Question from egelat

Is there any HINT of a time gap for when Diablo 3 will be released??

I've been anticipating this game forever! Anyone know when it'll come out?

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Gaplcorn answered:

It was released today; May 15th, 2012.
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minty_cbo answered:

Diablo 3 release date for australia is tba 2011.. (click the tba tab on left)
so gives a somewhat indicator..perhaps..
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awoody17 answered:

CEO Mike Morhaime says open beta will likely begin Aug 3rd. Blizzard beta tests can last from 2-6 moths. After Beta they will probably release it. That give a release window anywhere from as early as holiday 2011, to 1st quarter of 2012. My guess is we will all be Diablo junkies within the next 6 months. Hope this answeres your question or at least helps. :)
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