Laugh Emoticon (/laugh)
9 - Sob Emoticon (/cry)
0 - Dance Emoticon (/dance) 

*LC = Left CLick
*RC = Right Click

Advanced Techniques

-Massive Strike-
When using melee weapon, press Attack(LC) once and Hold it
down. Character will start to charge and the sword for about 4 seconds will
start to glow. When used, does a yellow strike + Element(If you have) attack
which affects around the character. Alternatively, Massive Strike can be
charged up when your character blocks a sword attack.

Character blocks all incoming bullets that are aimed above the feet. Character
also blocks sword attacks, which will flinch the opponent and charge up the
sword for a counter massive strike. Only swords and double kodachis can block.

When using a melee weapon, press Special Attack(RC). A sword and double kodachi
will do a fling which sends the opponent upwards. A dagger would do a lunge
which makes the opponent falls down. Stunning would cause the character stay
on the ground for a short moment if they did not do safe fall.

-Safe Fall-
When being stunned by sword and double kodachi, tap Jump around the peak to get
land safely. For Daggers, tap jump as soon as you are hit, before you fall.
Safe Fall is used to prevent one from falling onto the ground when hit by
Stunning attacks.

By slashing once with a melee weapon, you can instantly stop the recovery lag
of any movements except for block. This allows more things to be followed up.
More information in the section Canceling Techniques.

Advanced Movement

With a melee weapon equipped, tap any directional button twice. Your character
will perform a short dash that moves faster than walking with white streaks
behind him/her. Can be done continously to make one move fast when dash is
timed well. Can be done in air.

With any weapon other than a melee weapon, tap any directional button twice.
Your character will roll in the direction pressed. Move at the same speed as
dash, last longer than dash, but have longer recovery compared to dash.
Generally useless compared to dash. Can be done in air.

-Wall jump-
While in air and is close to a wall, hold the directional button of where the
wall is and tap jump while facing straight*. E.G. Theres a wall in front of
you, jump, hold forward, tap jump again. Your character will flip off the
wall towards the opposite direction like in Matrix. After flipping, the
directional buttons can help control the character to a certain extend. Can be
done continously if timed well.

-Wall Climb-
While on ground and facing a wall, hold forward and press jump. Your
character will climb straight up the wall.

-Wall Run-
While facing the wall straight* at an angle of about 40 degrees, holding only
forward, press jump and your character will attempt to run on the wall for
about 4 seconds. Speed of wall run can be increased if done immediately after
a dash or tumble.

-Air Wall Run-
While facing a wall straight* at an angle of about 40 degrees in air, holding
only forward, press jump once and your character will attept to run straight
on the wall for about 4 seconds. To do an Air Wall Run after an air dash or
any other canceled movements, you need to tap jump twice quickly.

-Wall Hanging-
When holding melee weapons, press and hold Special Attack(RC) while in air,
your character will stick the weapon into the wall and you hang on the wall.
Pressing Jump will flip your character backwards, pressing forward+jump will
flip your character forward, releasing right click will make your character
take off the sword.

By slashing once with a melee weapon, you can instantly stop the recovery lag
of any movements except for block. This allows more things to be followed up.
More information in the section Canceling Techniques.

*By meaning "Facing straight", it means your line of sight is almost parallel
to the ground, not facing upwards or downwards.


The meat of Gunz The Duel. This is the segment not easily discovered by new
players even after hours and hours of gameplay, unless he witness someone else
using canceling or seek help. Or else, this could very well be ignored by new
players, or "Professional Reviewers" who spend 30 minutes on each game they

By slashing once with a melee weapon, you can instantly stop the recovery lag
of any movements except for block. This allows more things to be followed up.

Things that can be cancled:
Ground Dash
Air Dash
Wall Jump
Wall Run
Air Wall Run
Wall Climb

Both Sword attack(LC) and Special Attack(RC) can also be cancled by blocking.

Timing Notations:
- means continued by. A - B - C means do A, then do B, then do C.
+ means do simultaneously.
, means do almost simultaneously, but the second one a little later than the
        first, but is almost simultaneously.
[A] + [B] means during any part of A, you do B. { } brackets can also be used
                to denote it.

Other Notations:
(R-Infinite) means repeat infinitely.
(*) means not performable by daggers
(&) means not performable by swords
(IAD) means "In Any Direction"
(Optional) means the move written before is optional

How to interprete:
1) Jump - Dash - Slash(Hold down LC), [Switch(Gun) - Shoot(Automatically)]
   + [Dash(IAD)] - Switch(Sword)

You jump, then dash, then slash, followed by a switch and shoot. Like a
slashshot. Except, anytime during the switch and shoot, you add a second dash
to it.

All of those with different variations, 1) is always the simplest form of it.
The subsequent versions are more refined versions of them.

Note: DIFFICULTY stands for "Difficulty of mastering it". Not difficulty of
      doing it.

Multiple Wall Flipping
The ability to jump off walls continously.

1) Wall Jump - Slash - Dash - Wall Jump
2) Wall Jump + Slash - Dash - Wall Jump (*)
3) [Slash, Switch(Gun), Switch(Sword)] + [Wall Jump] - Dash - Repeat (*)

After the wall jump, your character will flip upwards. Slash during that time,
and your character, unlike wall jump, is free to dash. Dash back to the wall
and wall jump again. When done fast enough, your character looks like you're
slashing the wall and none of the wall jump animation comes out.

This is also commonly known as "Flying".

1) Is the most basic form of multiple wall flipping.
2) Is a faster form of (1), where the animation of the wall jump does not come
3) The more complex version showing the fastest timing possible. The Slash
   cancel can acctually be done BEFORE the wall jump. The effect will be the

Note: The Slash can be replaced with a Slashshot.

-How to Practice-
Find any wall and start doing it. It is easy to master. To practice flying, I
recommend Castle, DUngeon and Town.


Multiple Wall Running
The ability to run across walls continously.

