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Dark Messiah Might and Magic. Can it be played on Vista ?

can this be played on vista ? having no luck installing on my win xp machine. I have downloaded on vista. it gets to where there could be a char creation screen then screen goes black. Help !

Bubba_Bishop asked for clarification:

I have basically the same question as you but i have already installed it and my went black as well only it had random writnig and other stuff on the screen.To Anubispt where would i go to update my drivers?


Anubispt answered:

Yes it works on vista.Update your video drivers.
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Anubispt answered:

First you have to see what manufacturers made your video card, probably you have one of this 3:Ati,Nvidia,Intel.Go to their site and look for suport or drivers, see wich one is yours(Example:Nvidia GeForce4 MX 420) follow the instructions given and download.If you have a Intel i recomend the download of Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator Driver it helps a little.

PS.When working with vista always play as the administrator,it may seem strange but some game will work if you enable this option.
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