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    FAQ/Walkthrough by kimkallstrom19

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    Sam and Max Episode 1: Culture Shock Walkthrough (Spoiler Free)
    Version 1.00
    Last Updated: October 20 2006
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    Sam and Max Episode 1: Culture Shock Walkthrough (Spoiler Free)
    Act 1
    Objective: Rescue the office phone from it's abductors.
     1. Get the BOXING GLOVE from the window. (behind Sam)
     2. Grab the blue BOWLING BALL next to the rat hole.
     3. Open closet door.
     4. Pull gun out of inventory and shoot cheese.
     5. Take a piece of CHEESE.
     6. Place Swiss CHEESE from inventory near the rat hole.
     7. During conversation, click on Max's portrait.
     8. Choose any threat. (the rat will complain about his headache)
     9. Click on Sam's portrait, then ask about the rat's headache.
    10. The rat will inadvertently reveal his weakness.
    11. Click on Max's portrait, then choose to hang the rat out to dry.
    12. Use the office door to leave after the phone conversation.
    Act 2
     1. Head left and grab the SPRAY PAINT from the car behind the DeSoto.
     2. Hop into the patrol car and choose to pull over some random motorists.
     3. In the arcade sequence, hit a car from the back to tail them.
     4. Click on the gun icon, then shoot at the car's taillights. (one or all)
     5. Click on the megaphone icon, then pull them over.
     6. Choose hideously broken taillight when asked about the motorist's offence.
     7. You will receive a BAG OF MONEY for the excessive fine.
     8. Now click on the office icon at the bottom right of the screen to end the 
        arcade sequence.
     9. Head right, past your office and enter the convenience store.
    10. Talk to Bosco the shop owner.
    11. Ask about munchkin terrorist, then say you've got it.
    12. Tell Bosco that you want to buy something.
    13. Ask him about what he's got, then about item behind the counter. Request 
        for the tear gas.
    14. Money will automatically be paid to Bosco in exchange for the LAUNCHER.
    15. Grab the CHEESE from the table located just next to the counter.
    16. Head left and use the bathroom.
    17. Quickly place the CHEESE into the kid's basket before he exits the 
    18. Exit the convenience store.
    19. Head left, past your office and enter Sybil's lot.
    20. Exhaust all conversation topics or end it outright.
    21. Open closet door to release the real Sybil.
    22. Ask Sybil about charges, then about what Sam and Max can do to help.
    23. Use LAUNCHER on Peepers, then quickly use BOXING GLOVES on him again.
    24. The cutscene will reveal a method to cure hypnosis.
    25. Leave Sybil's office.
    26. Return to the convenience store and click on Whizzer to wake him up.
    27. Exit the convenience store.
    28. Use SPRAY PAINT on graffiti just outside Sam and Max's office building.
    29. (The graffiti could possibly be obscured by the staircase)
    30. Head back to your office and look out the window by clicking on it.
    31. Drop the BOWLING BALL from your inventory on Specs' head.
    32. Head back down and click on Specs (who is unconscious) to cure him.
    33. A chase sequence will ensue. 
    34. Avoid all the videos thrown out of the van to close the distance.
    35. Attempting to avoid the videos on your own will most likely end in failure.
    36. The trick is to trail the van. 
    37. When it swerves left or right just follow it's direction.
    38. Stay right behind it to avoid all boxes, even when it's far away.
    39. When you're close enough, click on the gun icon and shoot at the tyres.
    40. The van will stop and you'll learn about the mastermind's hideout.
    Act 3
     1. Grab an ADMISSION FORM located next to the ticket booth.
     2. Hop back into the DeSoto and head for the office.
     3. Enter Sybil's lot and show her the ADMISSION FORM, then end the 
     4. Examine the SYMPTOMS FORM and note down all three symptoms.
     5. The symptoms are different in every game.
     5. Talk to Sybil again and take the inkblot test.
     6. Answer five questions with the best description that matches the first 
    Pennies on the eyes of a dead mime (money)
    A pair of oxen boxing in a rowboat
    Susan Lucci holding an Emmy (fame)
    The results of the last time I let Max drive
    A bunch of bacteria playing basketball
    Pigeons on a the marquee at Mann's Chinese Theater (fame)
    An SUV crashing into an opulent mansion (money)
    The St. Valentine's Day massacre
    A squirrel that got run over twice
    My uncle Louie's moth-eaten wallet (money)
    Coded love notes from space aliens
    An autograph written in Braille (fame)
    Elephants at the New York stock exchange (money)
    A cheering crowd of lanky albinos (fame)
    The exhaust manifold of a bread truck
    Twenty nuns with machine guns.
    That blotchy thing a flashbulb does to your eyes (fame)
    An orangutan escaping from the trunk of a DeSoto
    A war between two teams of abstract shapes
    A debit card fed through a document shredder (money)
     7. If you get them right, Sybil will check the first symptom in the form.
     8. You need to exhibit a violent reaction to dentistry for the free 
        association test.
     9. Just pull your gun out and attempt to shoot Sybil when she mentions 
        anything related to dentistry.
    10. This is usually the second word. (e.g. crown, drill, filling, flouride, 
    11. You will fail the test if you're being violent when a non-dentistry word 
        is mentioned.
    12. The BOXING GLOVE can also be used on Sybil as a substitute method, but not 
        the LAUNCHER.
    13. The third test involves a dream analysis.
    14. To exit your dream at any time, just click on the open window or office 
    15. You have to dream about items related to the third symptom to have it 
        checked in the symptoms form.
    16. If the third symptom is: 
    a need to know your peer's age - choose a birthday cake and Max
    marry your mom - choose a wedding cake and you (Sybil)
    Water cooler
    - a rat
    - a gun
    - a magazine
    - nothing
    - a toilet brush
    - a tattoo
    - a diploma
    - nothing
    Lush vegetation
    - needles
    - money
    - soda can
    - leaf
    Donut box
    - a birthday cake
    - a wedding cake
    - a fruitcake
    - a cheesecake
    Shadowy figure 
    - Max
    - Bosco (father)
    - You (mother)
    - Me
    - a camera
    - lottery tickets
    - a parking meter
    - nothing
    17. Leave Sybil's office and head for Brady's hideout.
    18. Use the SYMPTOMS FORM on the form reader to open the right gate. 
    19. Enter the building. After the cutscene, Max will end up at the 
        inconvenience store.
    Act 4
     1. Grab the CHEESE from the table next to the counter.
     2. Stand underneath Max's head.
     3. Pull out your gun and shoot at the one way sign next to the open office 
     4. Replace MAX's head.
     5. To turn off the fan, use the light switch located next to the one way sign.
     6. Next, take the COAT HANGER from the top of the television.
     7. Open the CLOSET DOOR and quickly use the BICYCLE PUMP.
     8. End the conversation with Bosco, then head for Sybil's office.
     9. Talk to Sybil and asks if she can help.
    10. Sybil will give Sam a HELMET DIAGRAM.
    11. Leave Sybil's office and head back to your office.
    12. Grab the COAT HANGER from the top of the television.
    13. Leave the office and head for the inconvenience store.
    14. Pass the HELMET DIAGRAM then the COAT HANGER to Bosco.
    15. Leave the inconvenience store and hop into your DeSoto.
    Final Act
     1. Enter the building through the right gate. Sam will wear the device 
     2. Click on the Soda Poppers and select become... Brady Culture!
     3. The worship option will appear. Select worship... me!
     4. Click on the Soda Poppers again and select attack... me!
     5. Watch the final cutscene, ending and credits roll.
     6. Congratulations, you have completed the game!
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