1) Wall Run/Air wall Run - Jump - Slash - Dash - Air Wall Run
2) Wall Run/Air Wall Run - Jump + Slash - Dash - Air Wall Run
3) Wall Run/Air Wall Run - [Slash + Air Wall Run](R-Infinite) (&)

After the wall run or Air Wall Run, tap jump to jump out of the current wall
run, slash to cancel the motion, dash back to the wall/another wall, do an air
wall run.

1) Most basic form of multiple Wall Running
2) A faster form of (1). This is the recommended form.
3) A dagger only air wall run that allows one to wallrun straight forever even
   in mid air.

-How to Practice-
Town is a good place to practice multiple wall running. The walls around the
clock, especially the 3 walls near the entrance to the alley. Keep practicing


Light Step *
Ability to change direction during an air dash.

1) Jump - Dash - Slash - Dash(IAD)
2) Jump - Dash - Slash, Jump - Dash(IAD) [ADVANCED LIGHT STEP]

During an Air Dash, slashing would cancel the dash, allowing you to do any
movements that can be done in air. In this case, a second air dash is done.
Can be used to change direction in the middle of an air dash.

1) Simple Light Step described above.
2) Advanced Light Step, where a jump is added between the dashes. Makes the
   character hop for a short moment, making him both harder to hit, and faster.

-How to practice-
Very easy, just find an open space anywhere, and keep doing its motion.


Quick Slash *
Doing an Air Slash, and canceling it by doing a quick switch.

1) Jump - Dash - Slash, Switch(Gun), Switch(Sword)
2) Jump, Dash, Slash, Switch(Gun), Switch(Sword)

During an Air Dash, Slashing cancels the airdash for subsequent movements.
Switching to gun and sword quickly cancels the sword for further movements.
1) Simple Quick Switch but is slow.
2) The way fast quick switches are to be done in succession. Low Air Dash
   followed by a cancel right at the beginning of the air dash.

-How to Practice-
:Low Air Dash:
A good spot to practice Low Air Dash Quick Switch is the roof near Blue Spawn
of Town. Just as you get spawned, head straight, climb up the building and
you'll reach a roof of a building with a low height limit there. Practice

This is just constant practicing. I recommend an open area like Town, and keep
doing forward quick slash, sidewards quick slash all around.


Flash Step *
A faster form of Light Step, a Dash added to Quick Slash.

1) Jump - Dash - Slash, Switch(Gun), Switch(Sword) - Dash(IAD)
2) Jump - Dash - Slash, [Switch(Gun), Switch(Sword)] + [Jump] - Dash(IAD)

During an Air Dash, canceling the dash by an air slash, followed by a quick
switch to eliminate the recovery lag of the sword.

1) Simple Flash Step described above
2) Advanced Flash Step, where a jump is added between the dashes. Makes the
   character hop for a short moment, making him both harder to hit, and faster.
   Anytime during Switch(Gun) and Switch(Sword), press Jump.

-How to practice-
Very easy, just find an open space anywhere and keep practicing its motion.


Slash Shot *
The ability to quickly switch to a gun, shoot, and back to a sword while air
dashing to continue dashing with a sword.

Jump - Dash - Slash(Hold down LC), Switch(Gun) - Shoot(Automatically) -
- Switch(Sword)

Jump, and do an air dash. Cancel the air dash by slashing and holding the
slash, and press switch to gun almost immediately after the slash, gun will
automatically shoot as soon as possible because LC is held. Then, switch back
to sword.

-How to Practice-
Pick up your prefered weapon, and go practice on any window on town,
continously. Left SS, Right SS, Left SS, Right SS, continously with both
weapons. Keep practicing until you get familiar with the motion. If you can't
do left/right SS properly yet, front SS back SS works, but once you get down on
it, practice sideways. You'll use it more often.

When the ammo is empty, continue, you do not need to suicide to reset. The
timing is still the same, you will hear a "Click" sound when you shoot with no
ammo. It is the same timing and is very good for practice.

Pick up any automatic, and practice on the holes and windows on the wall of
Town as shown here:


For starters, try those holes circled in blue. Once you're getting better,
give those in red a try. This is good practice for slashshot. Left, Right,
Left, Right, then try and do them in a sequence, preferably from the extreme
left, extreme right, repeat. This helps you familiarise yourself with turning
and shoot consistantly.

Don't worry if you can't get it out right, it took me a whole lot of time to
get my decent aiming down. This is an effective way to practice without
acctually having anyone to fight with.

Recommended weapons are Ellan 1x and Ellan 2x, mainly because it have the most
ammo in the game, 60x5.


Half Step / Half Half step *
An extension of slashshot, having the ability to dash in a second direction
after slash shot. 

1) Jump - Dash - Slash(Hold down LC), [Switch(Gun) - Shoot(Automatically)]
   + [Dash(IAD)] - Switch(Sword)
2) Jump - Dash - Slash(Hold down LC), [Switch(Gun) - Shoot(Automatically)]
   + [Jump - Dash(IAD)] - Switch(Sword) [HALF HALF STEP]

Similar to Slash Shot. Jump and do an Air Dash, canceling the air dash by
slashing and holding slash, switching to gun almost immediately after the
slash. Any time during the switch to just before the shoot, input a dash
and you will dash in another direction with your gun out.

1) Simple Half Step
2) Extention of Half Step, Half Half Step. This makes the character hop, making
   it harder to be hit and faster. Input Jump then Dash any time during the
   Switch(Gun) and Shoot.

-How to Practice-
Similar to Slashshot, pick up your prefered weapon and practice on any window.
Left HS, Right HS, Left HS, Right HS, continously with both
weapons. Keep practicing until you get familiar with the motion. If you can't
do left/right HS properly yet, front back HS works, but once you get down on
it, practice sideways. You'll use it more often.

When the ammo is empty, continue, you do not need to suicide to reset. The
timing is still the same, you will hear a "Click" sound when you shoot with no
ammo. It is the same timing and is very good for practice.

Same as Slash Shot.
Pick up any automatic, and practice on the holes and windows on the wall of
Town as shown here:


For starters, try those holes circled in blue. Once you're getting better,
give those in red a try. This is good practice for slashshot. Left, Right,
Left, Right, then try and do them in a sequence, preferably from the extreme
left, extreme right, repeat. This helps you familiarise yourself with turning
and shoot consistantly.

