Question from lenzane

Asked: 2 years ago

Do you start walk very slow in this gamee?

I dont know if its the game or my computer but im walking pretty slow at the beganing.any ideas on how to fix

Additional details - 2 years ago

Thanks every thing is fast but the walking thanks for the help

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hmm if it's not noticeable lag or framerate issues, then you can pick items up that have + Movement Speed xx% on them, which should help.

if not though, then you might have to check your network, computer system and / or server problems.

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The same thing happened to me so I lowered the max frame rate to 60 and the minimum to 1. I also moved the background max and min to 1. I finally moved the resolution down to 12XX by 8XX of something and now it works amazing for me. Hoped I helped

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