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When does jewellry begin to drop?

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From: Mythranil 2 years ago

If you mean jewelry like rings and amulets - I'd say they have a chance to drop at any point in the game. I know I had two rings drop before I was level 10, but haven't seen any amulets dropped yet. It's all based on luck, your magic find ability, and the enemies you are defeating. If you mean gems, I haven't encountered any of those yet myself.

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Personally, I haven't seen any chipped gems dropping before act 2. So I don't think act 1 can provide any. Aside from chipped, flawed and rarely standard, Normal difficulty also can't provide any higher than the 1st 3 qualities of gems, unless you farm a lot of gold and gems to get flawless as soon as you find the jeweler in act 2 (it's totally unneeded though, except maybe the ruby for +exp%). Rings and amulets usually appear around 2nd half of the 1st act for me. Lowest level requirement of the most common rings is usually 8, so don't expect to find any before that.

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