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Where can I find gibbering gemstone?

Well i know where and how to get it...but the question is, do i need lvl 5 in magic find before i enter the caverns of frost? I wonder this beacuse i have read that when u DO meat the "chiltary" he WILL drop the gemstone, and i just met him ( I was lvl 3 magick find)....but he didn`t drop it :( paragon lvl 13 right now.....SO how does it work?


rjames80 answered:

It can be found in the second level of Caverns of Frost, a dungeon located in the Fields of Slaughter (Act III - Machines of War, The Bridge of Korsikk is the nearest waypoint). When you find the Caverns of Frost you will be looking for a purple-named, or a rare, boss called Chiltara, that usually spawns in the second level of the cavern. Chiltara does not always spawn, so you may need to clear the dungeon several times. When she spawns, she will drop the Gibbering Gemstone. She does not always drop it, so if she doesn't you would have to leave and try again.
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