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Why is diablo so popular?

I never played diablo before and do not know much about it and im wondering why every one likes it so much

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Da_Big_Double_D answered:

Diablo is so popular for a few reasons.

- It's easy to pick up and matter what your knowledge of Diablo or gaming in general is. It has simple controls that anyone can use. (you could literally play with only a mouse if you wish to)

-There is a level progression system that is user friendly and does not confuse things with too many stats.

-Interesting characters that are varied and all fun to play as.

-It's a Mature rated game with a great story and rich history.

-It has a massive online community, 12 years later Diablo 2 was still going strong online. It's a game that never ends if you don't want it to.

-There's a difficulty level for any gamer, whether you are a noob or an extreme gamer.

-Variety, no two games will ever be the same. Map layouts change every game and so does loot.

- Lastly, the best part of the entire game is the LOOT! Every enemy drops loot and it's always varied. You always want to see what else will drop and how powerful it can get.

Those are the reasons I love it so much, I hope that helps anyone interested in picking up Diablo.
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AnDjinn answered:

Some kind of guys who like RPG and played the First Diablo, like this game cause he are "different" of the others RPG. The history of diablo is awsome, you keep playing, lvl up, taking armors, rare itens etc..
The Diablo 2 comes and make another revolutionary change.. the equips that u can use, change the visual of your "hero" and you can make any kind of combinations...
in Diablo 3, the evil come back, and the guys who play Diablo 1 and 2 come to see what's new =)
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