Question from qwrety15

Asked: 2 years ago

Which stat is relevant for the wizard spell damage?

In the description it says that the spells do x% of the damage of your weapon, but it doesn't specify if that's the regular damage or the damage per second. Which one is it?

Accepted Answer

From: SlugAlucard 2 years ago

All of the abilities of EVERY character are based on your character overall damage. This includes all your weapon damage, bonuses from your classes damage stat, passive abilities, critical hit chance, etc. The easiest way to gauge upgrades is to use the "Damage" number on your character's stat pane.

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It's weapon damage and then it is amplified by your intelligence. However, getting an item with +3-4 damage is worth about 40 int so you want to find a weapon with high damage, alot of plus damage.

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