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How do I beat the butcher? - Witch Doctor

im having trouble with Witchdoctor defeating The Butcher i have 20k life do around 7k dmg ive been using poisen gargantuan and templar hired to heal me, 2 hits and im gone! get him down just below half then the floor goes on fire and he reels me in and kills me


Liggittman answered:

Depends on what level you are and what difficulty, but for me on inferno I use (in this order) spirit walk (increase mana or increase duration), soul harvest (increase mana), voodoo (rain dance), Fetish (hurt enemy upon summoning them), Zombie Bears, Grasp (slows enemy).

When using this build you can have the templar tank and when he fails use the fetishes to tank, use grasp to slow him down too, all the while you are trying to hit him as hard as possible.

When he pulls you in, use spirit walk to avoid damage and run!


(you can change gargantuan instead of Grasp to add another tanker)

Hope this helps
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yoda_smokes answered:

Butcher is a very simple boss.
A simple boss requires a simple strategy.
Use any ranged damaging ability and spam on him
always keep your distance and make sure that you can survive the 5 hook attack due to it being very hard to dodge regularly.
Make sure that you dodge the hook and keep an eye on the fire and you should be alright.
most of his attacks you can ignore aslong as you stay atleast one fire block away from him
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