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Are there any additional classes and is there an object highlight key?

Pretty new to the Diablo universe here, so pardon me if it's obvious.

I normally like playing the holy warrior or guardian archetype, but the only heavy warrior seems to be the barbarian, and I don't care for its aggressive or, well, barbaric nature. So, the class I chose to start with is the monk. It's okay, but I still wish for something more like a heavily-armored traditional protector. I don't suppose there are any unlockable classes like this, or are the initial 5 classes it for the entirety of Diablo 3?

Also, is there a key for highlighting objects in the environment? I know that ALT shows you the actual items on the ground, but I'm talking a highlight for things such as barrels and other containers, even NPCs, just anything that has a label when you mouse over it. Is there a key to highlight that kind of thing?

jmeyer2039 provided additional details:

It was a question. You don't know who I am, how old I am, or how experienced I am with games (other than being pretty new to the Diablo universe) or what I want or need from them. I appreciate the answers to the questions but not the overall condescending tone of your post.

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tlarseth answered:

No unlockable classes, as far as highlighting, the answer is again no, this is part of the game, to look for stuff...

These new players expect the game to tell them what to do and where to go, and where items are...what happened to the adventure of being able to hunt for this stuff?
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