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Im having problem on my GFX, Intel GMA 4500M HD? Is this GFX will work on this game?

is there any more low settings that will help me to play this game in my laptop?
did my GFX pass the minimum reqiurements?
do I need to change my GFX?
is the game will work if i buy diablo 3?


tomcavey84 answered:

This website should be helpful for you:
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ShadowComedus answered:

The answer is no, sadly.
I have two friends with the same graphics card, and they can not install it. Luckily one of them has a secondary computer that he uses.

an easier way to tell if your Graphics card will run D3, is to find out the release year of it. not the release year of what ever system it is in, but of the graphics system itself. general, and so far true, rule of thumb, if it is older than 4 years, it likely will not, or will poorly run D3.
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