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                   FlyFF Build Guide Version 1.1
                          PC - MMORPG
                          By darkganja
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Date    :              30th November 2005
Country :                 Philippines


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~ FlyFF ( Fly for Fun) is Copyright of Aeonsoft.


I.   Introduction     -------------------------------------------[IOM]
  I.I   >>Class Chart
  I.II  >>First Job Change
  I.III >>Second Job Change
II.  20 Point Gap     -------------------------------------------[2GP] 
III. Knight Build     -------------------------------------------[MKB]
IV.  Blade Build      -------------------------------------------[MBB]
V.   Elementer Build  -------------------------------------------[MEB]
VI.  Psykeeper Build  -------------------------------------------[MPB]
VII. Ringmaster Build -------------------------------------------[ARB]
VIII.Billposter Build -------------------------------------------[ABB]
IX.  Skills           -------------------------------------------[SFE]
X.   Credits          -------------------------------------------[CFE]

I. ~Introduction~ [IOM]

This is my very first gamefaqs I have submitted. I love playing games
specially MMORPG which FlyFF as one of the best game.I love writing 
about games. I was a little disappointed that all the Faqs/guide that I
written where not yet edited and submitted because of my (sometimes) 
laziness and I am a very busy guy, but now I have now submitted this Faqs.
This guide focus more on the FlyFF Philippine Server. There will be still 
more updates to come for this guide. 

But before we go into the world of Flyff, we need Status 101;

STR: Increase your attack rate, damage, and a little FP
STA: Increase your defense and max increase of FP
DEX: Speed of your attack increases, evasion and Hit Rate
INT: Increase your MP to max, and increase magic damage. MP regeneration

HP: Hit Point, if HP turns to 0, you're dead.
MP: Magic Point, It is only used to magic skills (like that of Magician)
FP: Fighting Power, It is only used for fighting skills (This obviously 
excludes magicians, only the Mercenary and Assist can use this.)
EXP: Experience, if it turns 100% then you gain a level 
(If you're not comfortable leveling up with a percentage, double click 
the Status bar at far upper left corner)
PXP: It is the point needed to increase your skill. Whenever you got exp
from quest or gain from monsters, PXP will first gets the points then
after that the remaining will be distributed to EXP. PXP decrease if you
use skills.

But before you decide on which class to tackle, you have to know what you 
will become and by knowing what class you will start, you ought to be a 
magnificent player. Enjoy FLyff! ^_^

I.I~~[Class Chart]~~ There are 3 class to start after Vagrant

============================= Class Chart ================================
				level 15
		/		   |			\
      Mercenary	       		Magician		Assist
	 |                         |                      |
	 |			   |   			  |
     level 60			level 60	      level 60
	 |			   |			  |
     _________		       _________	       _______
    /         \               /         \             /       \
Knight     Blademan	Elementalist  Psykeeper	Ringmaster  Billposter  

Vagrant - The class you will start with. They're the ultimate beggars of 
the game but don't be so down cause we all start with this. Of course, 
one of the reason I love Flyff because after you change class your status 
will "reset." Just beat all those monsters till you reach lvl 15 ^_^

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~==Vagrant Build==~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Just give it all, pure STR, it doesn't matter. 
You can add some STA a little if you want.

I found out, a lot of people need a help to change job. So here I am 
being a good samaritan ^_^. I hope this will help.
(I always find people asking me where and how to change their job)


I.II-{First Job Change}-
From vagrant, you take a further step. I know you're excited but we have 
to take this step by step. First, decide what kind of class you want. 

You need to be level 15 to change job.

Note: All the direction in this guide is base on in-game Map of Flaris 
which can be acquired through a quest in the game. To get the map just 
talk to the following NPC whether Jeff, Tommy, or Masa. Just talk to all 
of them and the last one you will talk to will give you the Map of Flaris.

|>Vagrant to Mercenary<|
1. Go to Juria in town (Located at the center of town, she is the banker.)
2. go to Valin in upper left before the river bank. (You will see aibats 
on the way, then you'll see a cottage.)
3. He will then ask you to go Losha to get his lunch. (Losha is located at
eastern side of flaris, the one selling foods.)
4. Valin will then ask you to go Boboko to get the Bravery Sword from him.
(Boboko is the shield seller located at the center of the town.)
5. When you talk to Boboko, he will then want you to get 20 vision stones
from Grownup Laywolf.
6. After you complete collecting then go back to Boboko, Boboko will then
give you the Blade of Bravery Sword.
7. Then go to Valin again and give him the blade, he will then forged it
into Bravery Sword. Congratulation! You are now a mercenary.


