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Asked: 2 years ago

Will my computer be able to run diablo 3?

ASUS A53SD-NS51 Notebook Intel Core i5 2450M(2.50GHz) 15.6" 6GB Memory DDR3 750GB HDD 5400rpm DVDR/RW NVIDIA GeForce GT 610M

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The minimal requirements are incredibly low
You should support medium settings

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Yes, with ease. I have an AMD 4600+ with a GeForce 9800 and 2GB of ram, plus I'm running Vista and the game performs perfectly fine on my system, minus lag... Just note you need about 15GB of free space for it and your OS needs to be updated to the most recent version (so SP2 in my case for example)

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Yes, your computer will run it.
The default settings should be a breeze.

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Refer to or the forums.

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Your system will run this game easily.

Rated: +0 / -0 You will download a small file onto your computer, which will take your system diagnostics, and show you where you fall on the scale for running the game. You can do this with multiple games. Very helpful for learning about a game BEFORE you end up buying it

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