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Demon Hunter Question About Bows?

I'm trying to look for a high DPS, but I can't choose which weapons give you more DPS. Like.. should I use the two handed bow/crossbow or duel crossbows? Whats your say?

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xKuiarasu answered:

There is a passive for DH that changes depending on what weapon you use.
2h bow = 15% DPS
2h xbow = 50% Crit damage
2 xbow = 20 Crit.

Dual wielding averages both of the weapons damage into one, and gives you a 15% attack speed increase. Attack Speed, Crit %, and Crit damage actually increase your DPS aswell. All choices are viable. Remember that if you use a 2h weapon, you can always equip a quiver.

I personally use a bow, and have 32k DPS at level 60.
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