• Lots of cheats

    While playing, press Ctrl and tab and enter

    ******* SwordSW1H01
    1 conBOOK03
    5 potions, antidotes and 1 Scroll of StoneCHEATERSDOPROSPER:Firstaid;
    Add 500 goldCHEATERSDOPROSPER:Midas;
    Add gold to partyCHEATERSDOPROSPER:AddGoldnumber;
    Arrow of dispellingAROW07
    Battle AxeAX1H01
    Bolt 1BOLT02
    Boots of agilityBOOT01
    Bullet 2BULL02
    Cloak of Protection 2CLCK02
    Composite Long bowBOW01
    Create the items below, with their value replacing XXXXCHEATERSDOPROSPER:CreateItem"XXXX";
    Dagger 2DAGG03
    Dart 1DART02
    Full mapCHEATERSDOPROSPER:Exploe Area;
    Full plate mail 1PLAT05
    Gauntles of Ogre PowerBRAC06
    Gold GirdleBELT02
    Halberd 1HALB02
    Heavy crossbow of accuracyXBOW03
    Helm of GloryHELM03
    Horn Coral GemMISC35
    Large Shield 1SHLD06
    Mace 1BLUN05
    Mithril Chainmail 4CHAN06
    Necklace full of missilesAMUL01
    Potion of the Hill Giants StrengthPOTN03
    Protection from coldSCRL04
    Put characters to number of XP PointsCHEATERSDOPROSPER:SetCurrentXPnumber;
    Put party to pointerCHEATERSDOPROSPER:Hans;
    Scroll of Vampiric touchSCRL1Q
    Two handed swordSW2H01
    Wand of fearWAND02
    War Hammer 2HAMM03

    Contributed By: Robbie Kennedy.

Icewind Dale Cheats


  • Codes

    During gameplay press Ctrl + Tab to open the console, then enter the following codes:

    Full mapCHEATERSDOPROSPER:ExploreArea();
    Gives # goldCHEATERSDOPROSPER:AddGold([#]);
    Gives 5 healing potions, 5 antidotes, and 1 scroll of Stone to FleshCHEATERSDOPROSPER:FirstAid();
    Gives 500 goldCHEATERSDOPROSPER:Midas();
    Gives selected characters # expCHEATERSDOPROSPER:SetCurrentXP([#]);
    Spawn given itemCHEATERSDOPROSPER:CreateItem([item name]);
    Teleport to pointerCHEATERSDOPROSPER:Hans();

    Contributed By: Starky27.

  • Enable cheat keys

    First download the latest patch (1.05 or above). Then open the ''icewind.ini'' file under where you installed the game. Under the [Game Options] heading, add the line ''Cheats=1'' (no quotes). Then start the game and press Ctrl and Tab to open the console. Enter: CHEATERSDOPROSPER:EnableCheatKeys(), if you installed expansion enter: GETYOURCHEATON:EnableCheatKeys()

    Goes through character icons backwardsCtrl+6
    Goes through character icons forwardsCtrl+7
    Heals character under mouse pointerCtrl+R
    Kills character under mouse pointerCtrl+Y
    Makes monster/npc under mouse pointer join your partyCtrl+Q
    Moves party to position under mouse pointerCtrl+J
    Shows boxes around charactersCtrl+9
    Shows triggers and trapsCtrl+4

    Contributed By: Fenriswolf.


  • Item Duplication

    1. Give the item(s) you want to duplicate to one character (character A).
    2. Export A to any export file.
    3. Save & exit, then load your game.
    4. At the Character Arbitration screen, click on an empty slot.
    5. At the character creation screen, select 'Import' and choose the export file you saved A to.
    6. Go thru the rest of the character generation and you will have a clone of A, B.
    7. In your game, take all the items (the ones you want duplicated) off of B and give them to your other characters.
    8. Save!! and load your game. Delete B.
    You now have copies of all of A's items. This can be repeated as many times as needed.

    Contributed By: DarkMoonDragon66.

Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter Cheats


  • Cheat Keys

    Enable console cheats by adding the line Cheats=1 under Game Options in the icewind.ini file. Then during gameplay press Ctrl + Tab and enter the code GETYOURCHEATON:EnableCheatKeys(); then press the following keys:

    Display character bounding boxesCtrl + 9
    Display trigger polygons (shows traps)Ctrl + 4
    Heal or resurrect selected characterCtrl + R
    Kill selected monster or NPCCtrl + Y
    Move characters to pointerCtrl + J

    Contributed By: Starky27.

  • Codes

    Enable console cheats by adding the line Cheats=1 under Game Options in the icewind.ini file. Then during gameplay press Ctrl + Tab and enter the following codes:

    Full mapGETYOURCHEATON:ExploreArea();
    Gives # goldGETYOURCHEATON:AddGold(#)
    Gives 5 healing potions, 5 antidotes, and 1 scroll of Stone to FleshGETYOURCHEATON:FirstAid();
    Gives 500 goldGETYOURCHEATON:Midas();
    Gives selected characters # expGETYOURCHEATON:SetCurrentXP(#);
    Spawn given itemGETYOURCHEATON:CreateItem([item name])
    Teleport to pointerGETYOURCHEATON:Hans();

    Contributed By: Starky27.

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