Don't worry if you can't get it out right, it took me a whole lot of time to
get my decent aiming down. This is an effective way to practice without
acctually having anyone to fight with.

Recommended weapons are Ellan 1x and Ellan 2x, mainly because it have the most
ammo in the game, 60x5.


Butterfly *
This is the motion of canceling the airdash into a slash, then completely
canceling the slash because of the recovery lag block has.

1) Jump - Dash - Slash - Block - Repeat
2) Jump, Dash, Slash, Block(Slight tap) - Repeat

Canceling the air dash with a slash, and completely cancelling the slash with
a block. This allows one to do multiple air slashes in a short duration.

1) Most basic form of Butterfly, and is slow.
2) This is what should be done for Butterfly to ensure the butterfly is fast.
   Low Air Dash, slashing as quickly as the air dash allows, tapping block
   quickly to reduce the total time wasted from blocking and recovery.

-How to Practice-
:Low Air Dash:
A good spot to practice Low Air Dash Butterfly is the roof near Blue Spawn of
Town. Just as you get spawned, head straight, climb up the building and you'll
reach a roof of a building with a low height limit there. Practice there.

This is just constant practicing. I recommend an open area like Town, and keep
doing forward butterfly, sidewards butterfly all around.


Butterfly VS Quickslash
Two very similar moves, but what are their difference?

The type of Sword Cancel is used. In Quick Slash, Quick Switching is used to
cancel the slash recovery. In Butterfly, Blocking is used to cancel the slash
recovery. This plays an important part of the difference. Blocking itself has
a recovery lag, which effectively "Cancels" everything. Including the airdash.
There is no room for a second air dash in Butterfly because of the block.
In Quick Slash, the quick switching still retains the canceling the air dash
allowing a second airdash(Light Step) to be done. This is a big difference.

Quick Slash allows one to move across a distance faster than butterfly.
Quick Slash can only do up to a limit in terms of the number of slashes over
a time. This is due to the fact that there is a short period after quickslash
where you can't perform a dash, or it will turn into Flash Step. This is what
restricts Quick Slash. For butterfly, the block cancels everything totally,
thus you can go on as fast as you can.

4. Other Techniques
Jump Shoot Dash (JSD)
While not utilizing canceling, quick switching to a gun and shoot while jumping
from a dash will work like Slash Shot.

With Gunz...
1) Jump - Shoot - Switch(Melee) - Dash

With Melee...
2) Dash(Optional) - Jump - Switch(Gun) - Shoot - Switch(Melee) - Dash
3) Dash(Optional) - Jump, Switch(Gun) - Shoot, Switch(Melee) - Dash

Dash Jumping will allow one to jump while moving at high speeds. During that
time, since you are technically jumping, not dashing, you can switch to a gun
and shoot.
1) You shouldn't do this, but if circumstances forbid, this won't harm.
2) Most basic version of JSD.
3) This is the version of JSD you should use if you intend to master it.

-How to practice-
Similar to Slashshot, pick up your prefered weapon and practice on any window.
Left JSD, Right JSD, Left JSD, Right JSD, continously with both weapons. Keep
practicing until you get familiar with the motion. 

When the ammo is empty, continue, you do not need to suicide to reset. The
timing is still the same, you will hear a "Click" sound when you shoot with no
ammo. It is the same timing and is very good for practice.

Same as Slash Shot.
Pick up any automatic, and practice on the holes and windows on the wall of
Town as shown here:


For starters, try those holes circled in blue. Once you're getting better,
give those in red a try. This is good practice for JSD. Left, Right,
Left, Right, then try and do them in a sequence, preferably from the extreme
left, extreme right, repeat. This helps you familiarise yourself with turning
and shoot consistantly.

Don't worry if you can't get it out right, it took me a whole lot of time to
get my decent aiming down. This is an effective way to practice without
acctually having anyone to fight with.

Recommended weapons are Ellan 1x and Ellan 2x, mainly because it have the most
ammo in the game, 60x5.

Silent Dash
Dashing, without its sound!

[Input Motion of Dash] + [Slash]

<Direction> - Slash - <Direction>

Simple. While inputing the motion for Dash, add a slash during it. When done
properly, you will be air dashing without sound, but the dash can't be canceled
due to the slash inputed earlier. Near useless, but inravels a few interesting

-How to Practice-
Just keep doing the motion. This is idiot proof move.

Difficulty: 0.5/10

Gun Dash
Air Dashing, with your gun!

[Input Motion of Dash] - [Switch Weapons(Numbers, not scroll)]

<Direction> - Switch(Weapons), <Direction>

Similar to silent dash, except you weapon switch. However, this is VERY hard to
do. If you weapon switch too early, you will end up tumbling. If you weapon
switch too late, you will switch after you dash.

This is a viable alternative to JSD too, but compared to Slash Shot, its too
troublesome and doesn't offer any distinctive advantages.

-How to Practice-
Similar to Slashshot, pick up your prefered weapon and practice on any window.
Left GD, Right GD, Left GD, Right GD, continously with both weapons. Keep
practicing until you get familiar with the motion. 

When the ammo is empty, continue, you do not need to suicide to reset. The
timing is still the same, you will hear a "Click" sound when you shoot with no
ammo. It is the same timing and is very good for practice.

Same as Slash Shot.
Pick up any automatic, and practice on the holes and windows on the wall of
Town as shown here:


For starters, try those holes circled in blue. Once you're getting better,
give those in red a try. This is good practice for GD. Left, Right, Left,
Right, then try and do them in a sequence, preferably from the extreme left,
extreme right, repeat. This helps you familiarise yourself with turning and
shoot consistantly.

Don't worry if you can't get it out right, it took me a whole lot of time to
get my decent aiming down. This is an effective way to practice without
acctually having anyone to fight with.

Recommended weapons are Ellan 1x and Ellan 2x, mainly because it have the most
ammo in the game, 60x5.


