Sid Meier's SimGolf Cheats


  • Money Cheat + Landmarks

    Simply press the ''Shift'' and ''='' (''+'') key on your keyboard to gain more money and access to landmarks. Note that you can continue to hold it down for some really obscene amounts of money.

    Contributed By: tfobf.

Sim Theme Park Cheats


  • Get More Visitors

    Hold Left Shift, Left Ctrl, and Left Alt.

    Contributed By: Jobu Dudley.

  • Increase Park attendance

    More visitors will arrive when you hold [Left Shift] + [Left Ctrl] + [Left Alt]

    Contributed By: SSV.


  • Park Unlockables

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Space Zone ParkCollect 5 Golden Keys
    World of Wonders ParkCollect 3 Golden Keys

    Contributed By: Llamaman2.


  • Easy Park Entrances

    You can go to the /data/levels/space/ folder, and locate the global.sam file. Where it says, find the number 5 to the right of it and change it to a 1. Now it will only cost 1 key to get into the highest level in the game that would've normally taken 5 keys to get to. (The same can be done on the Fantasy level (/data/levels/fantasy/). Enjoy!

    Contributed By: xxsnareb0y07xx.

  • Hack Codes

    NOTE: All these involve changing a system or game file, so have a back-up ready prior to hacking. Altering game files may mess up your game, you do this at your own risk.

    When outside of the game:
    Locate the standard.sam file in the /data/levels directory of your Sim Theme Park game. Find the Bank Balance section and change starting balance from the default of 50,000 to whatever you need. The sky is the limit, go as high as you wish.

    In the same standard.sam file, locate the string PeepInfo.MinimumEntryFee and set it to a high number (100 is good). As long as your entry fee is less than that amount, guests will come into your park with no objections or complaints. You could make it higher to make a quick buck if you would like, too.

    In the same standard.sam file, locate the string for Arrival.MinPeople and change the number. This determines how many guests are dropped off when transportation vehicles arrive at your entrance. This helps you win golden tickets and challenges, a very good cheat.

    Locate the rides.* file in your game's /data/levels directory. This file can be copied from one level to the next.

    Contributed By: DarkLink715.

  • Raise Prices for Easy Money

    While patrons are entertaining themselves with affordable amusements (like the puzzle sideshow), raise its admission fee. When their games have ended, players will pay the higher rate. Lower prices to attract consumers and repeat.

    Contributed By: Jobu Dudley.

SimCity 3000 Unlimited Cheats


  • All SC3KU Bulidings

    All SC3KU BuildingsClick on and off the Power Plant Icon, click on and off the Rewards Icon, click on and off the Garbage Icon, click on the Landmarks Icon

    Contributed By: CCN.

  • Cheat Codes

    To activate the Dialog Cheat Box press [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Shift]+C, then enter the following codes:

    $100.000 from Petitionercall cousin vinnie
    All Extra Rewardspay tribute to your king
    All Garbage Utils.garbage in, garbage out
    All items for freei am weak
    All Power Plantspower to the masses
    All Water Utils.water in the desert
    Birds Fly Around Citythe birds
    City Hall Descriptioni love red tape
    Fresh to Salt Watersalt on
    High Tech Industriesnerdz rool
    Lowers Terrain by 1/10terrain down 1/10
    Neighbor Deals (must connect first)let's make a deal
    Raises Terrain by 1/10terrain up 1/10
    Reduce Pollution and Traffictraffic lights
    Salt to Fresh Watersalt off
    Sim Castle (must activate and decline Vinnie)zyxwvu
    Ticker Messagesimcity
    Ticker Messagesimon says (type a message)
    Ticker Messagehello
    Ticker Messagemayor
    Ticker Messagesc3k
    Ticker Message1234
    Ticker Messagemaxis
    Ticker Messagemoremoney
    Ticker Messageadvisor
    Ticker Messagefund
    Ticker Messagemoney
    Ticker Messageticker
    Ticker Messageelectronic arts
    Ticker Messagebroccoli
    Ticker Messageporntipsguzzardo
    Ticker Messagebat
    Ticker Messagescurk
    Ticker Messagellama
    Ticker Messageeaster egg
    Ticker Messagesim
    Ticker Messagehelp
    Ticker Messagewill wright
    Ticker Messageerts
    unlimited ufos when disaster "ufo" is activatedufo swarm

    Contributed By: The and shadowfalconm16.


  • Hidden Music

    Go to the ''SimCity 3000 Unlimited\Apps\Res\Sound'' directory and open ''audio.ini'' with a text editor such as Notepad.
    [I recommend creating a backup copy before editing this file in case you screw up].

    Scroll down to a section called [Music]. Look for the line ;0x0a=''Concrete Jungle'',0,''Music\3kp5m.xa'','''',0,1,0,1 and change ;0x0a to 0x13. Next, look for a the line 0x0f=''SimCity 2000 Theme'',0,''Music\SC2KBug.xa'','''',0,0,0,1 and change 0,0,0,1 to 0,1,0,1. Save your changes and start up SC3U. These 2 tracks titled ''Concrete Jungle'' & ''SimCity 2000 Theme'' should now be visible in the music playlist.

    Contributed By: HungryHomer.

SimCoaster Cheats


  • Unlock all Worlds

    To unlock all worlds, Hold down the shift button while you type: allparklands

    Unlocks all worldsallparklands

    Contributed By: Alana160.


