Question from Hoskit

Asked: 2 years ago

How do I spawn rare enemies?

I made a character and played for about 30 minutes, in the first crypt I saw when killing those wretched mothers, I found a rare mob with a name, I soon created a new character and when I got into the same crypt, the mob was not there. How are they spawned? Random when entering? Timed?

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From: ChakaZG 2 years ago

Shaman, elites are not golden. Golden are rares, purple are uniques and blue are champions, and they are all elites.

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Everything in the maps is random, even some quests. You will find tons of rare mobs along the story. I played almost to the Act III and found probably 100+ rare mobs (blue) and 20+ elite mobs (golden)

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It's all random. nothing you can do to change it or make it occur more often

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I would say that there are a certain amount of elites per map, as I always run into at least one... this number appears to increase as you level up, for a given area. But it still seems pretty random.

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