Super Dash
Continous Air Dashing with anything at hand without any delay

Fall through a long distance - Dash continously

This is more of a bug, not much of use in most cases, but is a fun thing to try
out. After falling a certain height(Try Dungeon or Island), start to dash.
Instead of a normal dash, you'll dash without sound or any recovery, nor have
weapon restrictions.

There is another bug for Females using Rocket Launchers. While holding the RL,
Females can start super dashing after falling a shorter distance compared to

-How to Practice-
Dungeon, or Island. Dungeon's ladder area, and just fall and dash, or Island's
middle pit area.


Fling up the wall near instantly!

1) Air Slash - Wall Run/Air Wall Run
2) Air Slash, Switch(Gun), Switch(Sword) - Wall Run/Air Wall Run

Instead of a full wall run, your character will run for a very short while
before bouncing off. Can be used to gain height instantly, or used as a tool
for flying, as you do not lose your speed while doing propel.

-How to Practice-
Go to town, practice on the walls like you do for Multi wall Run.


Miscellaneous Sword Techniques

There are 6 main ways of blocking.
Normal Front Block. Look forward normally and block.
Sky Block. Look Up and Block.
Ground Block. Look Down and Block.
Reverse Block. Turn 180 Degrees, Look forward and block normally
Reverse Sky Block. Turn 180 Degrees, Look Up and Block
Reverse Ground Block. Turn 180 Degrees, Look down and Block

They are coded on the chart, respectively, Normal, Sky, Ground, RNormal, Rsky,
R Ground.

Similarly, there are 6 main ways of attacking.
Normal Front Attack. Look forward and attack normally.
Sky Attack. Look up and attack.
Ground Attack. Look down and attack.
Reverse Attack Turn 180 degrees, look forward and attack normally
Reverse Sky Attack. Turn 180 degrees, look up and attack.
Reverse Ground ATtack. Turn 180 degrees, look down and attack.

They are coded on the chart, respectively, Normal, Sky, Ground, RNormal, Rsky,
R Ground.

By saying "Looking Up", it means as up as possible. Same for Down.

-Slash VS Block-
Reverse Blocks, attacks and its varients have no effect in Slash VS Block, you
will take hits like a normal attack during reverse blocks, and reverse slash
doesn't hit your opponent.

Here is a Chart on the effects of each type of attack against another.

- N means the attacker flinches, and the blocker gets a reversal massive
- S means the attacker does not flinch, and the blocker gets a reversal
  massive charge for the first hit, which is blocked. Subsequent hits will
  penetrate the guard as though there is no guard, unless the blocker releases
  the current block and block again.

| Attack\Block  |    Normal     |      Sky      |   Ground    |
|    Normal     |      N        |       N       |      S      |
|     Sky       |      N        |       S       |      N      |
|    Ground     |      S        |       S       |      N      |
*Note the Top Row refers to Blocking and the Left-most coloum refers to attack*

As one can see from the chart, it is best to do Ground Attacks. Unless the
opponent blocks ground, you will not flinch and will be able to get away from
the massive charge, or continue to penetrate hits. For a blocker, a Normal
block would be best, unless the opponent is known to do ground slashes.

-Massive VS Block-

Coming soon...

Character Creation

  When you log onto Gunz, you arrive at the train station. Click the bottom
left corner to create your character. In gunz, there are 2 genders(Naturally),
4 faces per gender and 4 hairstyles per gender. There are 6 "classes", but 
classes makes no difference.

Type 1: Brown hair with centre partings
Type 2: Black hair long fringe
Type 3: White/Silver hair nicely combed to the back
Type 4: Blonde hair

Type 1: Black Hair with Centre partings
Type 2: Dark Brown hair with centre parting and long fringe
Type 3: Black messy hair
Type 4: Red hair with nicely combed Centre Parting.

Personally, My favourite is Type 3 for males and Type 4 for females.

All "classes" comes with the same level 0 shrit and trousers for the gender.

-Axium Gun Knight-
Rusty Dagger
Renard x1
Raptor50 x1
Canox FG1

Total cost of equipments: 270 Bounty

-Trivia Gun Fighter-
Rusty Sword
Renard x2
Canox FG1

Total cost of equipments: 280 Bounty

-Axium Assasin-
Rusty Dagger
Renard x1
Minic 567 x1
Canox SG1

Total cost of equipments: 270 Bounty

-Trivia Scout-
Rusty Sword
Raptor 50
Canox SG1

Total cost of equipments: 240 Bounty

-Axium Gun priest-
Rusty Sword
Raptor 50x2
Canox SG1
Med Kit MK-1

Total cost of equipments: 660 Bounty

-Trivia Doctor-
Rusty Dagger
Minic567 x2
Repair Kit RK-1
Med Kit MK-1

Total cost of equipments: 900 Bounty

As you can see, going with the Trivia Doctor is the best. Start off, sell your
repair kit, med kit(if you want) and Rusty Dagger, for a Sword and any other
items you might want.

-Server List-
  After Gunz has loaded, you find yourself on a character selection screen.
Currently, there are 6 servers, and beside each servers are
(Number of Players/Total Server Capacity). Current server capacity is 2000.
When the server is full, a red "FULL" message would be displayed. If the server
is down, a grey "checking" message would be displayed.

  Common errors when one get while trying to access servers are
- A window with the message "Server is full, please try again later"
This means, well, server is full. Try another server, or try getting in again.

- A red "Cannot access server message"
This either means server is down or too many users are trying to access the
server at one time. Try again.

- A window with the message "Username/Password incorrect, please check them".
This is self explanatory.

-Character Selection-
  As soon as you enter the character selection screen, you'll find a list of
your characters on the right, with their respective level. One can have a
maximum of 4 characters in each account. On the left, one can find their chosen
character's current equipments.

  At the bottom row, there are 4 buttons. From the order of left to right,
- Create A New Character
- Delete the selected Character
- Enter the Game with Selected Character
- Log Out of Gunz The Duel

For Creating a New Character, please refer to the above section on "Character

Deleting the selected Character. When clicked, a box would prompt you to type
in YES into the box if you want to delete the character that is currently
selected. Type in YES, and click OK. The character will be deleted.

