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Weapon DPS?

Apparently this didn't post last nite, I had a whole thing typed but basically my question is this:

My current weapon, has about 200-450ish Holy Dmg in addition to the normal dmg it does.

If another weapon has a higher DPS, but no additional elemental it still better? With weapons, does higher DPS automatically mean better dmg no matter the stats or such? Because I've been looking to upgrade my weapon, and I found some really nice 1300ish DPS, but they only do regular dmg.

Sorry if this was confusing, or if it should be common sense. I've been Googling and such and I just get more confused.


Gaplcorn answered:

the easiest way to tell if the weapon will be better for you is the quick stats the game itself gives you below the stats of the weapon. As for the elemental damage - it's already factored into the "dps" of the weapon.
And, of course, the other stats on the weapon make a huge difference. i.e.: a wizard that is using a cmww build would want a fast weapon, preferably with critical hit chance and/or critical dmg, and of course int.
It's all about what will work best for YOU. And as for the "weapons with no elemental damage" they are called "black weapons" due to their lack of an element. They are essentially the same as a weapon with elemental damage, but they benefit from stats like "3% fire damage added" more than elemental weapons.
But that's another story, and I don't feel like explaining that. Hope this helped. If not, look at what other people are using and copy them. That usually works.
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