RF Online

                Beginners Guide

By Komania

Table of Contents

0.0 - Introduction

1.0 - Installation
 1.1 Creating account
 1.2 Installing Game
 1.3 Aquiring registration key

2.0 - Creating a character
 2.1 Factions
 2.2 Classes

3.0 - Controls
 3.1 Mouse Mode
 3.2 Keyboard mode

4.0 - Basics
 4.1 Chatting, trading and buddies
 4.2 Leveling
 4.3 Equipment
 4.4 Vendors
 4.5 Guilds

5.0 - FAQs

6.0 - Contact Me!

7.0 - Legal Stuff

0.0 - Introduction

Hello, I'm Komania, in this guide you will find he basics of this
game. I will run through the installation (as well as where to get
the hard-to-find registration key), the controls, the character
creation as well as many other aspects.This guide also includes
an FAQ section to answer many of your question about Rising Force

1.0 - Installation

Here you will find out about how to get the game up and running on
your computer.

1.1 Creating an account

Before you do anything else, I think it would be wise to create an
account. To do this you must first go to the official RF Online
website found at http://www.rf-onlinegame.com . Once there, look at
the right side of the website (the red column). Look through it until
you find a section called "service". Underneath that, you should see
"Create a COG account" (COG means CodeMaster Online Game). Click that.
Look through the Terms of Agreement and then select "I Agree" and
clicksubmit. Fill out all of the forms, then click submit. Fill out
the next forms (confirming your username and password). Then click
submit.Then, check your e-mail (the one that you gave) and click the
linkprovided in the email COG sent you. All you need to do now is
select"RF Online", enter the letter thingys and the regestration
key (see section below). Now you have an account!

1.2 Installing the game

Simple enough. Go to the following site and decide which downloading
client you want to use:

NOTE: If that does not work, use this site to download it:

1.3 Aquiring the registration key

To aquire the registration key, you must first go to the following
website: http://www.tryrfonline.com/landing.php . Next, look for the
banner at the top of the page that says: "Try RF Online FREE for 10
days" (don't worry, the game's 100% free). Click on it. You will be
transported back to a page at the official site. Fill out the
confirmationthing. YOu will then see a registration code appear.
Copy and paste that when you creat an account (see 1.1).

2.0 - Creating a Character

Ah... creating a character. That has always been my joy about online
games. Well, anyways, in this section I will describle the three races
as well as each class.

2.1 Factions

Take control of a character from one of three factions. They are, the
Bellato Union (elfs), the Holy Alliance Cora (humans) and the
Accretia Empire (aliens/robots).

Bellato Untion:

Classes: Ranger, specialist, warrior and spiritualist. (See classes)

Overview: The Bellato Union utilise machines and some magic in their
culture. Renowned for their great mechanical minds, intelligence and
hand-eye coordination, the Bellato can construct huge armoured battle
mechs and weapons to use in the war. Though they are physically strong
and intelligent, the huge gravitational energies from their home planet
have left the Bellato with smaller builds. The Bellato are experienced
traders and their financial minds and greed have driven the need to
extend out to other planets, to colonize and claim resource. To expand
to the rest of the universe, the Bellato have to ensure that the Novus
Sector doesn't fall under the supremacy of the Accretia or Cora. This
desire to expand and grow will no doubt leave the galaxy engulfed in
turmoil and chaos.
(Taken from: http://www.rf-onlinegame.com/factions-bellato.php)

Backround: The mechanized equipment was initially produced for use in
scientific progression, and was used on construction sites in the past
and not for battle purposes. As the technology progressed, more diverse
types of armour equipment were mass-produced and as the armour unit
became more established it was placed into live battle zones.

Those early battles featuring the armoured machines saw some impressive
victories for the federation. This led to the national defence
expenditure increasing, with the army gearing towards producing more of
the armour units. However, in the course of the Novus War, the armour
unit’s previous criminal records coupled with a series of defeats in
battle to the Accretian launcher units, saw the internal position of
the unit's effectiveness within the army weakened. These defeats where
largely as a result of the armoured units not being designed in
consideration of the geographical features of the Novus Planet,
but after the rights to manufacture was handed over to the civilian
contractors, they were remodelled to suit the landscape of Novus.