  • Change in-game features

    (Warning: these cheats involve editing a game file; create a backup of the file before saving any changes.) Use a text editor to edit the 'Standard.sam' file in the '\data\levels' game folder. Now follow the instructions below for each of the cheats, save and start the game and they will be active!

    No pranks again... ever!

    Find the line which has a # and then 'Pranks'. Just below that line is a line that says PeepInfo.PrankeryLikelihood' and then a bit of space and a number. This number shows how many people, out of 100, turn into pranksters if their hapiness gets too low. Change this to 0 to get absolutely no pranksters ever!

    No more strikes... ever!

    Find the title that has a line of #'s, then '# Strike constants', then another line of #'s. Below there, change the number after each of the lines below to 0 to have no strikes ever!


    No limit on number of staff in park

    Find the line that says 'StaffPoolInfo.MaxHandymenInPark'. Change this to a really high number and you will not be able to hire more that that amount of cleaners. Do the same for each of the staff types to be able to hire as many staff as you like!

    No extreme weather again... or always extreme weather from now on!

    Find the title that says '# Weather stuff'. Below is the percentage chance that
    extreme weather of each type can appear in each season (0 = Spring, 1 = Summer,
    etc). Change each number to 0 if you hate extreme wether, or change one type of
    each extreme wether into 100 to get that type of weather all the time!

    Contributed By: gregoryroche.

SimCopter Cheats


  • Helicopter Select

    In the cheat box, type I'm the CEO of McDonnell Douglas (case and punctuation-sensitive). A sound will confirm correct entry. At the ''Buy Chopper'' screen press one of the following numbers to get that helicopter outside the hangar for free.

    1 Bell 206 JetRanger
    2 MD 500
    3 Apache
    4 Bell 212
    5 Schwiezer 300
    6 Agusta A 109A
    7 Dauphin 2
    8 MD Explorer
    9 MD Explorer 520N

    Contributed By: jnr wonderful.

  • How to use your megaphone outside of helicopter

    Press (Alt)+(Ctrl)+ X during gameplay and then type ''A megaphone in the hand is worth two in the bush''. Then just press F6 - F10 to use megaphone.

    Contributed By: Norte X4 4 Life.

  • Invincibility

    Type “Shields up” in the cheat popup.

    Contributed By: DujHoD.

  • Level skip

    Press [Ctrl] [Alt] X, then enter ''Been there, done that''

    Contributed By: awhatnow.

  • Nuclear Explosion

    Hold Ctrl+Alt+X to bring up the cheat menu. Then type in radioactivity and hit ok.

    Contributed By: Black Shadow2525.

  • Return To Chopper

    Put I love my helicopter in the cheat box
    * Note - Cheats are case sensitive.

    Contributed By: jnr wonderful.

  • Three cheats

    Press Ctrl-Alt-X to bring up the cheat prompt. It'll ask you to type in a cheat.

    Follows a certain car through the city behind it.Out on a Sunday drive
    Makes your helicopter extremely large.Make me big
    Woman will appear on billboards and movie screens.PAMCAREYGOLDMAN

    Contributed By: Dark Vortex.

  • Turn into a dog

    Press Alt, Ctrl, and X at the same time then type in “superpowermultiply”. While outside your copter hold shift to turn into a dog.

    Contributed By: Fragnarok.


  • Cheats

    Press Ctrl+Alt+X and enter the desired password for the effect.All passwords are CaSe SeNsItIvE. You will hear a sound if correct

    Big coptersMake me big
    Camera follows a car through the city.Out on a Sunday drive
    full point meter (advance to next round)Been there, done that
    Go back to the Hangar (out of chopper only)There's no place like home
    Go to your chopper (out of chopper only)I love my helicopter
    Hold shift while out of copter to turn into a dog and climb buildings, and go fast, in chopper you just go fastsuperpowermultiply
    Infinite fuelGas does grow on trees
    No damage takenShields up
    Nuclear Explosion that kills you even if Shields up is onRadioactivity
    Pictures of the programmer's wife.PAMCAREYGOLDMAN
    Press #'s 1-9 in the Catalog for all choppersI'm the CEO of McDonnell Douglas
    Save an ASCII city map in C DriveStop and ask for directions
    See ending sequenceGort
    Starts drive-in movies Note: It could be Camera not CamerasLights, Cameras, Action!
    Use megaphone outside of copter by using the F6-F10 buttonsA megaphone in the hand is worth two in the bush
    View map outside of chopperThe map, please
    Warp to career 1-30 in career game only.Warp me to career: (1-30)
    You either get the money (1-50000) or the game crashesGive me money or give me death: (1-50000)

    Contributed By: TripleJump.

Easter Eggs

  • Get the Apache with SCURK

    Use the city creator SCURK (Sim City Urban Renewal Kit)to make a city. Select the Military & Transportation group. Scroll to the bottom of the list and select F-15b. Make two rows of the aircraft somewhere in your city. Then play your city in simcopter. One of the F-15b's will be an Apache.

    Contributed By: ThomasSchafer.


  • Get the Apache Helicopter

    Use the all copters cheat and push 3 in the catalog, go outside and you will find the Apache. Press M for missiles ans SPACE for machine guns. They have unlimited ammo

    Contributed By: TripleJump.

SimSafari Cheats


  • Codes

    During game play type:

    $10,000daddy warbucks
    $750,000flush fund please
    Cats and Dogs in Parkscats and dogs
    Extra Moneymore money
    More Moneymore money
    Poachers Everywhererattle them bones
    Set Time Backin the beginning
    Unlimited Moneywin free money

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