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My account got hacked, is my computer safe?

Just had my account hacked yesterday evening, let's just say I'm done playing this game and I will never buy an other game made by Blizzard after playing this F*** up of a game. My question is though, is my computer compromised now? I've gone and changed every single one of my password now for everything just in case but I still don't feel safe.

They hacked my account while playing and changed my password on me. I instantly logged in to and changed my password (took me 2 minutes). In that time all my things were stolen. How did they change my password? they must of had access to my email to do that? I'm not worried about getting my in game items back as I will never play the game again, I am more worried about everything else I do on my PC now.

Anyone have any insight?



Shaman_king_yoh answered:

You have lost your time, your blizzard account is just one account, it's not related to anything else on your computer. And there was an exploit with this game which caused that problem, and they had to work on solving.
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aj_hacker87 answered:

I would give your PC a good scan with your anti-virus software and if your never going to play again I would try to get a refund directly through blizzard.
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