Entering the game with the selected character, as well as Log Out of Gunz are
pretty self explanatory.

  After choosing your characters, you will be confronted with _the_ lobby.
Lobbies are basically chatrooms with a list of created rooms by other players,
already started or not. There are many buttons on the menu too.

  On the top row, there are 4 buttons. From the order of left to right,
- Shop
- Equipment
- Channels
- Options

Shop basically gives you the menu of the "Gunz Shop", where you can shop for
Guns and Armors, as well as various items for your character. Paying by the
Gunz Currency, Bounties, which is gained by killing your enemies. More
information on shops under "7. EQUIPMENT".

Equipment brings you to your equipment screen, where your current equipments as
well as all owned equipments are showned. Dragging the equipment in or out of
the respective boxes would equip, replace or remove it, depending on the
action. Double Clicking is basically Smart Equipping, where double clicking on
an equipped item would remove them, double clicking on an non equipped item
would equip them in the closest unequiped slot, or replace them with the first
item on their respective slots.
Central bank is an "Eqipment sharing storage centre" for all your characters
under that account. However, only Cash Payment, "Premium Items", as well as
some other special items, "Event Items", can be stored. Anything that can be
bought by bounty cannot be stored there.

Channels brings you the list of available "lobbies". There are 3 types of
channels. Public Channels, where there are 4 types of lobbies.

 Free Channel, it is available for everyone to play.

 Entry Level Channel it is only available for players level 1 to 5, and
 those who does not have any characters above level 21 in the account.

 Beginner Channel, it is available for players level 6 to 10, and those who
 does not have any characters above level 21 in the account.
 Veteran Channel, it is available for players level 11 to 20. Maps "Port", and
 "Ruins" can be played at Veteran Channels.

 Expert Channel, it is available for players level 21 and above. Maps "Port",
 "Ruins", "Castle" and "Dungeon" can be played at Expert Channels. Also game
 type "Berserker" can be played at Expert Channels. Players do not lose EXP
 when getting killed by other players.

There are 3 Free Channels, and 2 of the rest. The brackets beside each channel
is (Number of Players/Total Number of Players it can accomodate). Currently,
all rooms have the player limit of 200.

Second type of channels are private channels, where player can create private
lobbies with any names they desire. These lobbies work just like Free Channel.

Last type of Channels are the clan channels. In a non clan war server, these
servers, similar to Private channels, works just like Free Channels, and is
accessible to anyone, as long as there is someone in the clan channel. Or else,
the channel will not be listed in the list. Clan Members have the button called
"Go To My Clan Channel", where clicking it would bring them to their own clan's
channel. In Clanwar servers, it no longer works like free channels and no rooms
can be made in the Channel. Instead, anyone on the channel will be able to view
the clan's ranking, score, and name, as well as their emblem(If they have one).
In the middle would be the "Clan War" button, where clicking it would let the
person choose those who are in the clan to participate in a clanwar. Once
clicked, the server would automatically search for any other clans who are
searching for a clanwar, and has the same number of players as the former clan.

The last button, options, brings you into the options menu, which will be
covered in the later part of this section, "Options Menu".

  Returning back to normal lobbies, in the middle are 3 options, as well as
a scroll through the rooms listed above it. other than the scrolls, the buttons
from the order of left to right,
- Join
- Create
- Play Now

Join basically makes you join the selected channel.
Create opens a window for you to create your own room.
Play Now is for the impatient, where it puts you into a room with the smallest
room number which that has started, not locked and has open space.

  Finally, the bottom row has 3 more options. From the order of left to right,
- Replay
- Character
- Log Out

Replay opens up a window where it displays all the .gzr replay files in
"My Documents\Gunz\Replays". Clicking them will load the replay and plays them
through the replay mode. More information about replay in "Replays" sub section
later in this section.
Character returns you to the character selection screen.
Log Out, as obvious as it seems, logs you off and return you back to the server

The room list would display the information:
-Number of players
-Game Type
-Started to play or not
-Room name

Map can be seen by the background of each room's information, number of players
below room name, which is on the left. Game type is signified by
Death Match - 1 Death Skull
Team Deathmatch - 2 Death Skull
Gladiator - 1 Fencing Sword
Team Gladiator - 2 Fencing Sword
Training - Arm Pump
Assasin - Angel
Berserker - 1 Death Skull with Red Eyes.

-In the room-
  After you created a room, you will be bombarded with tabs and buttons.
Starting from the top, there are
- Game Type
- Map
- Number of Players
- Max Kills/Number of rounds
- Game Options Button

Different gametypes will be covered under the later under this section, in 
"Game Types".
Maps would be covered under the section "6. MAP"
Number of players allow one to pick the max number of players that can be in
the game, 2, 4, 8, 12 or 16. However in the map Factory, the maximum number is

The "Rounds" tab acctually chooses the time limit for a Deathmatch, Gladiator,
Berserker or Training game, which are Single games. Wherelse for a Team
Deathmatch, Team Gladiator or Assasin game, which are team games, it is the
number of rounds there are.

Under the Game Options button, there are...
Time Limit - Limit the time for the whole game in a Single Game, or each round
             in a team game.
Intrusion - Allow or Prohibit. No intrusion allowed, even quitting to the room
            to change equipment would not allow one to enter the game again.
Friendly Damage - Friendly Fire. Whether your attacks hurt your own allies.
                  Only attacks that doesn't seem to do a thing under friendly
                  fire are melee special attacks.
Level Limit - Level gap 5, 10 or 15. Basically, only players who has the level
              "the maker of the game's level +5/-5, +10/-10, +15/-15" can enter
              the room.

And of course, in the room, if you are the master, you can start game when
everyone is ready. Or if you arn't, there will be the ready button if the game
have not started. Click to signify you are ready, and when everyone is ready,
the game master can start. Or if the game is already in progress, one would
be able to intrude the game by pressing Intrusion.

