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Running NWN1 Diamond on Windows 7?

I'm having a problem getting NeverWinter Nights 1 Diamond to work on my PC. I just switched over to Windows 7 and I'm still getting used to the OS. Just wanted to know if its possible to get the game to work. For some reason, it says that my game is not compatible with my OS.
Thank you! =D

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I have the same problem as you. I've bought a new PC with Windows 7. And I bought the Neverwinter Nights Diamond PC game. Ive installed the game but it wont play due to compatibility issues with Windows 7. I have downloaded de 1.69 patch, and installed it like ive read online...the first screen runs, but after I click on Play the neverwinter nights logo comes on and then the program closes itself.

Ive written to Bioware in order to ask them if there is anything else that can be done besides intalling the 1.69 patch (latest update available online) but I havent heard back from them.

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I had the same problem. I found doing a manual update of Neverwinter by visiting the site and downloading the 1.24 and 1.26 updates and running in compatability mode has allowed me to be able to start playing as of this morning. So far I have been able to create a charicter play throught he first few minutes of the prologue and save and reload.

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Look for that in your NWN1 folder. Run it and try updating, the game should work then. Worked for me at least..

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I am currently running windows 7 and made the following adjustments to get it to work:
right click the icon/shortcut you have for NWN

-click on the compatibility tab
-set it to run with Windows XP
-check the box for it to run as admin

when I opened it up to the main menu before going in game I also changed the resolution settings

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