Question from Snowblind330

Will DarkMessiah of Might & Magic work on a Dell laptop?

I was wanting this game for Christmas and I cant find a n answer.

Kaintaka asked for clarification:

Not really sure without your system specs, however, since this is an older game, and has pretty decent backwards compatability, as long as your laptop has a 3d card, and is younger than a year or two, it should run.

If you want to know for sure, we'd have to know what 3d card you have, your processor, and any other hardware you're aware of.

Rebellion_ asked for clarification:

Laptops are generally terrible for gaming, so specs or question will go unanswered for another year.


xana117 answered:

This is an answer: My laptop is a VAIO Laptop, it can run Many games, From gothic to L4D

This is a very old laptop, i bought it on 2003
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xana117 answered:

Sorry, Yes, it Should be possible for it to run it, if it laggs, try Lowering the Graphics
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