-In game-
In game is simple. Your HP and AP is on the top left corner. HP being health
points, AP being Armor points. When HP drops to 0, you die. AP will help absorb
damage from every hit, until it runs out. The percentage absorbtion depends
on which weapon hit you. For more information, check Miscellaneous.
Bottom Right would display your current weapon and ammo count.

Pressing Escape opens up the menu. Enter Options, Return to Room, Exit from
Room, Quit Gunz, Return to Game. All of which are pretty self explanatory.

"/" commands
Here are all of the "/" commands one can input:

/h or /help - The help command, where it displays the basic / commands
/112 - Report Function.
/chat <Message> - Talk in the chatroom participated.
/chatmake <Name> - Create the chat room with the name <Name>
/chatselect <Name> - Select to focus on the chatroom with name <Name>
/chatinvite <Name> - Invite someone with name <Username> to the focused
/chataccept - Accept a chat invite
/chatjoin <Name> - Join chatroom with the name <Name>
/chatleave <Name> - Leave the chatroom with name <Name>
/clan invite <Name> - Invite player with <Name> to clan. Usable by admins and
                     masters only.
/clan leave - Leave current clan.
/clan dismiss <Name> - Kick member with <Name> from clan. Usable by admin and
                       masters only
/clan promote admin/member <Name> - Promote a clan member with name <Name> to
                                    a admin or demote to a member. Usable by
                                    clan masters only.
/clan close - Close the clan. Closing is only done on a daily basis at a
              certain time. Hence clans do not close immediately. Usable by
              clan masters only.
/follow <Name> - Enter a game with the player with name <Name> provided he is
                 in the same channel as you.
/qj or /go - Quick Join, same as "Play Now!" function.
/Whisper <Name> <Message> - Whisper to player with the character name <name>.
/r - Reply to the player who last whispered you. /r will automatically turn
     into "/whisper <name of the last person who whispered you> "
/taunt - Taunt Emoticon
/bow - Bow Emoticon
/wave - Wave Emoticon
/laugh - Laugh Emoticon
/cry - Cry Emoticon
/dance - Dance Emoticon

*Note that chatrooms are not implemented properly yet and gibberish garbage
might come out sometimes. Also, adding a ! infront of your text makes it a
team talk text, @ makes it chat talk, # makes it clan talk.

Game Types
Team Deathmatch
Team Gladiator

Coming soon...
Coming soon...

6. MAP
Coming Soon...

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  At least 95% of the Gunz population does not understand how the servers
operate, and another 75% does not know how the ping acctually works in Gunz.
Constant redundent questions of "What is my ping?" poping up every now and
then. Ping in Gunz work differently from your other FPS, so does their games.

  This section would be about how the games would work, technical wise. How do
one know that you have shot him? Does it magically appear on their screen? Or
how about shooting someone for 2 clips straight and having them not dying? Hack?
Or is there something more to it?

Ping Explained

  What is ping? How does ping affect play? These are the questions you should be
able to understand after reading Ping Explained.

  Ping, measured in milliseconds(1000ms = 1s), is a measure of the time taken to
send a packet of data from one terminal to another, and back. Its that simple.
Data do not magically transfer over to the other person's computer, they often
need to travel. There are a few factors that can affect ping.

1) Location. The biggest factor. Over a larger location, your data has to travel
   a longer distance. And with a longer distance to go, it will take longer to
   reach its destination wouldn't it? Its the biggest factor in affecting ping,
   because sending from one end of the Earth to the other would require it to
   travel a long distance, which result in a large ping.

2) Connection. The speed at which the data can be sent and received, as well as
   affecting the maximum number of data you can send at one go. I believe this
   is very obvious, isn't it?

3) Miscellaneous Thingies. Stuff like Firewall, Proxy Server could effectively
   increase your ping by ten folds. Firewall, could totally block out your
   port which makes you unable to send anything, or reduce the efficiency of
   the port by alot, making sending things alot slower. Proxy server basically
   affects location, instead of travelling straight across, you make a detour,
   which obviously means you travel longer distance, hence higher ping.

  So, now that you have understood how ping work in general, how does Ping work
in Gunz, considering I mentioned earlier that Ping works differently in Gunz.
As you know, ping is the measure of the time taken to send a packet of data
from one terminal to another. In most FPS's case, its the person's computer
against the server. In Gunz's case, its your computer against other player's
computer. The reason for the ping shown to be this way would be explained in
further detail on "How Games Operate" section.

  Thus, asking "What is my ping", is a redundent question because your ping is
subjected to each player, each player sees you at a different ping. And now,
here is an example on how you see the ping with illustration.

  Considering a game of 4 players, Ratix, Korean, noobie, and LaggerX.

On Ratix's Screen, he sees:

Character - Ping
Ratix - 0
Korean - 150
noobie - 30
LaggerX - 999

On Korean's screan, he sees:
Ratix - 150
Korean - 0
noobie - 170
LaggerX - 999

On noobie's screen, he sees:
Ratix - 30
Korean - 170
noobie - 0
LaggerX - 999

On LaggerX's screen, he sees:
Ratix - 999
Korean - 999
noobie - 999
LaggerX - 0

  Now, this should make you better understand how the ping system works in
Gunz. So then, what is 999 ping? When you see a player with 999 ping, chances
are, their port that connects to each other player, is blocked. Either by
routers, or by firewall, or maybe something sinister behind. We wouldn't know
without further information. Thus, it is recommended to shut down firewalls
during play, because you wouldn't know what ports are being used to connect
to each player since they are chosen randomly.

  And then, how would ping affect gameplay? When you fire a bullet, you send
a packet to every player. A Coordinate packet, a locus of where you will hit.
Anyone within the range, would be hit. Simple enough, but when lag kicks in,
there is a slight downtime between your shot, and the time the other player
receives the packet. Thus, even though on your screen it shows "Hit", on
their screen, they have already moved away from the location, which results in
your bullets whiffing. To make it worse, at the time when you are shooting, 
you are not acctually shooting at the person. You are acctually seeing the
person's movement about a split second ago. At the exact point in time, when
Ratix shoots Korean, korean is acctually no longer in the point ratix thinks he
is in, but rather, is already in another point. The reason why Ratix wouldn't
know is that the movement packets are still being sent, which makes the "True"
location of korean not shown on Ratix's screen. Adding this downtime to the
downtime of sending packets, you have to lead a rather large amount of time.

