Unreal Cheats


  • Cheat Codes

    During play, press ~ , and enter the following codes, afterwards, press enter again to verify them:

    1st Person Modebehindview 0
    3rd Person Modebehindview 1
    Adds the selected amount of bots to the game. There is no limit but too many will cause a crash.addbots <Number>
    Adjust the game speed.(Default is 1.0)slowmo (1.0-10.0)
    Broadcasts the desired message to other players.say <Message String>
    Can't Drownamphibious
    Disable Fly/Ghost Modeswalk
    Fly Mode(Press Jump)fly
    Freeze all Enemiesplayersonly
    Full Ammoallammo
    Gives Amplifiersummon amplifier
    Gives Anti-grav Bootssummon jumpboot
    Gives Armorsummon armor
    Gives Bio Riflesummon gesbiorifle
    Gives Flak Cannonsummon flakcannon
    Gives Flashlightsummon flashlight
    Gives Health Kegsummon superhealth
    Gives Health Packsummon health
    Gives Minigunsummon minigun
    Gives Pistolsummon dispersionpistol
    Gives Razorjacksummon razorjack
    Gives Rocket Launchersummon eightball
    Gives Scuba Gearsummon scubagear
    Gives Shieldsummon shieldbelt
    Gives Shock Riflesummon asmd
    Gives Sniper Riflesummon rifle
    Gives Stronger Flashlightsummon searchlight
    God Modegod
    If you start getting weird garbage graphics on wall textures or creatures, type this to fix it.flush
    Kill All Bots(Multiplayer)killpawnsbot
    Kill All Enemieskillpawns
    Kill Yourself Instantlysuicide
    kills yourself instantlysuicide
    No Clippingghost
    Opens Desired Mapopen [mapname]
    opens up the advanced options menu where you can change your settings like drivers, sounds, unreal.ini, serverpackages, and morePreferences
    Play Deadfeigndeath
    Spawns a Nalisummon nali
    spawns a Quad Shotgun (unusable weapon taken out of the final game)summon quadshot
    su8mmons a treesummon tree
    summon a body in the thrown animationsummon thrownbody
    summon a cryogenic podsummon cryopod
    summon another female carcasssummon femaletwocarcass
    Summon Dispersion Pistol Powerupsummon weaponpowerup
    summons a "frozen" nali corpse[unreal gold only]summon upak.frozenmesh
    summons a babycowsummon babycow
    summons a barrelsummon barrel
    summons a barrel full of sludgesummon barrelsludge
    summons a barrel of tarydiumsummon tarydiumbarrel
    summons a biterfishsummon biterfish
    summons a blobsummon blob
    summons a blob of bloodsummon bloodblob
    summons a blue booksummon bluebook
    summons a bouldersummon boulder
    summons a boxsummon box
    summons a brute carcasssummon brutecarcass
    Summons a CaveMantasummon cavemanta
    summons a chairsummon chair
    summons a chestsummon chest
    summons a chunk of a gibbed femalesummon femalemasterchunk
    summons a chunk of a gibbed malesummon malemasterchunk
    summons a chunk of a gibbed nalisummon nalimasterchunk
    summons a chunk of a gibbed skaarjsummon skaarjmasterchunk
    summons a dsummon upak.dyingnali
    summons a dead male in a chair-like positionsummon deadchairmale
    summons a devil fishsummon devilfish
    summons a different flagsummon flag1
    summons a different flagsummon flag2
    summons a different flagsummon flag3
    summons a different lampsummon lamp4
    summons a different ship[unreal gold only]summon upak.scoutshp
    summons a different type of lanternsummon lantern2
    summons a different type of legsummon leg2
    summons a drip of bloodsummon drip
    summons a fansummon fan2
    summons a femal carcasssummon femaleonecarcass
    summons a female gibbed headsummon femalehead
    summons a female one skin botsummon femaleonebot
    summons a female two skin botsummon femaletwobot
    summons a flagsummon flagb
    Summons a Flysummon fly
    summons a flysummon fly
    summons a generato making bubblessummon bubblegenerator
    summons a generator of contious blood dripssummon dripgenerator
    Summons a GiantMantasummon giantmanta
    summons a gibbed monster chunksummon creaturemasterchunk
    summons a green booksummon greenbook
    summons a heartsummon pheart
    Summons a IceSkaarjsummon iceskaarj
    summons a knifesummon knife
    Summons a Krallsummon krall
    summons a krallcarcasssummon krallcarcass
    Summons a KrallElitesummon krallelite
    summons a lampsummon lamp
    summons a lanternsummon lantern
    summons a large cannonsummon hugecannon
    summons a legsummon leg1
