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Gamer tag, adding friends, whispering?

Hey guys I'm new to battle net I've never played wow.

This might seem like a "newb" question but for the life of me i can't figure out these:

-How do i know my full battle tag? Blizzard's website says it's the name, number and phrase? Where do i find that? It's written that i can find it on top of the friends list but all that is written is "social" I know my name and number but what is the phrase they're talking about?

-whispering: How do i whisper to someone not in my list? /w and then what exactly? writing a name and battle tag like /w nobody#1398 hello, doesnt work..

-Adding friends or inviting someone not in the recent list. Is there a way to add someone not in the recent list? For example I want to play with someone but he's not in my recent list anymore. What exactly do I have to write? I can't even whisper to him.

It's a lot of questions but it would really help me out.



DeviantOne answered:

You can find your full battle tag on Log into your account and it will be listed there.
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doormouse299 answered:

As DeviantOne said you can find your full battle tag on

If you are in a game you don't need to whisper someone based on their battle tag (I don't believe) simply /w <name> and it should work fine.

In order to add a friend you have to know their battle tag or real id. Unfortunately if they aren't on your recently played list you have to manually enter the information from inside the game client's friends list.

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