Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Cheats


  • Character Codes

    Once you enter the Debug Menu, enter the following: set harry Mesh skeletalMesh 'HPModels.sk______Mesh' (DON'T PUT THE UNDERSCORE IN THE CODE...KEEP READING) In the underscored area, put (and no spaces in front of or after):

    Play as AragogAragog
    Play as Filch (includes dust sweeper)Filch
    Play as Fire CrabFireCrab
    Play as FredFredWeasley
    Play as Ghost: Fat FriarFatFriar
    Play as Ghost: Moaning MyrtleMoaningMyrtle
    Play as Ghost: Nearly Headed NickNHNick
    Play as Ghost: The Bloody BaronBloodyBaron
    Play as Giant Snake (or Basilisk)Basilisk
    Play as GnomeGnome
    Play as HagridHagrid
    Play as HermioneHermione
    Play as Madame PomfreyMadamePromfrey
    Play as Mrs. Norris (Filch's cat)MrsNorris
    Play as Pig (one of the pigs in Hagrid's place)Pig
    Play as Professor DumbledoreProfDumbledore
    Play as Professor LockhartProfLockhart
    Play as Professor SnapeProfSnape
    Play as Professor Sprout (Not sure why you'd want to)ProfSprout
    Play as RonRon
    Play as RonPlay as Professor McGonagallProfMcGonagall
    Play as the Fat Lady (Gryffindor Portrait in front of the common room)PinkLady
    Play as the Golden SnitchSnitch

    Contributed By: TwofoldPain.

  • Info for debug mode

    After activating debug mode, enter these in by pressing ` which brings up a menu
    1) set statusitemflobbermucus ncount #

    2) set statusitemwiggenbark ncount #

    3) set statusitemwiggenwell ncount #

    4) set statusitemgryffindorpts ncount #(You can use it with other houses as well)

    6) quit/exit (Quits the game quickly)

    (1)-(4) change the # with a number

    Contributed By: oren.

  • More Console Cheats

    Enter the following codes by enabling the "debug mode" on the game (above). so far these codes have been tested and have worked for me, they may take a couple of tries to get them to work though- You can find your own, for example you are required to find the boomslang skin just enter

    set statusitemboomslang ncount 1000

    and it should say on the prompt

    >set statusitemboomslang ncount 1000

    meaning that it worked if not you should get a "Unrecognized class" or other errors

    Replace the # with a number do not use the # sign. i.e.

    #23 <<WRONG!
    23 << ok

    A slight misspelling may cause errors.


    Replace # with a number and youll get #(yournumber) of the boomlslang skin (has not been tested over 1000)set statusitemboomslang ncount#
    Replaces Hufflepuffs house points with the # valueset statusitemhufflepuffpts ncount #
    Replaces Ravenclaws house points with the # valueset statusitemravenclawpts ncount #
    Sets slytherins house points with the # valueset statusitemslytherinpts ncount #

    Contributed By: 6l1tch_F1nd3r.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Cheats


  • Shortcut Passwords

    To unlock, beat Peeves after you visit the shop for the first time. You will then be able to use the portrait shortcuts to go from floor to floor.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Shortcut PasswordsBeat Peeves after Fred and George\'s shop

    Contributed By: tigger93.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Cheats


  • Codes

    Enter the following codes during gameplay:

    Reset jump heightharrynormaljump

    Contributed By: Starky27.

  • Fly and Walk Through Walls

    While playing the game, type "harrydebugmodeon". It may not work the first time, but keep trying. Then press the ~ key. Here, enter "set engine.playerpawn bcheatsenabled true" and press enter. Then type the following:

    Disables "fly" and "ghost" mode.Walk
    Fly and go through walls, ceilings, and certain floors. Also works while on broom.Ghost
    Use jump buttons and arrow keys to fly.Fly

    Contributed By: 802sirius.

  • Jump Higher

    During the game, type in harrysuperjump.

    Contributed By: Genis Irving.

  • Resore Health

    During the game, type in harrygetsfullhealth

    Contributed By: Genis Irving.

  • Turn on/off debug mode

    During the game, type in harrydebugmodeon. To turn it off, press F7

    Contributed By: Genis Irving.

  • Unlockables

    Type these in during gameplay.

    Gain ## beansgivebeans
    Gain ## Fireseedsgiveseeds
    Gain ## Gryffindor pointsgivehousepoints
    Gain all normal cardsgiveallcards
    Kill Everythingkillall
    Quit gamequit
    Set Harry run speedsetspeed

    Contributed By: The_Enthusiast.


  • Recieve the Harry Potter wizard card

    Have all 24 witches and wizard cards and at least 250 Bertie Botts every flavor beans after you defeat Voldemort.

    Contributed By: kcorby.


  • See Fred and George's 'Experiments'

    At 4 locations throughout the game, meet with Fred and George Weasley and give them 25 Bertie Botts. Not only do you get Wizard Cards, but you'll see their practical joke at the end of the game.

    Contributed By: Genis Irving.

Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup Cheats


  • Misc. Unlockables

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Bulgarian teamCollect any 65 Quidditch Cards
    FireboltCollect any 50 Quidditch Cards
    Nimbus 2000Collect any 15 Quidditch Cards
    Nimbus 2001Collect any 35 Quidditch Cards
    Queerditch MarshBeat the World Cup with any team.

    Contributed By: Starcube.

  • The Final Card

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    The final card, Edgar CloggsCollect all the other 103 cards to unlock it .

    Contributed By: sarbaraj101.

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