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Asked: 5 years ago

In Single Player Mode can we choose how many players we want to play?

In Diablo 3's Single Player Mode
can we choose the number of charaters
we want to play in one game

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From: starlin17 2 years ago

You can only choose to control one character at a time. This character is from the list of characters you can create.

During the course of the game you can pick up companions. They will fight, heal, and in general aid you. You may only have one companion with you at any given time, though you do not directly control them.

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You only get to control one character. There are no bots, if that's what you're asking. However, Diablo 2 had a command to increase the difficulty of monsters as well as rewards as though there were more people in the game than just you.

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You only get 1 character so not like you got a party of 4 only one character

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You only get to play one character.

However there are followers you can pick up who will help you out. They're not as powerful as an actual player but they can be useful.

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you can play co-op with ppl online if you want to. if you want a bigger party, make a witch doctor and summon up some zombies :D

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