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Whewhat is the best gear for witch doctor?

What is the best gear for witch doctor?


Suffurix answered:

There is no best equipment for any class. Number one, you can only equip certain stuff at certain levels, so the best gear for a witch doctor at level 15 is NOT going to be the best gear for a witch doctor at level 60. Number two, everybody has a different play style. I don't know the witch doctor too well, so I don't know the different builds involved, but I do know that if you're going for DPS, look for intelligence and attack speed increases. Other than that, build it around what you want. Wanna be a tank? Vitality and dodge chance, and prolly health regen too. Again, I don't know how the WD's abilities go that deeply, so I don't know the best combos with skills, runes, and gear. Either way, there really is no "best" equipment. It's whatever fits you the best and gives the most of whatever that is will be what you're looking for ;)
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