|>Vagrant to  Magician<|
1. Go to Juria in town (Located at the center of town, she is the banker.)
2. Go to Mule in upper right before the bridge in
eastern town of flaris.
3. Click then class change. He will then ask you to get a book from 
4. Go to Marche to get the book (She is in the eastern part of flaris, 
she is the seller of magic items)
5. Go back to Mule. Mule will then ask you to go back to Marche to get a
Wand Making Book.
6. Go back again to Marche. She will then tell you recover the 10 missing
pages from Demians. 
7. Kill Demians to get 10 missing pages (can be found at the Middle 
Eastern Part of the Map Flaris.)
8.After you complete collecting then go back to Marche, Marche will then
give you the Wand Making Book.
9. Take the book back to Mule, he will then give you a wand. 
Congratulation! You are now a Magician.


|>Vagrant  to   Assist<|
1. Go to Juria in town (Located at the center of town, she is the banker.)
2. Go to Rooney in northwest of the center of flaris, just follow the 
brown path and little west from it.
3. Click then class change. He will then ask you to deliver a letter to
his brother Lui (Lui is the General Merchant located at the center of
town, just near Juria's place)
4. After delivering the letter to Lui go back to Rooney.
5. Rooney will then ask you to collect Vision Stones.
6. Get 10 from Captain Pukepukes, 8 from Captain Doridama, and 3 from
Grownup Laywolves.
7. After you complete collecting then go back to Rooney. Rooney will then
give you a Stick. Congratulation! You are now a Assist.


I.III-{Second Job Change}-
Phew! At last, your already lvl 60. After facing the horrors of leveling
up and testing your patience you are then rewarded to advance to your
second job class.

This quest can be a little tiring specially with those traveling in one
place to another and many things to do, but still the reward is greater 
as expected.

|>1st Job  To  2nd Job<|
1. Go talk to Bordeay and he will tell you something. He is located at 
Saint Morning market.
2. Go to Radion and ask you what job you want. He will then give you a
receipt and also lead you to Ancimys. Radion can be found near the Mars
Dungeon in Flaris.
3. Talk to Ancimys and he will play with you in Rock, Paper and Scissors
Game. If you win you get a 500 penya and a Trace of Hero. You need to get
6 of each Trace. Ancimys could be found in the floating island of Flaris
above and near the Grownup Laywolf area.(He is the talking box alone in a
floating island)
4. After you get the 6 of each trace then go back to Radion and will lead
you to Venken.
5. Speak to Venken and he will ask you to give a ribbon to Luelli. Venken
is located just after the entrance to the forest. Blink to Darkon 2 and 
go northwest to get into the forest part.
6. Give the ribbon to Luelli and she will then ask you to deliver 
something. Luelli can be located in a vine just near Venken.
7. Talk to Dien and she will ask you to get 6 Soulstones. You get 
Soulstones from Drillers.
8. After getting all the Soulstones go back to Dien.
9. Dien will then ask a book from High Priest Kheymerhan. Talk to 
Kheymerhan and grab the book you need from him. Kheymerhan can be located 
on northeast island of Saint Morning, near the Pranksters.
10. Go back to Dien and she will then let you see your Clerics depending
on what job you want to be. I'll give the list of names of Clerics below
that you need to go depending on what job you choose.
 ~Job~                               ~Cleric Name~
 Knight                                Tubearto
 Blade                                 Febeitoe
 Billposter                            Ruenphare
 Ringmaster                            Shyrilepe
 Psykeeper                             Hondurel
 Elementer                             Pasteil
11. Talk to your clerics. The cleric will then ask for 10 Grrbandages
and 5 Dump Tires.
12. After you got the following items then go back to your cleric. Your
cleric will then ask for signatures from the following NPc:
 ~NPC~                               ~Location~
 Losha                                Flaris
 Armor Dude                           Saint Morning
 Banker                               Darkon 2
13. Go back to your cleric and he will then let you see your guardians
depending on what job you want to be. I'll give the list of names of 
Guardians below that you need to go depending on what job you choose.
 ~Job~                               ~Guardian Name~
 Knight                               Bonaper
 Blade                                Sensiri
 Billposter                           Capape
 Ringmaster                           Lomboed
 Psykeeper                            Shaynip
 Elementer                            Wendien
(Guardians can be found at the tip below of Darkon 3)
14. Speak to your guardian and they will ask you to kill a Venel Guardian.
Venel Guardian can be found near the guardians place just below them in
the underground cube. Get the book the Venel drop when you kill it.
15. Go back to your guardian. Phew! At last it's finish. Congratulations!
You are now in Second Job Class and you will also get a lvl 60 sword. Psst!
Stop, there is one thing you need to do last. Go back to Bordeay and give 
him the book to get your reward money. This quest gives you a total of 
4 Million Penya.


