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Asked: 2 years ago

Can Staff of Herding made in normal be used in any other difficulty?

Assuming the staff will be lost after you open the secret level, making the staff again will enable me to go in the level again??

Accepted Answer

From: MartyrPayens 2 years ago

Once you create the staff in normal, you can use it an unlimited number of times.

There is no boss (like the Cow King) that once you kill, you can no longer use it, so kill everything.

In order to use the staff in NM, Hell or Inferno, you must upgrade it. You do not need to gather all of the materials again, but do need to pay a large sum of money to upgrade it. (I believe 200k for normal--->NM.

Also, the difficulty level of the 'cow level' is on par with Act 4 of that difficulty.

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You need the Staff of Herding from Normal to make the Staff of Herding for Nightmare and so on.

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Here's the info on the staff, how to make it and how to upgrade it from the forums
please bump it or request sticky if it is useful

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