Time needed to lead = Time Taken to receive movement packets + time taken
for your opponent to receive your attack packets. In other words, against a
laggy player(Ping > 100), you would have to lead your shots. Aim ahead, predict
his movements, and shoot at where he will be. Its basically turning you into
an Oracle. Also, it has been experimented that players should lead ~1 second
for every 100 ping the opponent has.

  With that, I believe you would have a greater understanding about Ping and

How Games Operate

  Wondered why you are pinging against each other player but not against the
server? Maybe its because Maiet isn't as leet enough to do that? Or could it be
something else? This section would explain it.

  When you send a packet, in normal FPS's cases, its sent to the server, after
which, the server redirects to each and every player. And in most cases, the
server decides whether it hits or not, through the location and the locus of
the bullet(s). This would result in a "Hit" means hit situation, wherelse its
different in Gunz.

  In Gunz, when you are about to send a packet, you send it to ALL other players
within the game. The reason why this is done? There is no central server where
you are connected to. Another words, you are connected to every other player,
and so are they, forming a web connection. This is also why against players with
high ping, chances of your shots whiffing when you do not lead is almost 100%,
against a low pinger on the other hand, it'll mostly hit. Its the same no
matter where you play from, or who the host is ect. Thus certain players receive
packets later from you, and certain others receive them at the rate they should.
This is due to the downtime between the time it is shot and the time it reaches
the other players. The time where the packet is being sent.

  As you can see, at the time Ratix fire a bullet, the game sents a "Attack
Locus" packet to all players, where anyone within the locus would be hit. Using
the ping analogy in the above section... On my screen, Ratix fired with noobie
in his line of sight. His ping is low to Ratix, which thus, the packet is sent
across within a very short period of time. During this short period of time,
newbie moved an inch to his right. When he recieves the packet, he is already
an inch away from where I shot earlier on, but is still in the locus. Thus,
he gets hit.

  Against korean, Ratix fires a bullet when korean is within the crosshair. Now,
there is a longer downtime than it has for noobie, because the ping is higher,
and the time taken for packets to get there is longer. Thus, during the down
time, korean has already wall flipped out of the way, and by the time the packet
gets to him, he is already out of the locus, which on your screen, you thought
it hit him, but in his screen, it misses him.

  So, what is the server you connect into for? They are there to host the rooms
where players chat(All the rooms, free, entry level, beginner, veteran, expert).
Its where all players connect into for login, for chat, for the information of
all the rooms, as well as the link into each game. It stores the information,
for example, the players within each game, settings for each game. Also, its
been noted that the server also receives and relay certain data information.
For example, the "I have died" message is sent to the hosted server, and then
relayed to each other player. Similarly, the "Leveled Up"(As well as the
leveled down) message too. I am not too sure if there are any more, but if
you noticed certain things that are sent through the server, feel free to leave
a comment or email me.

  On another note, for servers/channel, you are connected to the server at port
7700(Default). During play, you are connected to the other players at a random
port. This explains why players who get 999 ping problem is still able to chat
at the main room, but can't play at the game.

  Thus, one can see how the games would work, and that the lag is inevitable.
Unless Maiet will rewrite the whole netcode on how the game is to be runned,
lagged shots cannot be resolved. With this, you would understand why the shots
you think it would hit doesn't, and why it is difficult to resolve.

999 or 0 Ping and Agent Servers
  Well, everyone you play with has 999/0 ping. Or someone you have played with
have 999/0 ping. So, what exactly is 999/0 ping? Its a simple answer. When one
is unable to establish a connection with one of the players, the ping to the
player would be displayed at 999/0. Thus, if you are unable to connect to all
of the players, you will see 999 ping, or being unable to connect to a
particular player, the player will be shown as 999 ping.

  Why does it occur? When you are playing, as it is explained above, you are
connecting to another player at a random port, randomly picked. It is generally
a high number, because chances of another programme using the same port is
really low. So, if something happens to block the particular port, you are
unable to connect to the player through the port. Gunz will then search for a
second random port to connect to. When you have a firewall, even though you
allowed port 7700, the default port to connect into Gunz, you are connecting
to other players on different ports, which your firewall happen to be blocking.
Since its not a launch of a programme that uses a port, the firewall recognises
it as an intrution, thus blocking it. And hence, you are unable to connect
to anybody, because all attempts to establish a connection is blocked. How to
solve it? Close your firewall programme before playing Gunz. Risky it is, but
it is the only way.

  Other things that can happen is through router or a network, through 1 ISP.
The resultant would result them being unable to see each other, unable to
establish a connection between each other, as well as having wrong data sent
to the wrong player. Thanks to user -86- from Gunz Official Forums for giving
me input, I might be able to figure out what acctually happened. Some things
that would occur with this,

1) You are unable to see each other
2) Some Data packet meant to be sent to you is sent to another player in the
   same network, and vice versa.

For (1), because gunz recognises both of you under the same network as 1
terminal, it doesn't establish a connection between yourself. Just like
playing normally, you don't establish any network with yourself, because its
redundent. And most probably, Gunz is unable to differenciate the multiple
users under the same network.

For (2), one speculation I have made is because of the connections you made
with the other players. When you enter a game, you will start to make
connections with all other players. Lets say there are 2 players in the
network, A and B, against 3 players in some other places, C, D and E. When
C, D and E connects, both of your computers will try and make a connection
with all of them, and when one does, gunz recognises that your network has
made a connection with it(It recognises the network as only 1 terminal),
thus, the other player doesn't make a connection with the person. This is
also the case for all other players who connect. So for simplicity, lets

A makes connection to C and D, and B makes a connection to E.
When C sents a "I got killed by you" packet to B, instead of it being sent
to B, it is sent to A instead, because Gunz recognises them as though
they're 1 game, which hence thinks that it is sent to the correct person.
Hence, B should gain the EXP, instead, A gains it. This is due to the fact
that gunz recognises both players as one, which because only one of them
makes a connection with the other player, it is the only route to send the
information to the network, thus, the person making the connection gets the

  Note that this is only a speculation, I can't prove that it is totally right
until I have more information on this.

