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Does Diablo himself ever drop any Rares, Legendary, or Set Items?

My Wizard is a LV 60 and has a Magic find of 45%. I have not beat Inferno yet but in Hell mode I did not get anything other than Gold and Magic Items. Is it possible for him to drop higher LEVEL Items like Rares, Legendary and Set Items?

You would think that the main Boss in a game would give the best Item Drops right???


ender1997 answered:

Its randomly generated. bosses dont drop great items that often anymore in order to deter players from repeatedly running the bosses for loot. now that you are level 60, you should start hunting elite packs of enemies ( the blue and gold named enemies, not purple). killing 5 in a row and onward will always guarantee a yellow item drops. good luck. drops are terrible in this game.
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Gaplcorn answered:

They recently changed the "bosses don't drop good stuff" idea. They will, but it's not a guarantee. You're better off fighting elites while having a nice MF %
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juggalo_love answered:

all above answers are correct but also if you havent done it try bumping you monster level to lvl in normal difficulty halfway through act III and lvl 32 with rares items dropping pretty magic find is at 115%
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