    Summons a LesserKrallsummon lesserkrall
    summons a liversummon liver
    summons a male gibbed headsummon malehead
    summons a male one skin botsummon maleonebot
    summons a male three skin botsummon malethreebot
    summons a male two skin botsummon maletwobot
    Summons a Mantasummon manta
    summons a manta carcasssummon mantacarcass
    summons a marine box [uneal gold only]summon upak.marinebox
    summons a marine box[same as marine box but was made to be dropped [unreal gold only]]summon upak.marinedropbox
    summons a melted puddle[unreal gold only]summon upak.meltedputtle
    Summons a Mercenarysummon mercenary
    Summons a MercenaryElitesummon mercenaryelite
    summons a moonsummon moon
    summons a nali priestsummon nalipriest
    summons a nali skeloten[ unreal gold only]summon upak.naliskel
    summons a nali that does i dont know what[unreal gold only]summon upak.copter
    summons a plantsummon plant2
    summons a plantsummon plant4
    summons a plantsummon plant1
    summons a plantsummon plant3
    summons a player chunksummon playerchunks
    Summons a Pupae ( spider)summon pupae
    Summons a Queensummon queen
    summons a red booksummon book
    summons a red book[i still dont know what effect this does]summon camerabook
    summons a rocketsummon rocket
    summons a school of biterfishsummon biterfishschool
    summons a ship[unreal gold only]summon upak.scoutship
    summons a signsummon sign1
    Summons a Skaarj Assassinsummon skaarjassassin
    summons a skaarj berserkersummon skaarjberserker
    Summons a Skaarj Gunnersummon skaarjgunner
    summons a skaarj gunnersummon skaarjgunner
    Summons a Skaarj infantrysummon skaarjinfantry
    Summons a Skaarj Lordsummon skaarjlord
    summons a skaarj lordsummon skaarjlord
    Summons a Skaarj Officersummon skaarjofficer
    Summons a Skaarj Scoutsummon skaarjscout
    Summons a Skaarj Snipersummon skaarjsniper
    Summons a Skaarj Troopersummon skaarjtrooper
    Summons a Skaarj Warriorsummon skaarjwarrior
    Summons a Skaarj Warriorsummon skaarjwarrior
    summons a skull that can you can walk thrusummon panel
    summons a small blue shipsummon introship
    summons a small cannonsummon cannon
    summons a small lever[unreal gold only]summon upak.scoutpad
    summons a small shipsummon escapepod
    Summons a small steel boxsummon smallsteelbox
    summons a small wiresummon smallwire
    summons a sonce that is made for holding firesummon sconce
    summons a Squid (enemy not found in the final game)summon squid
    summons a steel boxsummon steelbox
    summons a stomachsummon stomach
    summons a stonetitansummon stonetitan
    summons a tablesummon table
    summons a tapestry with markings on itsummon tapestry1
    summons a thighsummon thigh
    summons a titansummon titan
    summons a treesummon tree12
    summons a treesummon tree7
    summons a treesummon tree3
    summons a treesummon tree11
    summons a treesummon tree9
    summons a treesummon tree8
    summons a treesummon tree4
    summons a treesummon tree10
    summons a treesummon tree2
    summons a treesummon tree1
    summons a treesummon tree5
    summons a WarLordsummon warlord
    summons a wiresummon wire
    summons a yellow booksummon yellowbook
    summons an armsummon arm1
    summons an arrowsummon arrow
    summons an explosive barrel of sludgesummon sludgebarrel
    summons an ice skaarjsummon iceskaarj
    summons another type of moonsummon moon2
    summons another type of moonsummon moon3
    summons gas bagsummon gasbag
    summons grenadesummon infiltration.infil_grenade
    summons hk 69 grenade launchersummon infiltration.infil_hk69
    summons krall dicesummon dice
    summons M9 pistolsummon infiltration.infil_M9
    summons robar sniper riflesummon infiltration.infil_robar
    summons sea weedsummon seaweed
    summons shot gunsummon infiltration.infil_shotgun
    summons skaarj snipersummon skaarjsniper
    summons the Queensummon queen
    summonsa a treesummon tree6
    will give u infinite charge for the item u pickedset (an item) charge 9999999999
    will make the desired monster disappearkillall (pawn)
    will pause the game,press again to deactivatepause
    will show the desired pawn deadsummon (pawn)carcass
    will summon a booksummon book
    will summon a statue of a monksummon monkstatue
    will summon a statue of a nalisummon nali statue
    will summon an urnsummon urn