Note:All these are just suggestion and may change depending on your liking.

II. 20 POINT GAP [2GP]: 

Before you start to read the guide I will first give you all my basic rule
in building your mercenary which is the 20 point gap. This is for creating
a balance build on which a  20 point gap is needed like for example: 
having a str=50 then you need at least dex=30. So in this kind of style of
building up your mercenary you need 2 points in str, and in the next level
you need 1 point str and 1 point dex, and after another level then 
2 points str and etc.



III. Knight Build [MKB]:

Knight, one of the well known and used characters of all the MMORPG. 
Knight can be a little slow but with its greater strength it can damage 
greatly who are on his way. They can be the greatest helper in the game 
for they have great defense that can almost survive any blow from enemies.
They greatly help a party who are need of a tanker.

~ For those who want a strong build for mercenary who wants to become 
a knight then I suggest you put more on str and sta and give at least 
20 point gap of str and sta on which the str is higher than the sta. 
Also if you want you could put 30 dex to your build for more speed in 
killing the enemies.

~ There are also build of sta and dex and NO str at all and I suggest 
also to always remember a 20 point gap of your build. This build is 
more likely good in PVP.

~ Here comes the pure str build which I don't really recommend because 
it may kill enemies easily but your defense sucks and you frequently 
need more pots to revitalize, and this build sucks at PVP.


IV. Blade Build [MBB]:

Blade, one of the deadliest characters in game. Through his swiftness move
it can kill anyone in a single silent blow. Blade is much more likely well
known as the assassins in the game. They deal deadly attacks to enemies,
so when you challenge them think first.

~ For those who want to become a blade then I suggest you put more on 
dex and str and don't forget the 20 point gap. Also it can be dex and 
sta which is also be like a knight build.

~ For those who want pure dex, it is said that this build is greater 
than pure str. I'm not yet sure what pure dex have in power but to the 
people I knew in other country told me that pure dex is faster and 
enemies miss frequently which is in your advantage.



V. Elementer Build [MEB]:

Elementer, the great sorcerer who deals greater damage to anyone that
comes along his path. It use and summons the power of elements that 
surround them. They can almost destroy anything with one blow. 

~ Pure int are what most elementer builds. Pure int really sucks at
defense but the higher level you are the powerful you are. Elementer is
one of the most powerful damage creator when it comes to pure int.

~ Aside from pure int, you could also put a little sta for a little
defense. This will help a lot especially that pure int sucks at defense.


VI. Psykeeper Build [MPB]:

Psykeeper, given with the power of psychic ability they can destroy
enemies with the use of their own mind. They can make enemies suffer and
become weak, and not only they can weaken monsters but they can also
protect from themselves with their own abilities.

~ One of the builds for psykeeper is more sta than int on which we can
apply the 20 point gap. Psykeeper are said to be one of the soloist that
can easily kill boss specially with a good build and a right equipment.

~ Pure int can be also applied with psykeeper but the problem with this
build as many magicians do is that it's very hard to level up because you
get low hp and you need at least to have a party.



VII. Ringmaster Build [ARB]:

Ringmaster, one who helps and aids the needy. They have the divine powers
to help anyone. They are the best companion in a party, they let you
borrow magnificent power to help defeat enemies easily.

~ Pure int can also be applied for ringmaster but the problem with this is
that you need always to have a party member to gain a level. It's a little
bit hard to level up specially when you can't find a party members.


VIII. Billposter Build [ABB]:

Billposter, use there divine power to increase there own abilities. They
are much like a monk who focus there power to gain power or share the
powers with other to defeat enemies.