As the efficiency of the armour units dropped due to the huge
operationalcosts involved, the federation’s peace committee decided
to close down the armour unit group. The armoured units can be divided
into two types; one constructed as a field style unit and the other as
a siege warfare unit. The Siege unit was very complicated to produce
and required vast amounts of consumable resources, more than the
federation could really sustain. The Field Armour unit in contrast
was better suited to mass production as it was possible to produce them
economically and for this reason they are more widely available. The
committee then became unsure as to how to dispose of the units, so they
decided that the civilians could dispose and trade the units at a low
price, but a law was passed due to the powerful firepower of the units
to ensure that they were not used outside of the army.
(Taken from: http://www.rf-onlinegame.com/factions-bellato.php)

Opinion: A great charater to play if you want a balance between the two
other factions. You are permitter magic (to a certain degree) and mechs
(to a certain degree as well). This is a great faction, in my opinion.

Holy Alliance Cora:

Classes: Spiritualist, warrior, specialist and ranger.

Overview: The Holy Alliance Cora is a spiritual civilisation with a
firm belief in religion and the magical arts. Though the history of
the Cora has been built on religious wars, which has created multiple
states and nations, the country is strongly unified through its core
religious beliefs. The Cora people, united as the Holy Alliance, now
battle for their survival using the magical powers drawn from their
spiritual beliefs, and traditional weapons blessed by their god, Disem.
(Taken from: http://www.rf-onlinegame.com/factions-cora.php)

Backround: Decem has created the world to turn oblivion into beauty,
and the Corites to enforce his will. Knowing they are the chosen race,
Corites have organized their society accordingly to their faith in their
god. Everything they do in “This Life” is to ascend to a high station or
being, gaining them a closer relationship with their god. It is evident
that those who do enforce His will are granted more powers, abilities and
become stronger in the use of the Darkling Force, the most precious gift
Decem has made to His children.

Decem states that Corites must not harm the planet or any planets they
inhabit, that they must insure its well being and take care of it, for
harming the planet would be harming Decem himself. Corites are permitted
only to use the resources they need to expand and move on to help fulfil
the will of Decem. They do all things within nature, heightening it in its
vast beauty. The Corites refine metals with the Darkling Force, combining
alloys without causing pollution to create their items and weapons. All of
their items are technologies empowered by the Darkling force.

Corite clothing and armours are made from nothing but natural materials, the
clothing they wear is loose and allows for a lot of flexibility. It is the
Corites’ belief that their bodies are a shrine to Decem, for he created them.
Corites hold beauty with a lot of value, and take care of their bodies and
hygene extremely well. They love and respect their bodies as to act in perfect
unison within Decem.

All foods and consumables eaten by the Corites must be blessed by Decem before
they eat them. In accordance with their beliefs, all the food they ingest is to
be completely natural wholesome foods grown specifically by the Corites for the
purpose of eating, using only natural means to create the sustenance which they
require to survive.

Opinion: Although Cora is a great faction, it's no my favorite. That's because
the Cora's rely heavily on magic, and not much on combat. So this faction is
completly useless if you are not going to be doing magic (or possibly ranged)
attacks. But, if you love wizard-like people in video games, you'll love this

Accretian Empire:

Classes: Ranger, warrior and specialist.

Overview: The Accretian Empire follows a totalitarian regime where goals are
for the Empire, a thought that is embraced by its followers. There is no
feeling when it comes to the destruction of other races and for good
reason, for the Accretia are a race of mechanised units with a
materialistic thinking. The Accretia are proud to be the strongest and
most formidable race in the galaxy, and are proud of the huge weapons
they have created to kill men, women and all things living. Their need
to expand to the further reaches of the universe to become even
stronger is paramount and a key driving force to their being. This has
inevitably led them to the Planet Novus and the arcane civilisations
it plays home to.
(Taken from: http://www.rf-onlinegame.com/factions-accretia.php)

Backround: Accretians are organic brains merged into mechanical bodies…
Not being mere robots acting accordingly to a rigid piece of software,
they are to obey a motive, and that motive is the pursuit of perfection.

While individualism is not promoted, and not even tolerated, self-
consciousness does remain; the Accretian society is not to be seen
as a hive or a collective mind. The way they are created, educated
and indoctrinated makes the Accretians solely concerned by the
evolution of the society as a whole. However, perfection at a
higher level can only be achieved through perfection at an individual

Accretians are the direct descendants of the EMC researchers, the
humans who gave birth to Bellateans and Corites through their
experiments. Thriving on that heritage, they have brought the
intelligence and dedication to science of their ancestors up to
new levels.