Unreal Mission Pack: Return to Na Pali Cheats


  • Console Codes

    Press ~ and enter the following:

    999 ammo for all weaponsallammo
    god modegod
    normal viewbehindview0
    third person viewbehindview1

    Contributed By: BlueStar.

  • Console Codes

    Press ~ and enter the following:

    Add weapon or itemsummon <name of weapon/item>
    CA RifleSummon CARifle
    Flight mode offwalk
    Flight mode onfly
    Grenade launcherSummon Grenadelauncher
    Jump to mapopen <map name>
    Kill indicated enemykillall <enemy name>
    Kill monsterskillpawns
    No clipping modeghost
    Reset graphics and texturesflush
    Rocket launcherSummon Rocketlauncher
    Set game speedslomo <number>
    Toggle timeplayersonly

    Contributed By: freakunique.

Unreal Tournament Cheats


  • Ammo.

    If you're low on ammo and there isn't any around you can summon it for the weapon you want. Press the ~ key to bring the console up and type in the following:

    Summons 50 bullets.Summon miniammo
    Summons a clip.Summon eclip
    Summons a pulse cell.Summon pammo
    Summons a rocket pack.Summon rocketpack
    Summons a shock core.Summon Shockcore
    Summons Biosludge.Summon bioammo
    Summons Flak Cannon shells.Summon flakammo
    Summons Razor Blades.Summon bladehopper
    Summons Sniper rifle ammo.Summon bulletbox

    Contributed By: Ido Skira.

  • Cheat Codes

    Press ''~'' after turning on cheats(enter iamtheone in the console) and type:

    1st Person Modebehindview 0
    3rd Person Modebehindview 1
    Adds the specified number of botsaddbots (number)
    All Weaponsloaded
    Disable Flight and Enable ClippingWalk
    Flight Modefly
    Freezes all non-player charatcers (bots).playersonly
    Gives you the Chainsawsummon chainsaw
    Kill All Enemieskillpawns
    Maximum Ammoallammo
    No Clippingghost
    Opens map, where "X" is the name of the map.open X
    Set Game Speed. Default is 1.0slomo (1.0-10.0)
    Summons the Impact Hammer.summon impacthammer
    Summons the Instagib.summon supershockrifle
    Summons the Ripper.summon razorjack
    Type any number 1 or higher where "#" is, and your jump height will change. You don't get hurt no matter how high you set your jump.Setjumpz #
    Your character says a message, where "X" is the message.say X
  • Creature Summoning

    Open the console menu, and if there's enough room around you, type in a code to summon up a monster.

    Summons a Nali.summon unreali.nali
    Summons a Queen, but it'll telefrag you when it spawns.summon unreali.queen
    Summons a Warlord.summon unreali.warlord

    Contributed By: WarDemonX.

  • Record\View demos

    You can record a demo of yourself playing the game and then play and show it to your friends or view it for your enjoyment. Press space after the record\play commands and specify a name for the demo you want to record or play. Note that a demo will stop recording once a match ends but you can stop it yourself before that, if you wish.

    Plays a prerecorded demo. Specify the demo's name after the command without the brackets.Demoplay (specify name)
    Records a demo. Specify a name after the command without the brackets.Demorec (specify name)
    Stops recording of current demo.Stopdemo

    Contributed By: Ido Skira.

  • Reics

    During game, push the T button, delete \"SAY\" and enter the following: these codes are relics which are activated on the mutaters menu.

    doubles wepon powerrelic:strength
    improves your speedrelic:speed
    kills anything in blast radius after the person who collect\'s it, diesrelic:vengance
    lets you take more hitsrelic:defence
    regenerates healthrelic:regeneration
    transports player to a safe location after health goes to 0relic:redemption

    Contributed By: vinnie0107.

  • Various pickups.

    Whenever you want to summon powerups press the "~" key to bring the console up, then type the following codes to summon that item in front of you. Note that the pickups will respawn after awhile in the exact spot you summoned them.