~ A good build for Billposter is to balance your str, sta and dex. Put
more str , and secondly sta and lastly a little dex to develop a balance
and powerful billposter. It's more likely a mercenary build.

~ I learn also that pure sta is also good for those who want to be 
Billposter cause in the later levels you could use a good skill to match
all enemies. The problem with this is that on you early levels you quite
level up slowly and you also quite miss often with your enemies.

~ The str and dex build, a build that looks like blade build with a little
twist. The problem with this build is that you can easily be killed by
monsters with critical damage specially monsters with higher level than


IX. Skills [SFE]:
|>   Vagrant   <|
~Skills~                                 ~Requirement~
 Clean Hit                                Level 5

|>  Mercenary  <|
~Skills~                                 ~Requirement~
 Splmash                                  Level 15
 Keenwheel                                Splmash lvl4, Level 18
 Blindside                                Keenwheel lvl6, Level 24
 Special Hit                              Blindside lvl8, Level 30
 Bloody Strike                            Splmash lvl3, Level 20
 Reflex Hit                               Bloody Strike lvl8, Level 25
 Guillotine                               Reflex Hit lvl10, Level 30
 Protection                               Level 15
 Pan Barrier                              Protection lvl3, Level 18
 Sneaker                                  Pan Barrier lvl10, Level 20
 Empower Weapon                           Protection lvl5, Level 20
 Smite Axe                                Empower Weapon lvl4, Level 25
 Axe Mastery                              Smite Axe lvl9, Level 30
 Blazing Sword                            Empower Weapon lvl9, Level 25
 Sword Mastery                            Blazing Sword lvl9, Level 30

|>  Magician   <|
~Skills~                                 ~Requirement~
 Mental Strike                            Level 15
 Fire Boomerang                           Mental Strike lvl3, Level 18
 Hot Air                                  Fire Boomerang lvl5, Level 25
 Fire Strike                              Hot Air lvl7, Level 30
 Sword Wind                               Mental Strike lvl5, Level 20
 Strong Wind                              Sword Wind lvl5, Level 25
 Wind Cutter                              Strong Wind lvl7, Level 30
 Ice Missile                              Mental Strike lvl3, Level 25
 Water Ball                               Ice Missile lvl5, Level 25
 Spring Water                             Water Ball lvl7, Level 30
 Lightning Ball                           Mental Strike lvl5, Level 18
 Lightning Palm                           Lightning Ball lvl5, Level 25
 Lightning Shock                          Lightning Palm lvl7, Level 30
 Spike Stone                              Mental Strike lvl2, Level 18
 Rock Crush                               Spike Stone lv5, Level 25
 Looting                                  Rock Crash lvl7, Level 30
 Blink Pool                               Mental Strike lvl3, Level 30

|>   Assist    <|
~Skills~                                 ~Requirement~
 Heal                                     Level 15
 Patience                                 Heal lvl3, Level 18
 Resurrection                             Patience lvl4, Level 20
 Circle Healing                           Resurrection lvl4, Level 25
 Prevention                               Circle Healing lvl4, Level 30
 Quick Step                               Heal lvl3, Level 18
 Haste                                    Quick Step lvl3, Level 25
 Cat's Reflex                             Haste lvl4, Level 28
 Cannon Ball                              Cat's Reflex lvl4, Level 35
 Mental Sign                              Heal lvl3. Level 18
 Heap Up                                  Mental Sign lvl4, Level 20
 Beef Up                                  Heap Up lvl4, Level 25
 Accuracy                                 Beef Up lvl4, Level 30
 Tamping Hole                             Heal lvl3, Level 20
 Stonehand                                Tamping Hole lvl4, Level 25
 Burst Crack                              Stonehand lvl4, Level 28
 Power Fist                               Burst Crack lvl4, Level 35

|>   Knight    <|
~Skills~                                 ~Requirement~
 Charge                                   Sword Master lvl3, Level 60
 Pain Dealer                              Axe Mastery lvl3, Level 60
 Guard                                    Level 60
 Earth Divider                            Charge lvl4, Level 65
 Power Stump                              Pain Dealer lvl4, Level 65
 Rage                                     Guard lvl5, Level 65
 Pain Reflection                          Rage lvl4, Level 70
 Power Swing                              Pain Reflection lvl7, Level 70

