Question from Da_Big_Double_D

Asked: 2 years ago

Where can I find the first vendor who sells Dyes?

In act 1 where can I find the first vendor that sells dyes? I remember he was out in the world but through multiple play throughs I can't seem to find him anymore. He has a wide variety dyes, more than any other vendor. Can anyone tell me where he is and what check point he is closest to? Thanks

Accepted Answer

From: smithsmith07 2 years ago

At the north side of New Tristram, which is initially blocked by the Mayor. It will unlock after you beat the first dungeon. One of the two traders on that side of the town will have dyes.

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Theres a vendor in wortham bluffs and a merchant in Act 2.

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Arghus the Collector in New Tristram is the first vendor to sell dyes. He is just round the corner from the Inn

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