    Summons a Big Keg 'o Health.summon healthpack
    Summons Invisibility.summon ut_invisibility
    Summons the Antigrav Boots.summon ut_jumpboots
    Summons the Body Armor.summon armor2
    Summons the Damage Amplifier.summon udamage
    Summons the Shield Belt.summon ut_shieldbelt
    Summons the Thigh Pads.summon thighpads

    Contributed By: Ido Skira.

  • Various pickups.

    Whenever you want to summon powerups press the &quot;~&quot; key to bring the console up, then type the following codes to summon that item in front of you. Note that the pickups will respawn after awhile in the exact spot you summoned them.

    Summon a Health Pack +20.Summon medbox
    Summons a Health Vial +5.Summon healthvial

    Contributed By: Ido Skira.

  • Weapons Cheat List

    To get a weapon wherever you want, press '~' to bring up your console, then type in the names below. the weapon DOES respawn after a while in the same place.- Remember - just type in loaded to get all weapons.

    enforcer x2doubleenforcer
    flak cannonut_flakcannon
    pulse gunpulsegun
    shock rifleshockrifle
    sniper riflesniperrifle
    the biorifleut_biorifle
    the chainsawchainsaw
    the eightballut_eightball
    Unuseable hidden weapon that was take out of the final game (four barrelled shotgun)summon.unreali.quadshot

    Contributed By: mikstar and Auction Sniper.


  • Creature Summoning

    Open the console menu, and if there's enough room around you, type in a code to summon up a monster (including the Squid monster that was never used in the final version of Unreal) or a hidden cast of bot players from the original.

    Summons a Baby Cowsummon.unreali.babycow
    Summons a bird that flies aroundsummon.unreali.bird1
    Summons a bot player from the original Unrealsummon.unreali.femaletwobot
    Summons a bot player from the original Unrealsummon.unreali.femaleonebot
    Summons a bot player from the original Unrealsummon.unreali.maleonebot
    Summons a bot player from the original Unrealsummon.unreali.maletwobot
    Summons a bot player from the original Unrealsummon.unreali.malethreebot
    Summons a Brutesummon.unreali.brute
    Summons a Cowsummon.unreali.cow
    Summons a flying mantasummon.unreali.cavemanta
    Summons a giant gasbagsummon.unreali.giantgasbag
    Summons a Krallsummon.unreali.krall
    Summons a Mercenarysummon.unreali.mercenary
    Summons a Nali Priestsummon.unreali.nalipriest
    Summons a school of biting fish (they flop around outside of water)summon.unreali.biterfishschool
    Summons a Sharksummon.unreali.devilfish
    Summons a Skaarj Pupaesummon.unreali.pupae
    Summons a Skaarj that plays like a botsummon.unreali.skaarjplayerbot
    Summons a Squid (Hidden enemy that was removed from the final game)summon.unreali.squid
    Summons a Tentaclesummon.unreali.tentacle
    Summons some fliessummon.unreali.deadbodyswarm

    Contributed By: Auction Sniper.


  • Boss Skin

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Boss SkinBeat the Unreal Tournament campaign on any difficulty.

    Contributed By: goldendigitalmaster.

Easter Eggs

  • ''Pretty Fly.... For a White Guy!''

    This is found on the map dm_codex. In the map, there is a square room with a pillar in the middle and a hallway on each side. Go into the hallway with the lift on the right wall and another wall straight ahead. Go and stand right by that wall. If you stand there long enough, a door will open, revealing a hidden room. Inside of the hidden room is a picture of Cliffy B., a co-designer of Unreal Tournament and text that says ''Pretty fly''. If you shoot the words, they'll change and say "For a white guy".

    Contributed By: Liu Domi.


  • Enable 1600x1200 resolution.

    Open UnrealTournament.ini in the UnrealTourmanet\System folder.

    Search for "FullscreenViewportX", then change the value to 1600.
    Go to "FullscreenViewportY" right below, and set the value to 1200.

    Save the file and play UT.

    Contributed By: Mike J..

  • Use Boss Skin without completing Single Player campaign.

    Find the file user.ini in your UnrealTournament\System directory.

    Create a new line in an open space called: [BotPack.Ladder]
    Under that line print: HasBeatenGame=True

    You should be able to use the Boss skin in single and multiplayer.

    Contributed By: KFM.

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