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Asked: 2 years ago

Where can I find scrolls of identify?

I have 2 unidentified items and on way to use theme.

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From: yoda_smokes 2 years ago

Just right click the item in your inventory and it will identify for you for free without a scroll

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There are no identification scrolls in Diablo 3.

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The Identify spell and associated scrolls no longer exist in Diablo III (same goes for Town Portal), instead, these are built in directly into the interface. Unidentified items can be identified by right-clicking on them in the inventory. The process requires that your character remain still and does not come to harm until the blue gauge over its head is done charging. Your item will be identified after this.

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God, if you highlight the item in your inventory it tells you EXACTLY WHAT TO DO.

Try reading the screen sometime, it will let you know what the instructions are. In this case, the game says "Right-click to identify the item", and after you right-click, your character does an animation similar to creating a town portal, and it takes about three to five seconds. After that, the identified item appears in your inventory.

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lol. Right click it

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This one dont use scrolls at all just right click on the item or if you want to use the tp press see after you complete a couple quests.

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