Accretian culture is all about science and rational thinking. That
makes them seek relentlessly for knowledge and rational explanations
and solutions to problems, at every level. Be it a soldier learning
tactics from past skirmishes or a leading scientist searching new
cloning methods by the study of other races’ anatomy.

The Accretian army, being fully mechanised has very few needs, it does
however require constant maintenance. Apart from this downtime for
repairs, the Accretian army is quite self-sufficient; their robotic
bodies completely self sustaining and replenishing their energy and
bodily functions where required.

However the human brain inside of the Accretians cybernetic bodies
does need to rest every once in a while, the brain is incapable of
being on alert constantly without suffering from fatigue, thus when
needed to, the Accretians will shut down and ‘rest’ to recover .
Despite this biological need to rest, an Accretian are still far
stronger than it would be if still in human form. Their metallic bodies
also grant the Accretian populace a far superior regeneration
capability then that of the Bellateans or the Corites.

Opinion: My personnal favorite faction. These guys remind me of
Transformers, actually.They are mostly combat oriented (although I do
love giving them those giant guns). And,they have a very fast recovery
rate. But, there is absolutly no magic for this faction.So if you
want magic, join the Alliance, or the Union. Because these powerhouses
are too strong for that.

2.2 Classes

Class: Warrior

Faction: Bellato

Description: Warrior focus more on close-range attacks than anything
else. They wear heavy armor and have strong melee weapons. As part of
the Belatto faction, warriors have a medium strength.

Upgrade chart:

                                 Berserker (lvl 40)
              Commando (lvl 30)
             /                 \
Basic Warrior                    Armsman (lvl 40)
             \                 /
               Miller (lvl 30)
                                 Shield Miller (lvl 40)

Class: Warrior

Faction: Cora

Description: As a Cora, warriors are OK. That's because Cora's are so
good in magic that you'd be better off just becoming a spiritualist.
But still, a warrior is a warrior. And, although not as powerful as
the Accretians, are still pretty strong.

Upgrade Chart:

                                 Templar Knight (lvl 40)
              Champion (lvl 30)
             /                 \
Basic Warrior                    Guardian (lvl 40)
             \                 /
               Knight (lvl 30)
                                 Black Knight (lvl 40)

Class: Warrior

Faction: Accretia

Description: The most powerful unit in the game. Along with the stength of
giant melee weapons, and the right equipment, you will cause everybody to
shake in fear lol. Anyways, I often refer to this guy as the powerhouse,
so make good use of him.

Upgrade Chart:

                                  Punisher (lvl 40)
              Destroyer (lvl 30)
             /                  \
Basic Warrior                     Assaulter (lvl 40)
             \                  /
               Gladius (lvl 30)
                                  Mercenary (lvl 40)

Class: Ranger

Faction: Bellato

Description: Heh heh... The Bellato rangers remind me of spies (or assasins,
for that matter). They are best suited with a gun (bows are nice, but these
guys work better with light firearms). Also, Bellato units have quite a bit
of agility, so make good use of it.

Upgrade Chart:

                                 Hidden Soldier (lvl 40)
             Desperado (lvl 30)
            /                  \
Basic Ranger                     Sentinel (lvl 40)
            \                  /
              Sniper  (lvl 30)
                                 Infiltrator (lvl 40)

Class: Ranger

Faction: Cora

Descirption: Perfect time to bust out the ol' bow and start firing. The Cora
are best suited for bows, and not guns. Coras also have great agility which
is essentiel for a ranger. Another thing that is great for the Coras is the
very long range they have.

Upgrade Chart:

                                Adventurer (lvl 40)
              Archer (lvl 30)
            /                 \
Basic Ranger                    Stealer (lvl 40)
            \                 /
              Hunter (lvl 30)
                                Assasin (lvl 40)

Class: Ranger

Faction: Accretia

Description: It's time to bring in the big guns... literally. The thing about
Accretia (even though they are best suited for warriors), is the massive size
of some of their guns. It's crazy! On the downside, though, because of the
giant metal suits, these guys don't have as much agiliy as the other

Upgrade Chart:

                               Phantom Shadow (lvl 40)
              Scout (lvl 30)
            /                \
Basic Ranger                   Dementer (lvl 40)
            \                /
              Gunner (lvl 30)
                               Striker (lvl 40)

Class: Specialist

Faction: Bellato

Description: Specialists do not focus on combat. But they are great as
mining, producing ore and crafting things. Meh. That's all I have to
say about this class.

