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Asked: 2 years ago

Is there anyway to switch through different skills faster?

Like some kind of shortcut, not by pressing S.. any answers?

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Yes, you can change it in the Esc. Menu > options > key bindings.
You can choose almost any key on the mouse or keyboard, or you can simply clic the little sword icon during game-play. It's down on the bottom right, near the character icon and the town portal icon.

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You can either bind any skill to a key or right click any skill to be taken to their respective categories.

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I think s/he's asking to be able to quick switch between skill sets (like say between bola & grenades for DH). Given the runes and the cool down that happens when switching normally, I don't think it's possible.

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Well there is one way, a little bit faster, but the skill still needs to cool down. Right-click on the specific skill you wanna change and choose your skill. This is faster for me when switching skills to be honest.

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If your in town all skill changes have no cooldowns.

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