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Asked: 2 years ago

Combat System?

How is the combat system in this game? Do you just click on a guy and your character starts attacking him like in WoW?

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Both of your answers are great, thank you.

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From: Shaman_king_yoh 2 years ago

Diablo games don't work that way. You have to click whenever you want to use your skill, if it needs a target, you have to click the target. Every click is only one attack but you can keep left-button down and it will stay using the same attack/skill over and over.

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Think of Diablo games as more action-oriented than something like say WoW, in fact that is especially true of the third one. You use a combination of mouse clicks and key presses as well, so in some ways yes it is similar concept as WoW but at a much quicker pace. See Titan Quest, Sacred, Dungeon Siege, or any other hack'n'slash game for further clarification on how combat works.

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