Upgrade Chart:

                 Craftsman (lvl 30) -> Mental Smith (lvl 40)
Basic Specialist
                  Driver (lvl 30) -> Armor Rider (lvl 40)

Class: Specialist

Faction: Cora

Description: Same basic principal as the Bellato specialist. I have nothing
more to say.

Upgrade Chart:

Basic Specialist -> Craftman (lvl 30) -> Artist (lvl 40)

Class: Specialist

Faction: Accretia
Description: Unlike other specialists, these guys are good enough in combat.
But otherwise, it's the same concept as the others.

Upgrade Chart:

                                       Scientist (lvl 40)
Basic Specialist -> Engineer (lvl 30)
                                       Battle Leader (lvl 40)

Class: Spiritualist

Faction: Bellato

Description: Bellatos are OK in magic. They can still use a variety of spells,
although not as powerful as the ones Cora uses.

Upgrade Chart:

                                     Wizard (lvl 40)
                   Psyper (lvl 30)
                  /                \
Basic Spiritualist                   Astralist (lvl 40)
                  \                /
                   Chandra (lvl 30)
                                     Holy Chandra (lvl 40)

Class: Spiritualist

Faction: Cora

Description: At last! The only class (that I find) does Cora justice. Coras
are very good in magic. They can cast a wide variety of spells. If you level
up well enough, you can even fight using only magic!

Upgrade Chart:

                                      Warlock (lvl 40)
                    Caster (lvl 30)
                  /                 \
Basic Spiritualist                    Dark Priest (lvl 40)
                  \                 /
                   Summoner (lvl 30)
                                      Grazier (lvl 40)

3.0 - Controls

In this section you will learn about the different controls in RF Online.

3.1 Mouse Mode

Coming Soon

3.2 Keyboard Mode

<Right Click> Hold and move mouse to move camera

<Mouse Wheel> Zoom In/Out

<Up> Move Forwards

<Down> Move in reverse

<Left> Rotate left

<Right> Rotate Right

<W> Move forwards

<S> Move in Reverse

<A> Strafe Left

<D> Strafe Right

<I> Opens Inventory

<J> Opens Journal

<C> Opens character menu

<T> Opens chat (until you exit it)

<ENTER> Opens quick chat (closes once you send a message)

<B> Opens buddies menu

(E-Mail me if I forgot some commands)

4.0 - Basic

Here I will just run through some of the basics of the game.

4.1 Chatting and trading, buddies and guilds

- To chat you must either open the quick chat or the regular chat. Quick
chat will only allow you to send global messages, while the regualar chat
enables you to send messages glabaly, to your party, to your guild or to
your faction (by clicking the buttons at the bottom). You can also whisper
to one person in perticular.

- All you have to do to trade is hold CTRL then left click on somebody.
A little menu should come up beside the person, all you have to do is then
click trade, If they accept, the trading will commence, if they decline,
then you wont trade with that person.

- Buddies are people like contacts on an IM. You will always know if they are
online and you'll be able to send them personal messages (PMs). For someone to
become your buddy, they must accept you request. To send a request, hold CTRL
and then left click on that person. Then click "buddies" (or something like
on the little menu that comes up. If they accept, you've got a new buddy !


4.2 Levelling

Levelling is an extremly easy concept. Whenever you hit an enemy, you gain
experience points. Once you have enough XP, you'll gain a level. When you
gain a level, your abilities increase and you earn the right to wear better
equipment. To see how close you are to growing a level, just look at the
bottom left of the screen. You should see a percentage (i.e. 34.23%). That's
what percent of the XP needed to gain a level you have.

4.3 Equipment


5.0 - FAQs

Nothing yet, I'll post questions that I recieve in e-mails.

6.0 Contact me!

You can contact me at:


Please put RFO or RF Online or something similar in the title or it will
be treated as spam. All questions, corrections and suggestions are very

7.0 Legal Stuff

Only GameFAQs.com is autorized to use this guide.

Thanks to the official RF website for the backround stories of the factions.

(c)2008 MVP Inc. All Rights Reserved.