  Now, what is Agent Servers? Agent Error occuring over time whenever someone
with 999 or 0 ping enters. Why does it occur? What is it?

  Originally, Maiet was brainstorming for ideas on how to solve players' 999
ping problem, allowing them to play even through a firewall. They came up with
this. Agent Servers. A server that acts like a relay channel, which uses a
definite port to connect. In simpler terms, it works just like your usual FPS.
You connect to the server/host, the host would relay the data to all other
players. Theoratically, this should solve the problem for 999 pingers, but
the sheer amount of players who are playing behind firewalls are so huge(999
pingers), the server cannot take it. And thus, the server idea was a failure,
and it was then closed down. Which so, the Gunz programme isn't updated. It will
still connect the 999 pingers to the "agent server", which no longer exists.
And hence, the error appears.

Lag and its effects

  Other than the covered effect of hit counter mis-display, there are also
several different effects.
1) Replays
2) Viewing other people play in TDM/Assasin
3) Rockets

  In Replays, the replay plays according to the packets the computer of the
person taking the replay recive. Thus, if you are lagging to the person, and
you have perfect aim on your side on Player A who is lagging to you, when he
views the replay, instead of your perfect aim, he would see bad aim.
Its relatively simple, he doesn't see what you see, but rather, he sees what
he is "seeing", where the time he received your packet.

An example is when there are 3 players, A, B and C. A and B are not lagging
to each other, wherelse C is lagging to both of them(Lets say 200 ping). C
takes a replay, and when he views A VS B, because both A and B's ping are
very similar, it doesn't make a difference. However when B takes the replay,
he views C. C shots A but misses, however it kills A.

  This not only applies for replays, it also applies when viewing other people
play in TDM/Assasin.

  For rockets, its a weird case. The projectile fired is determined by each
computer seperately. A simple scenario is when A and B are lagging to each
other. A shoots a rocket right in the face of B, who is directly infront of him.
The result in A's computer is that the rocket explode, damaging A. On B's side,
B have already dashed left by the time the rocket is shot, so the rocket moves
straight until it hits the wall and explode. Hence, rockets discrepantcy can

Miscellaneous Information

Weapon Damage Chart: (HP/AP) By Kyo Mamoru
SMGs: Hp: 33% / Ap: 66% || Head Shot: Hp: 50% / Ap: 50%
Rifles: Hp: 42% / Ap: 57% || Head Shot: Hp: 85% / Ap: 15%
Pistols: Hp: 50% / Ap: 50% || Head Shot: Hp: 73% / Ap: 26%
Revolvers: Hp: 72% / Ap: 27% || Head Shot: Hp: 91% / Ap: 9%
Shotguns: Hp: 25% / Ap: 75% || Head Shot: HP: 40% / Ap: 60%
Explosives: Hp: 40% / Ap: 60% || Head Shot: N/A
Sword: Hp: 65% / Ap: 35% || Head Shot: N/A
Kodachi: Hp: 61% / Ap: 39% || Head Shot: N/A
Dagger: Hp: 77% / Ap: 23% || Head Shot: N/A

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Float Trick
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will Gunz come out of beta?
A: As announced by Maiet, unless they can find a provider, or any other way, 
   Gunz is unable to get out of beta.

Q: Omg? What about the premium items! Quest mode! Clanwar server?!
A: Sadly, thats what alot of us are wanting too. We have to wait, then. Sadly.

Q: What is JGunz, KGunz, PBI Gunz?
A: JGunz - Japan Gunz, KGunz - Korea Gunz, PBI Gunz - Phillipines/India/Brazil

Q: How do I play JGunz, KGunz and PBI Gunz?
A: You can't. JGunz has already blocked access to non japan IP, clearly, this is
   an act that means they do not want non japan players in the game. Same for
   korean Gunz, whats more is that Korea Gunz require a Korean Social security
   Number when you register, which is unique to every citizen. Its a sort of
   identification number for Koreans. By faking the number to register in Korea
   Gunz, you are in fact commiting identity theft. A crime that is enough to put
   you in jail for years till the kingdom comes. For PBIGunz, nothing is known
   yet, but chances are it will be like JGunz.

Q: Someone just accused me of being a hacker! What should I do? Will my account
   be deleted because of an ignorant claim?
A: If you are not hacking at all, or cheating in any form, no, Maiet will not do
   anything against you and your account. However, if you are, then you have no
   right to complain, script kiddy. Maiet is able to check the logs such as to 
   see whether the player is indeed cheating.

Q: What is with the tons of hackerS?!
A: Sadly, these script kiddies think that downloading a hack makes them godly.
   Well, they don't. Sad cases such as leaking of private hacks caused the
   recent hacking uproar.

Q: What? I heard someone can instantly switch and delete account through hacks!
A: Very sad, but its true. Initially used by some hackers, who claimed to have
   wanted Maiet to fix the loophole in the security, which deletes a few
   characters to show its prowess. However, it seeemed like more and more
   hackers are getting a hold on the loophole. As of yet, the hack has not been
   made public.

Q: What type of hacks are there around?
A: Multi Shoot, Weapon Lock, Bullet Switch, Sword at Dagger speed, Dagger at
   super speed, Teleporting to player's location, instant rocket spawning,
   character swapping, character deletion are the ones commonly known. If any
   one has more information, feel free to tell me.

Q: What do I do when I see a hacker? I mean Script Kiddy.
A: Report him. Take a replay or screenshot of his hacking thing, replays don't
   need to be too long, screenshots needs to clearly show who is hacking.
   Replays are recommended. Then, proceed and post at

Q: The player is killed but doesn't register a death and I don't get EXP!
A: Its a common bug, where running the Gunz.exe instead of the launcher will
   cause this to happen in a Deathmatch, Gladiator or Berserker game.
   Kick the guy, if he refuses to change to the proper way of running the game.