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Asked: 2 years ago

Is it possible to permanently miss certain books and conversations for achievements?

Specifically, the "Mad King Leoric" convo topic with Cain in Act 1. Since I'm past that segment and have had other convos after that one on the list, am I barred from being able to get the achievement until I do it with another toon starting from the beginning?

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From: alsurag 2 years ago

No, you can repeat every quest you already have played through, but be warned: by selecting a quest you already played through, you overwrite your savegame, meaning that you have to start the last quest you were on from the scratch

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Well. you should look closely in all areas, i dont know you can miss it.

but i havent heard of anyone lossing it...

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Well, you can select a previous mission in the hero select menu, so i can only assume you can relive past convos that way, haven't tried it to be 100% sure though

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If u miss any book, just back to this place later, u can do it anytime.

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In theory you can replay any section of the game with the same or different characters and just do the bits you missed the first time in order to trigger the achievement. Unlocks towards achievements are for your account, and not specific to each character, so you can find some with your barbarian, others with your witch doctor and get the achievements.

In practice it can be a bit more complicated - I gained the blacksmith while the achievements were not unlocking properly, and now since he exists for every character I create it seems like this is a one chance achievement. Hopefully it should be possible to unlock this if I start a hardcore character, but I may wait for things to be a bit more stable first.

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You won't be able to get all the books from 1 playthrough. you find alot in dungeon/scaves that are randomized everytime you start up your game. In order to get everything from 1 playthrough you would have to constantly leave game and go back in to reset the maps to find new places, or you can just wait to find them later on a different playthrough (whether that be a new char or higher difficulty).

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