|>    Blade    <|
~Skills~                                 ~Requirement~
 Silent Strike                            Sword Master lvl3, Level 60
 Spring Attack                            Axe Mastery lvl3, Level 60
 Armor Penetrate                          Level 62
 Blade Dance                              Silent Strike lvl5, Level 65
 Hawk Attack                              Spring Attack lvl5, Level 65
 Berserk                                  Armor Penetrate lvl4, Level 65
 Sonic Blade                              Berserk lvl7, Level 70
 Cross Strike                             Sonic Blade lvl7, Level 75

|>  Elementer   <|
~Skills~                                 ~Requirement~
 Firebird                                 Fire Strike lvl7, Level 60
 Stone Spear                              Looting lvl3, Level 60
 Void                                     Wind Cutter lvl7, Level 60
 Thunder Strike                           Lightning Shock lvl7, Level 60
 Iceshark                                 Spring Water lvl7, Level 60
 Burning Field                            Firebird lvl5, Level 65
 Earthquake                               Stone Spear lvl5, Level 65
 Wind Field                               Void lvl5, Level 65
 Electric Shock                           Thunder Strike lvl4, Level 65
 Poison Cloud                             Iceshark lvl5, Level 65
 Fire Master                              Fire Strike lvl7, Level 70
 Earth Master                             Looting lvl3, Level 70
 Wind Master                              Wind Cutter lvl7, Level 70
 Lightning Master                         Lightning Shock lvl7, Level 70
 Water Master                             Spring Water lvl7, Level 70
 Meteor Shower                            Burning Field lvl6,
                                          Earthquake lvl5, Level 70
 Sandstorm                                Wind Field lvl6,
                                          Earthquake lvl5, Level 70
 Lightning Storm                          Wind Field lvl6,
                                          Electric Shock lvl5, Level 70
 Avalance                                 Poison Cloud lvl7,
                                          Earthquake lvl7, Level 75

|>  Psykeeper  <|
~Skills~                                 ~Requirement~
 Demonology                               Level 60
 Psychic Bomb                             Mental Strike lvl10, Level 60
 Crucio Spell                             Mental Strike lvl10, Level 60
 Satanology                               Demonology lvl3, Level 65
 Spirit Bomb                              Psychic Bomb lvl6, Level 65
 Maximum Crisis                           Crucio Spell lvl7, Level 65
 Psychic Wall                             Satanology lvl4,
                                          Spirit Bomb lvl7, Level 70
 Psychic Square                           Psychic Wall lvl7,
                                          Maximum Crisis lvl5, Level 75

|>  Ringmaster <|
~Skills~                                 ~Requirement~
 Protect                                  Heap Up lvl6, Level 60
 Holycross                                Level 60
 Gvur Tialla                              Prevention lvl4, Level 60
 Holy Guard                               Protect lvl3, Level 65
 Spiriture Fortune                        Level 65
 Heal Rain                                Gvur Tialla lvl3, Level 70
 Geburah Tiphreth                         Holy Guard lvl4,
                                          Spiriture Fortune lvl7, Level 75
 Merkaba Hanzelrusha                      Heal Rain lvl4, Level 80

|>  Billposter <|
~Skills~                                 ~Requirement~
 Belial Smashing                          Power Fist lvl5, Level 60
 Asmodeus                                 Level 60
 Bloody Fist                              Belial Smashing lvl2, Level 65
 Baraqijal Esna                           Asmodeus lvl3, Level 65
 Piercing Serpent                         Blood Fist lvl5, Level 70
 Bgvur Tialbold                           Baraqijal Esna lvl5, Level 70
 Sonichand                                Piercing Serpent lvl7,
                                          Bgvur Tialbold lvl6, Level 65
 Asalraalaikum                            Sonichand lvl7, Level 80


X. ~Credits~ [CFE]:

First of all I'd like to give a big thanks to my GF Michelle, 
Aka Chex2 for continue support of this project. Thanks also to some of
the friends in FlyFF ( I can't name them all because there are tons 
of them). 

I also thank my sister ReikaSaito for editing parts of the Faqs.

Thanks to Musashi (Penjun) of Oro Christian Grace Shool.

    And especially
  For reading this faq

Your comments and suggestions are welcome ^_^
E-mail me at 
[DarkGanja, the super adict MMORPG player]
[ReikaSaito, the ever best sister of DarkGanja]